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Alright guys just got my 50 lb bag, is two a day too much? Do I run any risks? Just downed three to convince myself I could do this.

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two a day might still be okay, but with more you should have an AI on hand

Could someone give the rundown of bulking memes?
Onions, no fap/porn, cold showers.
What else?


no pillow under the head while sleeping for posture gains

You mean no bed under the body at all. Sleeping on the floor with nothing but a blanket is the true posture redpill.

How much garlic should I be eating?
I've been getting 4g a night but I don't think that's enough. What about grams of onion? "Small, medium, large" aren't serving sizes

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I thought onions act as AI, right?

only if you lay on your back, laying on the side without a pillow puts your neck in a very unnatural position

Two a day is alright. I do 3. Risks? Lol. Enjoy your gains brah. Just had my best day in the gym today. Burned 1000 cals doing cardio and did all of my sets PRing all with energy to spare. God bless and eat your onions lad.

>What about grams of onion?
No, you eat onions not grams of onions.
I tend to work in 3 onions a day if im cooking.

Hey man, I’m not gonna lie to you. I’ve eaten onions for t gains. I think you need to eat that bag in two days to get an explosive amount of test and hit the gym like a fuckin man. Saying you’re gonna eat that bag in two days then bitching out is low t. Fuckin do what you set yourself up to do or go to your local gay bar and ask a tranny how you can get started on mtf hormones.

is this onion thing actual or just a fucking Veeky Forums meme

Protip: fit calls everything a meme

this is a meme

why don't you guys make fire cider if you actually do this shit

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t. onionlet

It's almost hilarious how most Americans are afraid to eat fuckin vegetables

well nofap is technically a meme but i've personally found it to have benefits. i'm still trying to work out if this onion shit is legit. only one way to find out i guess..

I eat them raw like apples. Saves a lot of time, effort, and you begin to like it after a few weeks.

Hope you're sleeping like this and not flat on your back like a retard.

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>This estrogenic activity could be attributed to the quercetin and daidzein content, and activation of estrogenic receptors, as these effects disappeared after blockage of E2 receptors.


How many grams are each onion? Onions come in different sizes. Also, I just took 13g of garlic. I feel like a chunk is stuck in my throat. How do I fix this?

Did you chew the garlic mate?


enjoy your no gains

Just cut up a garlic clove and had it with chicken. Actually way better tasting than I thought it would be

a head*

Quercetin binds to the estrogenic receptors but still incredibly less potent, someone said to the margin 1000x. So it basically blocks the receptors and leaves the estradiol without function because there are no free receptors.

garlic with chicken? why would it taste good, I dont get it, you mean just as a side dish uncooked?


Ohhh berrry rucky tecked

It does work, also onions are healthy as fuck so no downsides aside from taste/smell (if you're a weak fagt)

ya desu Ameritards have no education in regards to nutrition, and have a hard time thinking for themselves because they have no education in that either unless they get lucky and have smart parents.

this is the only way

american 'culinary'