Is sleeping 6-7 hours enough?

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several guys i work with on a submarine are jacked, bodybuild, lift heavy as fuck, and are so busy they only get 5 hours of sleep on average.
This is all natty, piss tested real often and even some supplements make you pop, so its only whey and creatine

they're actually tiny and just look big because they're in a submarine


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Do you have internet on submarines?

I work night shift, I used to sleep 8 - 10 hours a day but switched to double the recommended D3 vitamin dose and sleep 6 - 8 hours. Some times I sleep up to 10 hours after hard workouts and even 12 if I am recovering from injuries

yeah actually 5'8" and 5'7", boat is 80% or more manlets.

no there is no internet on a sub.

Daylight savings is fucked up.

Some studies suggest this is actually better for you. Indigenous tribes with massive lifespans have this sort of cycle (on weekends you should get 8 hours though).

Is it enough for you?
You don't actually think that everyone needs the same amount of sleep do you?
How long do you sleep when you don't set an alarm after a regular day?

So health organizations are trying to sabotage us?

>Indigenous tribes with massive lifespans
u wot

I'm 40 and literally can't sleep more than 6h. Don't need a clock to wake up, have all the energy and focus I need without caffeine/nicotine in the mornings. Lift+cardio every day.
Recovery is a bitch though.

I changed from 5 hours to 12 hours of sleep and now have rougly 2x the gains. It's better to sleep heavy than to sleep light.

37 here and get about 5-6 during the week, wake up at 3a to lift and in bed around 9p.. I catch up a little on the weekends though and try to get a nap in saturday or sunday afternoons.

Not if you are trying to complete a degree or some shit

Wait, your submarine has a gym?

they dont test for steroids unless commander directly requests it.

no, it only has a pullup bar, those adjustable meme dumbells,and a treadmill.
They work out in port at the base gym or at home. I have a home gym myself. just squat rack, bench, barbell, and iron plates.

>a treadmill in a submarine
I don't know why, but this seems hilarious and absurd to me.

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Think about it, it's the only place it shouldn't seem ubsurd

really not needed when the predominant cardio activity can be swimming

We only had a treadmill on my boat, right in front of the smoke pit.

fuck if this were reddit id gild you

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Even on a ship you can't just up and jump out. Much less hundreds of feet under the sea.

>not having a full 400m track in your submarine

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if you go to bed at the same time every night and you don't need an alarm to wake up, you're good.

>recovery is a bitch
try and sleep more

I can't. Tried with meditation, relaxing, melatonin, diphenhydramine, alcohol, sleep hygiene.. but i don't feel tired.
The only thing that worked was a couple of benzos, or benzos + scotch, but then the next day is awful.


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If you're not tired then yes it is. I need at least 8 personally in order to feel rested

I used to sleep for 8-9 but this past year I don’t sleep longer than 7. I do short naps when I can though.


probably the only healthy amount of sleep is where you sleep to the point where you naturally wake up and don't feel tired. Anything else makes you less than 100%

tf u talking about lil gossiper

i could stay in bed for 12 hours a day if i didn't have to do shit

Probably, I've been waking up naturally after just 6.5 hours since I started supplementing zinc and magnesium. Before that I slept like 9 hours a night.