Finally fit after a year

>finally fit after a year
>30 yr old virgin though
>want to start sleeping with girls
>can't pull off the "stupid/meme messages" guys send girls to get their numbers
Are there other apps I should use or should I start going to seeking arrangements?

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If you’re actually fit it won’t matter.

I get my gf with sending her pepe and Veeky Forums reaction images on whatsapp

Do girls even like that shit? I've been so out of touch with people it hurts. I've lived alone in my home/worked from home/shopped alone for almost 10 years now with Veeky Forums being my only social interaction hub.

Just don't sent pervert images or something too overboard

girls (under 25 at least) are addicted to social media and love stupid memes.

>wanting to bang the walking petri dishes on tinder
Just get a revolver and load one chamber. It's cheaper and quicker m8

>30 year old virgin
you must be ugly af

better not let anybody know you're a virgin because that's a huge red flag if you're 30+

like if you're 30 and no woman has had sex with you I have to wonder wtf is wrong with you

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Girls don't care what you say or how you act, just how you look. If you are really Veeky Forums just take your shirt off and ask to fuck.

30 HHKV here. Not ugly, just a shut-in that has never bothered socializing because never had an interest.

The reality is once you're behind, you get further behind as every year goes by.

Its supposed to go like this.

>Kid - Meme GF (days)
>Teen - Real GF (weeks)
>Adolescent - Serious GF (months)
>Adult - Legitimate GF (years)
>Adult+ - Final GF

If you're 30, ie: on the Adult part, and youv'e still never had the Meme GF, why would you expect to ever have the Legitimate GF?

The reason it is hard because every other adult woman your age has been through all 4 stages, and they don't want to fuck around in stage 1 or 2 anymore. They're all looking for guys at least in stage 4, so they can go onto stage 5.

This guys oddly self aware, but you could also just fake your way through it and if it ever comes up say yeah I've had a few relationships, some longer than others and then change the subject, you don't have virgin tattooed on your foreheads so they'd never know
Relationships are basically just asking each other where you want to eat there's not some secret skills you need to learn

Cast level 4 confidence spell

You can't fake it though. She will want to meet your family, your family is going to say shit like


Yeah, enjoy explaining that one

Im not as pathetic as OP but still pathetic. How do I ask out a girl from a coffee shop? How can I tell if a woman is just being friendly or if she's genuinely interested?

Listen man, I don't have a problem getting a gf. My family can arrange me to get with people they know. I'm talking about sleeping with 18-22 sluts. That process is what I'm after. I don't want a gf because I know everything that entails.

I think what happened here was a lot of people on this board are desperate to be with someone and automatically latch that idea on to me, but I just want fuck buddies not a gf.

God I hate my family thanks for reminding me
(spoiler) I actually don't but it's annoying af when they complain that I still have no gf (/end spoil)

Start with escorts for practice tbqh

I've been banging since 18 but I still get a professional with a tight body who won't refuse any request once in a blue moon

Look up body language that women use when they're attracted to you and pay attention to how you're interacting with them eg are you making long eye contact, tone of your voice, how much you're talking vs how much she's talking

Get a wingman

This guy knows his shit

>23 year old virgin
Someone help me I don't want to be like OP :(

>ask yourself why you're a virgin
>figure out what is stopping you from having sex
>if you're unsure if you can fix it yourself, talk to someone
>swallow your pride and ask your friends to help you talk to girls. If there is some underlying issue, go ahead and tell them if it might help
>when you go out and do stuff, focus more on having fun than getting with chicks

Back story
>single mom left alcoholic dad when I was a child
>"if you respect me, you will never drink"
>"OK mom"
>mom dedicates the rest of her life making sure I have the best life possible on a minimum wage labor job

Current day
>have never went 'out' because don't drink
>live with over protective mom
>was overweight and ugly all of highschool
>talk to girls in college but nothing ever happened
>study compsci so less girl encounters than most people

That's all the excuses I can come up with. I'm 6'5 195lb skinnyfat.

Lets say thats occurring, what would I say to arrange for a date if she were a waitress?

Sounds pretty simple dawg
>Get fit
>Go out, force yourself into social hobbies
One thing will just snowball into another guaranteed. Also make sure to stay focused in uni, cos thats priority

Yeah im almost on Op lvl just 7 more years, i already accept my fate. Ugly acne scars on body, ugly in general, ugly smile, ugly teeth just overall ugly. I still go to the gym though just because I like it.

>Get fit.
>Get the girls to laugh.
>Don't be picky.

Literally just type “hey I want to see your buttcheeks” and hit send. How hard can it be ?

Y’all are fine. Each and every one of you. There’s hope. Put yourself out there man you only regret what you don’t do, gotta at least try bros.

>when she laughs at your dumbest jokes
>user you’re too much
Bitch what?
Seriously though I need to make a move before she realizes I’m retarded.

She probably already realized that. Just go for it

>family and friends ask me constantly why I don't have a gf
>be actually a shut in virgin faggot
At least my mom stopped asking, I think she knows. She's not dumb.