Why even lift when muscle pads exist?

Why even lift when muscle pads exist?

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>wear muscle pads
>pull a girl
>get naked to start fuckin
>she sees the truth

And yet women who wear push-up bras and makeup still get laid

at that point it's already too late user, they'd never deny you sex with the implication

How do I obtain this physique natty?

yeah but arent you a little disappointed when you pull off the shirt and realize that its a pushup bra... I think for me its more that she felt the need to lie about her boob size.. I honestly dont need more than a small handful anyways.

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exactly, you're alone in a dark room all by yourselves. who's going to stop you from having you way with her? you could even murder her if you wanted. but you won't because it's all about the implication. of course you'd be a lot more intimidating if you didn't wear muscle pads

lift weights for 4 months

Well the difference is that that's socially acceptable, user.

wtf happened with equality?

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This place really needs more dennisposting.

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>The absolute state of modern men that this shit actually exists

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>as she takes off her heels, padded pushup bra, and gets ready to smear her makeup all over the place/remove it.

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Because that looks fucking retarded?


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>Why even lift when muscle pads exist?

Because lifting builds character. It pushes you passed what you thought were your own boundaries. It keeps you healthy and keeps you motivated, and it builds self confidence in yourself and your abilities as a person.

I already have, my chest, delts and biceps don’t look like cheap padding haphazardly sewn to my clothes.

You also need a reasonable frame to put this on... if you are a fatass you will look like a marshmallow wearing it.

You don't even have to get her in bed. As soon as you make out she'll notice they don't feel like actual muscle.

We must stop enabling women doing that.

Give it a couple more weeks. You should be there by now.

Exactly, these days I never leave the house unpadded

Never gonna happen. Women are the selective sex (evolution has programmed women to be discerning in sexual partners due to the stress of childbirth.) So that means men, for the most part don’t care about the deception of makeup/push-up bra.

because men aren't going to turn down sex once they're already naked

Most women are walking dissapointments. I’ve worked in a field that’s related to the porn industry and had the chance to see upwards of 400 girls clothed and naked from all angles, from ugly to hot, from skinny to fat and it was a real eye opener. The clothes they wear are designed to fool you and the make up changes the shape of their face to the point that they can very well be a different person. This is why I always find it sad when I see guys that lift for girls. Dude, all the effort you put in for years just to get someone that’s lying to your face is pathetic.

I don't even know why women wear push-up bras. they don't even need to try to get laid.

You would only wear this to go to battle and literally fight to the death. Wearing a muscle pad basically means that you don't have any sort of physical capability of fighting at all.

>Women are the selective sex
Not really. There are more women who are selective but if you're a man worth selecting then the ultimate selection is yours to select.

I lift so I can fuck new girls on the weekly. Haven't made it yet but I kek at anyone who lifts for a single girlfriend

Don't go for a girl with cake on her face then, pretty simple.

Because I lift to be the strong uncle to my nephews and nieces, and the strong dad to my future kids.

Because I like standing naked in front of my mirror and admiring myself


They have a lot of tricks up their sleeves.

It’s about the same actually. But hey, your body, your choices. In my case, if I leave the thirst aside I wouldn’t give the time of day to most them.

>not standing naked in front of your mirror with a MusclePad™ on your body
Lmao look at this pleb

Looks like a superhero costume, I've got a Bananaman costume that makes me look like that

>I don't even know why women wear push-up bras. they don't even need to try to get laid.
It's to get attention and to "beat" other girls.

Most men by definition don't fall under that category.

>And yet women who wear push-up bras and makeup still get laid

A woman makes herself look nice precisely because she wants people to know she is CAPABLE of taking care of things and making them look good. Looking good is the actual message: "i know how to make things nice"\"i know how to take care of things". Whatever is her face or a house or the meal for her kids or the flue of her partner: she knows how to take care.
That is the message.

A male "make up" is just a fake message: i'm pretending because i'm fare away from achieving it.

Beware of girls with short fingernails and no makeup. The probably are careless.

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I like walking around shirtless