Mixing Whey isolate with water

>Mixing Whey isolate with water

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>tfw have unlimited milk cause live with mom and dad
yea can’t relate

So what, you milk your fucking mother or something?

Your father?

Do you think normal people are too poor to buy milk?

well i blow through 1 1/2 jug every week and it gets pretty expensive.

relax brah

>not mixing it with nut milk

Real men drink their whey mixed with beef broth (you did save that from what you cooked last night?) And alcohol
Then they go do stuff that reddit SJW call toxic masculinity and I call MAGA

>Then they go do stuff that reddit SJW call toxic masculinity and I call MAGA
Got any examples?

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false flagging on Veeky Forums boards because someone called me a nigger on /pol/

I only do this when I'm cutting and only 2 scoops in 8oz water and then shoot it quick

Elsa Jean

fuck those nostrils are disgusting it's like she's a pig

what does your gf look like?

Cute. Small nostrils.

The only reason to even bother with protein powder is to keep calories low and protein high if the rest of your diet is shit. You should be able hit macros with food if you aren't a mouthbreathing retard.

Nogga, pornstars my age and below is probably one of the greatest things that has ever happened in my life. She's cute as fuck and you're gay as fuck.


That's 5 dollars a week. Is that really too much?

Yeah I just eat 200g of chicken before gym first thing on the morning

when you live with your parents and still have an allowance it must seem like a lot

Nutting in your milk is not healthy

He just milks other guys' nuts and drinks it.

Good way to maximize gains imo.

>coping this hard

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can you prove it's not healthy?

>fuck those nostrils are disgusting it’s like she’s a pig

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Got em

Has quite a bit of black admixture

I don't understand what you're trying to say with that reaction pic

>milk your mother
Milk truck has arrived

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>not getting a second mortgage on your house
>not investing all your savings in almond milk

How dare you even thinking of making it

whats wrong with her? looks like she is suffering

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>racist on egypt being black
egyptians are not BLACK
>racist on elsa jean's mother being egyptian
she has black admixture

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