About to head to Walmart, am I missing anything?

About to head to Walmart, am I missing anything?

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>kool aid

>kool aid

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condoms for all that poosay you're slaying at your bach pad right my dude?


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Already covered my dude

And I don't actually make kool aid like a child I just eat the sour powder because it's like candy without the sugar

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What's wrong with Kool aid?

>not buying hugs for optimal vitamin B and E extraction
never gonna make it

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Dont listen to them they are big dumb idiots and i hate them

>wuz wrong wit koolaid

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Activated almonds


FUCK thank you I would have forgotten not sauce. Frank's xtra hot for anyone wondering.

Please kill yourself for supporting those crooks

1x Great Value GF

Is that hair on your wall? How?

>no peanut butter

>all those carbs
Not gonna make it

t. 99%r

Clean your carpet you fucking degenerate

fuck off, spic/nigger/goblino/white trash