This is who I lift for

This is who I lift for.

Who inspires your lifts besides yourself Veeky Forums?

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Zyzz rich piana ct fletcher all dead guys

Good choice OP

Cdr. Rockwell.

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Who is this?

Not some illiterate Muslim nigger

this is now a malcom x thread

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that's malcolm x

iffy at best

Much better. One of Yacub's finest creations.

I lift for the man himself.

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I thought it was a nice foil to the coon garbage. But so is Lothar von Trotha

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am Burgerstain but Mosley speeches give me hope.

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i lift for the greatest Athlete ever the people Champs Mohamed Ali himself.
He is one of the reason I study neuroscience too
rest in peace mane

I lift for my man gunner. May he rest in peace

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trips of truth

Berserk is what inspired me to start lifting and martial arts. When ever I feel like giving up I just imagine Guts telling me to suck it up and I push through.

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Cute doggo reminds me of my Luna (girl), sorry for your lost.

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I also lift for gunner.
Rest in peace.

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He may be fictional but he gives me real inspiration

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He lifted His cross and suffered for the greatest gain in all existence.
It's an honor to offer up my lifts and sufferings to Him.

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>mfw listening to master teach right now
good choice user,


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We're all gonna make it brehs

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Better than martin luther coon, i suppose

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My nigga

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Someone made this poster, ran it through the editorial staff for approval, printed out thousands of leaflets, and at no point did anyone think, this is fucked up.

begone with you

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The thought of face fucking you, faggot.

You're right black people voting is pretty fucked up

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Somebody give me a quick rundown on Malcolm X

>By any means necessary
>Blacks and whites shouldn't mix
>Fuck Jews

It really is

>Finally realized the error of his ways
>Gets assassinated by his own people shortly after

Literalmente un marica.

Yo levanto por el hombre.

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MalCUM X = Literally a gay prostitute

This is a Porfirio Diaz thread now

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If that’s what you lift for you’re never going to make it , mate.

>betrays the ideals
>get murdered
deserved what he got.
Rockwell was the leader of the AMERICAN NAZI PARTY. Are you retarded?

Also I lift for hyperborean beauties

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Malcolm used to be a male prostitute who sucked white cock for money. Not even meming.

today i will lift for gunner

I lift for myself you faggots. How the fuck else am I gonna compete with Chads if I don't become Chad?

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>not lifting for GODku

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Is Veeky Forums even aware?
Ok this is all.

>besides yourself
future me

I actually lift, and I do it for larper neets and animu sperglords. That way if one of you finally snaps and brings a gun to my work, I will be able to beat you to death with the stock.

Anyone talking shit about malcolm doesnt realize he wants what you want.

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Uncle Heinrich doesn't get enough love

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Post body, master race

did he strike a nerve Schmuel?


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Confirmed trailer park fatasfatass
An hero, goebbels

He was better than Martin Luther Coon, that's for sure. But I can't cheer for a black man

I'm lifting for them because the Jewish world I inhabit has made me soft. I have no qualms admitting I'm not ᛋᛋ material yet, or even close to it. But the whole reason I started is to get there. You can't countersignal when the NSDAP is literally the reason I'm doing what needs to be done to GET that body.

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gone, but not forgotten.

yeah great fucking job cherrypicking the blacks that support the massuh mentality. plenty of black thinkers would rebuke all of this garbage. black conservatives are that way because they're at the top of the food chain, the same way slaves who carried guns and sat on horses were at the top of the food chain during slavery. fucking neckbeard faggot go fuck yourself where the fuck did you get this garbage fucking image u fucking faggot.

Reading classical history has seriously helped me grow as a person. I became more ambitious, more health conscious and really desire to emulate Alexander, Caesar and Augustus.

Plus I wanna look shredded when I do my reenactments

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This guy gets it.
Join me, and together we will beat these /pol/lacks into submission

Stay salty, Homo Erectus

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>tfw the two poltards I know irl are black and Jewish respectively
No u

>is proud of being literally a part Neanderthal hybrid

to be fair the state of /pol/ is abysmal

I mean I'm not disagreeing, it's pretty funny to see someone try so hard to fit in with basement dwelling caveman hybrids

I lift so my inner pride and mental fortitude are reflected in my physique.

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if there was a white-jewish alliance the rest of the world would be fucked. too bad jews are dicks

And Jewish poltards are the uber dicks

>One particular university's “token-integrated” black Ph.D. associate professor I never will forget; he got me so mad I couldn't see straight. As badly as our 22 millions of educationally deprived black people need the help of any brains he has, there he was looking like some fly in the buttermilk among white “colleagues”-and he was trying to eat me up! He was ranting about what a “divisive demagogue” and what a “reverse racist” I was. I was racking my head, to spear that fool; finally I held up my hand, and he stopped. “Do you know what white racists call black Ph.D's?” He said something like, “I believe that I happen not to be aware of that”-you know, one of these ultra- proper-talking Negroes. And I laid the word down on him, loud: “NIGGER!”

was malcolm x a writer for the chapelle show

Hybridization with Neanderthals shouldn't've happened then, so why the fuck would I want more hybridization now? Things have settled since then and to encourage what happened 10,000 years ago today would be to regress thousands of years culturally. Plus there's a difference between hybridizing between two subspecies adapted for a European/Eurasian climate and peoples who are rivalled intellectually by bonobos. Mixing with Asians isn't as bad as mixing with niggers, for example, but I still oppose it for cultural reasons. I don't even think people of different European nations should mix, the only exception being if the population gets too low and inbreeding would result.

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I lift for the God Emperor of Mankind. Tremble before his majesty, for we all walk in his immortal shadow.

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depends what you mean, a lot of Jewish people have pol tier beliefs but only about Israel

>oook oog throg
Shut up grook

"Oh no, the ancestors of the genera Pan and Homo mixed with each other millions of years ago after slight speciation events. All subsequent human evolution is off!" Fuck off JIDF. That's how stupid you sound.

it's not even about the bullshit racism. it's just like, why would ben Carson and Herman cain be on that image? does anyone really think that they matter, like to the black community? they're nobody and their ideas don't matter, to anyone, black or white. they're the same as black police officers that avoid the topic of black lives matter or anything related to their identity, because they've never had to think about it, the whites have been good to them, so why bite the hand that feeds.

You're right about that, but it's basically what the other poster said about house negroes. Why try when you'll never be accepted?

that's because the black community and 'black thinkers' are a complete joke. Their communities are poor and violent for the same reason they're poor and violent literally everywhere else- the low average IQ.

They will never confront this fact so the entire thing is a ridiculous charade like Christian Creationists talking about biology


Tyrone's upset lol.
keep voting for gibs and feminism bro

I don't speak infowars

not that user, but I found it interesting to learn that a higher proportion of Mongoloid (Asian) DNA comes from Neanderthals than the proportion of Caucasoid DNA which came from Neanderthals.

I’d rather emulate Cato than Cesar.

>black conservatives are that way because they're at the top of the food chain
>implying blacks at the bottom of the food chain aren't conservative because they want gibsmedats
did this user just admit that blacks don't actually have any principles?

I've heard it's the other way around but who knows? The study used mitochondrial DNA which only accounts for a portion of total possible dna

Wew lad, when you can't differentiate between InfoWars and primatological terms, all that happens is you make a fool of yourself. The absolute state of the uppity negro

"Pan" is the Chimpanzee genus
"Homo" is the Human genus
"speciation" is an evolutionary term that describes the genesis of new species; sister groups that emerge from a parent group due to selective pressures or genetic drift.

>I have a high school freshman understanding of biology

Trips of the ubermensch

>anything related to their identity
So you love identity politics? So youre a SJW?

Racialism is identity politics you cuck

I lift to show her she made the biggest mistake of her life by leaving me to duck around. I lift to be better than any man who'll ever commit to her.