I need help Veeky Forums. I want to go to the gym but I really pissed off this guy at school today (senior)...

I need help Veeky Forums. I want to go to the gym but I really pissed off this guy at school today (senior). He's kinda a bully around school, has beaten multiple people unconscious before on school grounds, we go the same gym. I tried to get on his good side by fucking around with him, gave him weed and all that. I thought we were becoming good friends.

At our school we are only allowed up to five minutes each period for bathroom breaks, if we go above that we are given strikes. Anyways, he signed out on the paper to go to the bathroom, I needed to go too. I though it'd be a funny prank and he'd laugh if I changed his sign out time to 5 minutes earlier just to fuck with him, you know, bro shit.

He wasn't happy about that. I gave him this smug ass smile thinking we were just fucking around. He gave me a death glare and told my he'd beat my little scrawny ass. He spent the rest of the period staring at me. Wasn't even paying attention to the teacher. Some girls in the class noticed and asked me what I did, I told them I got him in trouble. One of the girls said if she did that she'd change schools.

Now I have to go to the gym, never missed a day for months. But I know he goes to the gym at the same time, I know he's going to be there. I really don't want to be around him with all the weights. He's fucking crazy, he might throw a dumbbell at me or beat me unconscious as I leave the gym. There's not many people there.

I'm legit scared AF right now Veeky Forums. I'm not very weak but this guy has been training for years. On one hand I want to hide so I don't get beaten, but on the other I don't want to have to dictate my life around fearing him.

I really fucked up Veeky Forums, I need some help bad.


>try to befriend school bully
>piss him off with a stupid prank
>he threatens to kill me
>he goes to the same gym
>I'm afraid to go to the gym now

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get some friends with you or go to the gym at a different time?

I have no friends and the gym is only open from 8:30 am to 11 pm. I can't afford to go at a different time.

then I guess you're shit outta luck. Do you ACTUALLY have to go to the gym? And if you do are you absolutely certain he will be on your ass?

Sounds like he needs a fucking beating though.

Go to your gym, bring a knife.

>Do you ACTUALLY have to go to the gym?
I can't miss a day man. And if I run now I'll be running forever. He might, he's fucking crazy.

It sounds like you're gonna get the shit beaten out of you no matter what. So what you have to do is make sure that the fight is not worth it for him. You cant win the fight, but you can make it so both of you lose. just land a couple good hits, and make him think twice about it next time.

get a weapon, a steel pole, a hammer, a knife, whatever, and injure him badly enough that he won't come after you

Just buy a gun and shoot him lol who needs self defense lessons when you can buy weapons?

Man i never got bullied and i was a wow nerd. Idk how the fuck you guys cant handle these people.

>try to befriend bully


Just go. If he comes up to you say it was a joke. If that doesnt work take the beating. Also sounds like youre underage, faggot.

There was a little bit of tension in the gym before. When either of us wanted to use the same equipment it was a little tense. I tried to mend this by becoming his friend but it backfired

>he goes in the lick your ass
>take your pants off to reveal the banana hammock you’re wearing
>rub your nipples
>call him daddy
Now he can’t kick your ass without being gay

He sounds like a bitch go throw a plate at him

Make friends with a bigger person at the gym. Tell bigger person about bully.

Go anyways and put up a fight even if you get your ass kicked. Start practicing fighting if you know somewhere you can, like if your gym has a boxing area.

Also yeah bring a knife but only as a last resort

Just take your beating, that you apparently deserve. After that then you paid your dues and can move on.

Call the police

Accept your punishment for being a colossal retard.

>And if I run now I'll be running forever.
sounds like you know what you have to do then, user

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I would of beat your faggot ass for that shit in HS too.
>The weak should fear the strong
Except unironically

Your "prank" was a dick move. How could you think he'd find it funny? Stupidass

dont be a pussy, behaving like you're his bitch.

bump, OP here. Went to the gym, didnt see him