Lifts going down

>lifts going down
>depression increasing
>alcohol consumption increasing
>diet fucked
She isn't coming back is she, lads?

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Dubs or better and she comes back, user

Hey that's me right now. My mental state is falling apart. I think it's from anxiety though. Starting school again.

Fuck. Like an autist, I sent my ex a fucking novel text message... no response of course.

Same here user, minus school. Enjoy it while it lasts. 25+ here and it's no fucking fun. I miss uni. I miss high school. Life was simple back then.

I'm 27. Floundered in labor jobs for awhile and it was shit. Going to try to do something else even if it's teaching shit kids

She ain't coming back. The longer you feel sorry for yourself the more you waste your own development. Check

theres always better bitches homie

You're right. Why don't women ever feel the same? How are they so quick and able to drop a relationship? It just makes no sense. It's almost like the time we shared never happened. It's like I don't exist anymore. It's surreal.

Well good luck, lad. Pretty sure you can still join armed forces if you live in America.

She's a bitch and always has been, get the fuck over it and find another one.

Fuck the military. Worst case scenario I go back to welding

Went through that for 2-3 months, gained 20lbs from drinking.

Its natural man, everyone goes through post breakup depression. Eventually you'll be sick of it and be back in the gym and shit.

I've spent the past month getting my strength back to what it was before I got dumped.

heh heh... it's been 9 months :')

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>tfw been waiting her to text me for two weeks

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She's not gonna, and when you inevitably text her from desperation she'll treat you like a stranger if she even acknowledges you at all. Fuck her. Who cares.

Cucks stop crying over for something that happened and can’t go back. Worry about yourself and the future. If you keep self improving you will find a better grill that truly deserves you. Also just thank the lord that you dodged a bullet. Imagine going thorough divorce with that bitch

Use the feels as fuel and hit the iron
You’re gonna make it

>it's been almost 10 years

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>You're right. Why don't women ever feel the same? How are they so quick and able to drop a relationship? It just makes no sense. It's almost like the time we shared never happened. It's like I don't exist anymore

women aren't human, don't treat them like they are.

>she's married and pregnant now

I'll find a better one, there's plenty of pussy in the sea

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It will get better.
>she left me for another
>completely wrecked
>never been this hurt
>still love her
>tell her that I love her and forgive her
>say ill take her back anytime
>time passes
>don't love or want her back anymore

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>tfw not sure if my hairline is receeding or maturing or if i have a high hairline
>age 26

someone tell me pls

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tfw she hasnt been online since yesterday. probably changed her number

>it's been 2 years since I last had a gf
>it was a toxic as fuck relationship and yet the few bright spots make me miss it

the bitch was crazy but she had her moments.

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Me and Sam both have "fine" hair and pubey facial hair. must be somethin in the tap water

Shave your head. Hair is for women.

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I'd look so fucking awful without hair, Statham is a handsome lad, it's all I got mate..

Plus I'm 5'8 - 5'9"


Don't worry about women.

What good has women ever done for civilization? All the great inventions are done by men. The only things women were ever good at, they no longer want to do. They make terrible choices, are completely unresponsible, have no idea what they want and vote against their community at every election. They are betrayers. Leeches. They constantly lie and shittest everyone. They can't even get along with each other and secretly envies and hate all their friends and sisters. And if we do not tame them soon again, then they will be our downfall.

TFW last chance at love was ruined by bitchy female coworker and managers

>Be me, work shitty route merchandiser job
>Have two female managers, one mexican(main) and black(weekend)
>As a merchandiser, we stock our products in stores and build displays for them
>Also the floater so I do stores all over the territory and basically where Im needed
>Job sucks because its very menial, no extensive critical thinking at all
>Most managers and receivers I meet are assholes who are power tripping

>Two months ago, start a route in the ghetto with a Latina store manager
>Shes cute(to me) and nice(to me)
>comfortable talking to her, like talking to someone Ive known forever
>During our conversations, she often laughs and becomes touchy
>Last month, area had walks(where managers come in and check on stores)
>While doing her store, we get into a casual conversation that ended up being longer than expected
>After talking, black female manager walks in like shes on crack
>Manager walks towards me, we start talking about work, my performance, etc
>She says I'm great in all
>She talks to the Latina manager and several times during the conversation, both the Latina manager and my black manager looked at me
>Since then, female managers are making sure I end my day away from client, making me do more work on weekends and tried scheduling me on my usual days off, when said client is also off

Now every other merchandiser, managers, and receivers are acting weird around me. Not sure what was said in that meeting but it's sorta fucked up my work, and the fact I haven't seen the Latina manager makes me think I should just ask her out now ffs

Fuark. Life is complicated user.

I just found out two weeks ago my uncle died, and today I found out that
my grandfather died. The scariest thing is that I don't feel much. They weren't a particularly big part of my life, but I still feel like there should be something going on with my emotions. What's wrong with me bros?

Delete her number and all details you have. It is for the best. She was the river, you are now in the sea.

Delete her number and texts right now user. It'll make it so much easier.

One breakup took me literally 2 years to get over. I always hoped she'd still approach me at some point and the thing is, she did after those 2 years. Realized she made a huge mistake by letting me go and that others treated her like trash. Only after that confession I became aware that I dont really want her anymore. Only then I became free.

Dont dwell on it mate, I've done the same and even had the chance of getting her back, but in the end you dont really want that. She's hurt you man, get active and replace her.

She won't come back if you wallow in your self pity. And why would you want her to, anyway? She left you once, she'll leave you again. Get your shit together, move on. Lift harder, make yourself into a person she'll be sorry to have left.
Talk to people. Stop drinking. Start lifting. Get some discipline, man.

>lifts going up
>depression subsiding
>no alcohol or drugs
>diet is ok

She still isnt coming back

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No loyalty.

>why dont women ever feel the same?

You're delusional if you think they don't. But at the end of the day, random sex is what gets you over past relationships, and women have a mich easier time finding a dick the second they're ready than men do finding a pussy.

>random sex is what gets you over past relationships

> How are they so quick and able to drop a relationship? It just makes no sense. It's almost like the time we shared never happened.

Google light switch effect

Fun fact: the Army always needs welders. They trained a buddy of mine to do underwater welding. Fucker got out and now he makes like $70/hr. More than me with my MBA and MS in Statistics.

The best revenge is being successful. The
Take this time to mourn if you have to, then reset and relentlessly fuck life in the asshole.

>lifts going down
>depression increasing
>alcohol consumption increasing
>diet fucked
>caffeine consumption increases

Problem is, my life is in order... in final phase of PhD, gf is awesome, will marry soon. There is basically nothing I could complain about but everything is still shit. Wtf is going on?

>muh depression :,(
Neck yourself cuck

You lack the spiritual lad. We're spiritual beings in an I spiritual time, start meditating, go for solo walks through nature with your mobile phone switched off, read some scripture.

fuck man

Are you me?

The drinking is only going to make it all worse. Try to stay away from booze when you're depressed, since it is a depressant and could easily lead you down a bad path.

Just force yourself to go and do a half assed workout. Better than nothing.

I do and have done all this. I also have enough faith.

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i waited 2 months. and it was no better. i deleted our convo and her number. she clearly forgot about me.

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Same, it was the worst time of my life and I felt shit during most of it. But I miss hugging someone.

Dumbest shit I've read today. thanks

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Fuck that’s so true... and makes me want to never date again

No neckbeard

I haven't talked to her since early 2014 - she moved to another country in the summer of 2013, just after a week of knowing each other, we tried to keep the fire going on skype, but then she decided it's better if we end it

I still check her instagram story every day, and she does the same
it's a weird feeling, she's like the spirit of a loved one who's no longer around physically but I still feel her as a part of my very being. for example, every time I listen to a song, or see a beautiful building, or have something good happen to me, I replay the exact same moment in my head with her being there with me, and it makes me feel... whole? I don't know, I'm just rambling here anyway

Stop drinking before you get fat and lose your gains then have to start over again bruh
>t. happened to me

Stop being a Pussy

The best fucking response!

>With the girl i fell in love with
>Never before have I felt the feels I did with her
>Never had such chemistry with another human being
>Never was able to talk so much with someone
>Never looked at another person and though "I cannot believe this is possible"
>Life started making sense
>I treat her bad for a month and a half
>Not because I wanted to, didn't realize what I was doing
>Had so much shit going on and didn't tell her about it
>She leaves me
>Crumble to fucking pieces
>Never in my 22 years of living did I regret something that much or feel so sad
>Try to get her back
>Fail miserably to the point where she doesn't wanna talk to me anymore
>lifts go down
>Lose 8kg
>Do horrible in college
>No desire to do anything
>Takes me 4 months to recover
>Try meeting other girls
>None of them compare to her in the slightest
>Forced myself to kiss two of them and I felt absolutely nothing
>Everything became boring because what I had with her is something out of this world
>Everything reminds me of her because she was a part of everything in my life
>When trying to convince myself to forget her the universe finds some absurd way and tells me "nope"

Worst part is we're in college together
Every time I look at her (and I can't not look at her) my body physically hurts. She loved me too, everyone that saw us together told me that, but I drove her away with my fucking idiotism.

I'm sorry for the faggoty blog post but lately I've been thinking of her more than usual and I just had to get this of my chest.

I missed the feels thread and had this typed out, kinda relevant

>be me
>be October, 2015
>in second year of uni, not happy at all. Feel like it's a waste of time.
>drop out, don't tell mom or stepdad who I was living with.
>classes usually started at 9 so mom left earlier everyday, easy to hide.
>go to gym before she got home so it seemed like I was studying or whatever.
>unemployed because I wanted to focus on school.
>just completely shut down and only go to the gym, start making sick gains.

>fast forward to January 2nd, 2016, got a part time job in between
>driving to work, still in a bad place
>almost to work, see the light I'm meant to turn at, still one light in between.
>green light so still chugging along.
>get t-boned by old man, he couldn't stop because the roads were icy, didn't even try to slow down.
>hits me full speed.
>spin 540 degrees in my car, one complete turn and a half so I'm backwards in my lane
>no serious damage to car or me physically, mentally I'm just fucked.
>get out of car, check on old man, he's Okay. He had an old metal Saab vs my shitty Saturn
>call dad, tell him I got in an accident. He tells me to drive to his house.
>get in, start car, mental breakdown. I refuse to drive.
>call dad again, he yells at me for being a pussy essentially. Can't help It
>call mom, have her pick me up.
>dad's spamming me to bring the car to him since it was in his name to save me money.
>already tenuous relationship with him since he got married and didn't tell me.
>mom takes me to his place, she goes inside and rips him a new one.
>relationship with dad basically severed at that point.


I need advice bros. Going on a trip this weekend with the gf and her friends. It's their birthday and they're going to make a penis cake with their names on it. I told my gf I'm not going to be apart of that and I think it's absolutely degenerate. What do bros?

Forgot to mention, I'm 6'3 and was ~215 then, no idea on bf, but it wasn't very high.

Sometime in between there I started talking to this girl I knew from way back when. First time I hung out with her She was super clingy and said She loved me. I wutd real hard to that, but I was depressed and liked the attention. She was cute as fuck but my friends thought she was weird so I never tried dating her. Things were great, I straight up asked if she was single, she said yes.
>be February of 2016
>girl got new tattoo, wants to show me.
>go over, meet her grandma, mom's there too but I already met her.
>car pulls up and some dude hops out, comes inside.
>everyone greets him, they're all super friendly.
>guy starts talking about what he and girl are making for supper. Kinda weirded out at this point.
>guy starts hinting at taking her to his place so they can get started. More weirded out.
>figure I should go if she's going, o to put my shoes on. They follow behind.
>hold door for them because I'm Canadian.
>before they come out, he grabs her and kisses her.
>walk to car, drive to sister's and try to gather what I just saw.
>she texts me, apologizes. Obviously she's not fucking single.
>tell her I'm just gonna peace out, have a good life, shit like that.
>she begs me not to, she says she loves me again
>the fuck?
>tell her it's either him or me and I'm not making you decide so I'm fucking off.
>argue about that for a bit then I ghost her. Delete her off everything. Slide further into depression.
>go buy alcohol, which I haven't touched in a few years.
>crown royal baby
>chug It, feel numb.
>grab painkillers from step dad's cabinet, down a bunch.
>he doesn't notice because he has an addiction and loses track of how many he takes.
>hope the combination makes me not wake up in the morning.
>repeat for at least a week.

>one week later, go to gym. It's my 21st birthday.
>usual routine, hit ohp or
>suddenly feel chest tighten and like the room is spinning
>heart pounding, feel sick.
>suddenly feel super aware of everyone in the room as if they're looking at me.
>think they're judging me because I'm not making gains lately. (I was but it was all in my head)
>pack up and go home.

I haven't been back to that gym since besides to cancel my membership. It was a really bad anxiety attack. That's when I decided I needed help.

I drank over half a fifth of bourbon last night. This morning I hit a pr on diddy(435lbs) ayylmao

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At least you had a she

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You're all pathetic.

I know that feeling and it hurts, but destroying your body over her isn't worth it. Be like me, channel your feels and rage into lifting and achieve a god tier physique to cope

You’re a king, better than any thot on this planet. Get back in the gym, get your gains back, and her weak female mind will see what she’s missing and you should never take her back.

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There's no "correct" way to grieve, user

What a waste of dubs you nigger faggot

This is me except I have accepted she isn't coming back

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Fuck mate, we've all been there. I can tell you for a fact that time makes this shit better. At the moment it seems like the most important thing in the world and probably consumes most of your waking thoughts.

Time to pick your sack up and get back on that horse though. Get out and about doing shit that makes you happy and makes you a better person.

Pick up a shitload of tin and chisel that body.

Moping around waiting for her to call /come back isn't helping your situation and in my opinion you're wasting precious time when you could be improving yourself and moving forward with your life. If you ain't constantly moving forward and reaching goals you're just stagnating like 90% of the rest of the idiots content parked up doing nothing with their lives

Good luck

Does everyone who posts shit like this just go through their first ever breakup? I haven’t had this kind of feel since 2015 when my ex left me for Chad and just learned to never attach myself to a woman again. I was 18

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Kek when I’d fuck my rebound Id imagine it was my ex

I got over it by joining the military
>no friends
>shit job
>failing in school
>dad wont let me move out
I decided I needed to get the fuck out, I generally think I'm a lot happier now. I'm at least more busy

she never existed for me...

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broke up with gf and was kind of sad, but within a week i was with another girl that makes me laugh and actually does things for me like cooks dinner and wants to meet up for lunch on weekdays as often as possible.

old gf didnt cook me a single meal in 3 years.
old gf didnt clean up after herself
new girl makes me much happier than old gf and is much better looking as well.

op just find a new girl

No it doesn't you stupid fucking nigger

Tell her that, tell her how much she means to you. There's not point in not doing this as you have nothing to lose.
God speed brother.

check your test levels im serious

please help user. I am going through that exact same shit right now. I love her but i know shes not going to change and i wont be able to put up with the ungratefulness and laziness forever, also i know i could get a girl way hotter and her friend who im 99% sure is into me has all the same interests as me and is way more considerate and attractive. But i really dont want to hurt her because we were such good friends for a long time before we got together

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>Got drunk af on Christmas Eve
>Send her an hour of audio
>Mfw I realize what I did the next morning

I haven't drink a single drop of alcohol since that day.

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>been depressed for the past three years
>stopped working out completely, became obese and ugly
>out of college now; no chance of finding a woman even if I had the motivation

is there any hope for me?

>Google light switch effect
I did, it's entirely accurate and depressing, but it is also useless knowledge. I can't see how it'd help anyone to bear this in mind. If anything it'd just sour you on everything and ultimately lead to more loneliness and bitterness than if you had never read it.

>an hour of audio

Of you sobbing or something?? Christ, that's rough man.

As far as I remember, I didn't cried.

It was fucking stupid sad shit I tell you that

Thankfully I'm almost done blocking the memory

don't do this, user. i hate that i deleted her texts and now i can't go back and read them and remember her.

Life for yourself. You WANT her, you dont NEED her.
Show her that, show her that you have value on your own and that you'll survive without her and make the life you planned for both of you. for yourself even if shes not there.
You wont want her back after you do. You're just afraid you wont be able to prove her wrong, and you definetly can user.

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Don't listen to this faggot, user.

You don't need her.

Trips of truth.

Proof that bitch you can listen to The Dark Side of the Moon without thinking about her.

Its been two months now, she just left my discord today. Shes not coming back, Ive gone buff hobo mode, I fucked up for a short while adapting to adulthood and look where it got me. I only have gains and feels left in my life to keep me going

Anyone ever have their ex come back?

This comic....jesus christ.

Iktf. After the first big breakup, you never really attach yourself or love a woman the same again. I think back on it(years ago) and wonder how it was even possible to feel that sad. Everyone has to experience being a pathetic little bitch at some point, apparently this thread is full of people at that point.

Blessed dubs of a failed hero

He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster . . .

>Have to work this weekend, making 3 weekends in a row
>Effectively meaning I've worked 21 days in a row
>Lower and lower drive to get in the gym because of this bullshit
>On top of that shit, I'm retarded and picked this week to quit preworkout because of how dependent I've become on it
>Now am super lethargic because I am getting 0 caffeine and I don't even eat sugary shit
The cool thing is, I took a week of leave this upcoming week so I'm gonna literally do nothing but drink, eat, and play video games on Monday. Then get my lazy ass back in the gym and get back to the usual routine.

Don't join the military lads, this shit is always fucking you.

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does fit do anything but cry about girls? this place is more pathetic than r9k

I did a few times once a few years ago. We'd break up and not acknowledge each other's existence for a month or even a few months, then come back together and start going out again- before then breaking up again after another few months.
Shit ruined me mentally desu. You're better off not having your ex come back.

>2 fucking years playing back and forth with her
>treated me like shit one day, tried to flirt with me other day
>pissed with me because I don't flirt back. Why should I when you're always treating me like this, cunt?
>verbal and psychological abuse constantly
>I'm a depressive masochist so I just stay still recieving all those methaphorical punches
>told me "sorry" numerous times
>stop contact with her altogether
>1 month goes by and she already has a boyfriend
>after 2 years wasted, she got another dude in 1 month lmao
>browsing facebook
>a fucking picture of both of them with the hashtag #mybfisbetterthanyours

Why do you think Veeky Forums even lifts?

Sounds true objectively but I'd kill to have her back right now and I don't think we should be fully done. I think she's only done it because we were apart for 3 months (I was studying overseas)