Is it beta to go 4 asian girls??

i find them more attractive than other races need some help to know if its beta behaviour

i am a white male 5'10" 165 lbs

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this u?

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date who you want
who gives a shit about what some fag on Veeky Forums thinks of you

I also need an answer to this because I can't stop fucking koreans

I think worrying about looking like a beta is more beta than actually being one.

god i wish this was me

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Got a sweet double-take mire from an azn qt earlier, made eye contact and smiled.

It was great. Just sharin.

This. A board full of gymcels is hardly in a position to criticise


Having said that, here's my take:

I live in central London. Near Leciester Square. Right at the entrance to China Town.

There are some absolutely fucking stunning yellow women walking about that you would have to be fucking gay to not want to bone to death. If you fucked/dated one of these no one would call you beta (unless they're a butthurt woman of your race)

There are okay looking yellow women, 4 - 7, that are attractive, or decent enough, which some people might consider you beta for fucking/dating for no real reason, or some people might be fine with.

There are some right fucking disgusting yellows that everyone would think you're beta for dating, because they're from another race and still ugly, which makes the mind go to "pathetic fetishist". Even if you're actually pretty ugly yourself and if they were your own race people would just think you're a match.

This is the price of an interracial relationship.

The more time you spend with non-Japanese Asian women, the sooner you realize they really are insect people.

I had a friend who married a Chinese lady. She said and did all the right things until they had their first kid. Now he tells me she no longer puts out and turned into a 24/7 Tiger Mom. He feels like he’s a walking ATM to his family now.

>asking tfw no gf's who to date

you're a "beta" no matter who you date, sorry

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I think it depends. If you want to go after asian women because you like the way they look then there's nothing wrong with that. But if you decide to go after them because of some idea that no one of your own race will date you and somehow asian girls might then I'd say that's beta thinking

Yes. There's a reason they all have inferiority complexes.

I personally don’t like gook faces, but pussy is pussy my man.

Yes and no. Foremost, it is understandable why men don't want to date Western women. This also applies to non-Whites who have grown up in the West. I have found increasingly in my exposure through pickup that a lot of Western women (of all ethnicities, excluding recent immigrants) have the behaviour of rotten, spoiled, entitled princesses. In other words, everything belongs to them, nothing is their fault, and every man should kneel towards them. But even in the face of opposing forces, they remain foolish for it is suicidal to their identity to turn their backs on everything their entire life has been directed towards. I don't blame them, nor do I hate them. This is simply the state of Western women from (((god knows what))).

If you want to date a foreign woman, go ahead. Do it. But all I ask is that you be as Chad as possible; be responsible and alpha and make sure your fucking wife and children obey you because you have full control of your own destiny with your own two hands. Dating desirable women who are easier thanks to your white status is not an excuse to be a beta cuck.

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there you go you have your answer right there

Nice larp faggot. Literally no one cares about your bad opinion and horrible preference presented as "fact."

It's beta to worry about it..probably shouldn't reproduce

Gee, I wonder who could be behind this post.

>Not wanting 10/10 qt arab gf

Absolutely Pleb tier

>not wanting your children to look like you
cucked tier

It's beta if you are an Asian guy that only goes for Asian girls. You should only be banging white and latina women in the west if you are an Asian fella.

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In my opinion it is beta to date East Asian and south east Asian girls(Gooks and Chinks) and you should never ever have children with them because you're sons might end being feminine

South Asian girls(Pakis,Afghans and pajeets) and Central Asian(The -stans Kazakhstan,Uzbekistan,Turkmenistan e.t.c) are pretty decent however and will you manly sons

avoid Indians though because you don't street shitting curry genes

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As a japanese guy having seen how good looking some black/asian latin/asian mixes turn out, I kinda wish I were Chad enough to sow a ton of wild oats. For the good of mankind.

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Say, friend, if I go to japan and pregnate several qts, will they be able to extort me for child support when I go back home? I'm scandinavian and have pretty good genes, blonde hair and blue eyes and have heard you guys also have a reproduction problem over there. We do as well, I don't mean any offense, but I'm already impregnating aryan women here but I have to pace myself to be able to pay child support and have money for proteins

I've also never been with an asian girl, I've only made out with a couple here in my country and they're always like "are you married? Do you have a good family??". Do they like aryan males?

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>hi capacity magazines
>assault rifles

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I think any such endeavor will always entail risk.

However, I would think that the far removal of your country, the language barrier, and the general hunger of Japanese girls for good looking white guys works in your favor, here.

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thanks friend, I might be making a trip this summer, really love the culture of japan. I'm not a weeb or anything, but it looks like there's a lot of fun to be had over there and the girls are cute. Would also love to try the gym with the smol japanese girls cheering for you as you lift

how many hapa women are there in japan?

>try the gym with the smol japanese girls cheering for you as you lift

I think Japan is the promised land for our white westerners

Thank you friend. I think I too, will be heading to Japan soon.

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cheers buddeh, I think I will take 2 weeks first, climb mount fuji and go to that park with the tamed deer and whatnot. Also party in tokyo and maybe osaka. I've also read that funny story about the Veeky Forumsizen going there with his gf and OHPing lmao1jap at bars for free drinks. Would love to try

this. central asian girls can be great.

>guy on the right wearing an airsoft mesh face mask

central Asians capture the best features of Slavs,Chinks and South Asians(Pakis,Afghans)

>those scissors

its beta to ask this question.

dont concern yourself with the opinions of nu-males and date whoever you see fit.

This sub has a hard on for japs. Yes, they made a few good cartoons bit they are insectoids also.

Going for Asians is easier but you will have mutt babies and when you have to listen to them yammer on in their ching chong language you will want to double murder suicide.

European girls>South American>Arab>Chink>rest

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my wife is asian

Mudslime women are utter trash

Gross the central Asian girls all become fat hambeasts by age 30 and look terrible. Also they're indoctrinated Muslim pieces of shit that usually refuse to date outside of their religion or will try to convert you.

If you find a pretty SEA girl you're good but they're more rare. The culture is way better than Chinese or Koreans though, but Chinese or Korean usually look better. Anyway in the end it all depends on the girl and these are just generalizations.

Le edgy pol poster xD

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Lived in japan for a couple years. Answering questions for edgy /pol/acks and deranged gymcels until i go to bed shortly. Fire away.

Where are you from and where in Japan did you live?

Not an argument

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Ausfag and a city called fuchu. It's in Tokyo metro, about 45 mins train trip to shinjuku.

Have you tried that park with the tamed animals like deers and such? was it any good?

Have you climbed mount fuji?

How's it gone trying to hit on smol japanese qts? I assume you're white and somewhat tall (at least in comparison to them).

My gf is Asian, i didn't have an Asian fetish until after we fucked for the first time, she spoke perfectly normal like any white girl until she was close to cumming then she'd revert back to her typical asian moaning which is actually really hot.

The only people who bring up race are the ones with azn fetishes themselves

Didn't get a chance to go to nara. One of my friends did. A deer ate her suica (transport IC card). Make sure any small shit is locked down or they'll try to eat it.

Didn't do fuji either. The closest we got was fuji-q highlands, a theme park not far from fuji. Highly recommend it if you like rollercoasters.

I went with my gf so not much hitting on from my end. That didn't stop random high school girls taking creeper shots of me on the bus and shit though. Also had a bunch of friends of friends jp chicks add me on facebook and line (jp whatsapp) out of no where.

Oh and 6'4 for reference and have done some commercial modeling both here and in nippon so pretty aesthetic. Not Veeky Forums at all though.

Cool, thanks.
What is the party/night life scene there like?

I'm looking at going for 2 weeks this summer, my friend wants nara and mt. fuji (though he's a dyel lanklet and I doubt he'll be able to climb the mountain), I just want to go there to have fun and OHP lmaojaps, and go to the maid gym if possible