How come most routines on this board are 5x5

but zyzz and arnie usually did 8-10 reps are the most optimal

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People here only care about looking big. Having any usable strength doesn't matter

where can i find good 8-12 routines?

1-5 reps for nattys
5-20 for roiders

Hope this is bait

Also want to know

Anyone who claims to have the answer to the rep range question is overstating. Here's what we know:
>Strength and hypertrophy gains come by progressive overload
>Working a muscle group closer to failure seems preferable
>Working a muscle group with 10 sets per week is preferable to fewer
>working out more days of the week is preferable to less
>Overtraining is real
This is based on Jeff nippard's interview with that researcher a few days ago

It just makes more sense to train squats and deadlifts in sets of 5 because each rep is more exhausting, and you can more confidently load heavier weight than if you were aiming for 8-12 reps

Doing 5 reps of lat pulldowns feels wasteful even at a high weight, it feels like you can rep out more because they're less exhausting

I've been doing 8-12 reps for years, are you saying that 5x5 is better for mass?

Because they were on gear


Without the ubermensch CNS buffs from taking roids you're not going to be able to do heavy sets of 8-10 reps unless you're doing partial reps which you shouldn't be doing in the first place.

5 reps lets you lift heavy while avoiding the danger of poor form that comes from CNS fatigue on the final reps with high rep programming.

It all comes down to why you are training in the first place. If you're a strength athlete you should be doing low rep (certainly lower than 5x5) high weight programming. If you want strength and general fitness 5x5 and higher rep programs are both fine.

hi im a girl i didnt see any threads about routines but i just wanted to know what yall think is a good routine to do at home for booty, thighs and abdominals? ive been doing some squats im pretty physically inept i havent worked out basically ever and ive just kept my body at a weight that i like it at but i want to lose maybe 15 pounds and tone more, what should i do?

Because its most effective for building strength and the best for beginners to progress on

Bumping for this

Because in actual fact, the people with 'routines' look like shit. The people who actually look good, lift on the fly and lift for the pump. Drop sets/super sets/pyramids with no other goal but to keep the blood flowing the whole time you're at the gym.

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everybody on this board is dyel

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read the sticky

x5 gives a balance of strength and hypertrophy to novice lifters who can decide later which they want to focus on

the fuck is the difference between power and strength

New autistics losers who know fuck all about fitness or how their bodies works took to the 5x5 loser bitch powerlifting thing like fish to water.
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No one talks about looking good or anything else because they don't know anything else and the other people who do know about it don't have the time to fight against the autistic dyels, geared up retards, and paid shills.

Is this for each individual exercise or for an entire program?