Rate me

Rate me

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Zeff as Fuck




but then i realized this guy got way more pussy then me

There is no excuses

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>bad muscle isertions
>no legs to speak of

This guy has a dick right? How can he shit?

your mistaking dicks with vaginas. Dicks are in front.
vaginas are right beneath your pelvis

honestly mirin fucking hard

no doubt about it I would definitely kill myself in that situation

how does he eat so little?

you would still be able to watch anime, browse Veeky Forums, fap and play video games. So no change in your overall lifestyle

Pretty sure I saw this guy at my gym once, strong dude, respect.

>he gets to skip leg day
fucking jelly t b h


all he prob does is go to the gym anyway. doubt he goes to school / work or other responsibilities

I'll wait until you finish downloading first.

>has a whole day dedicated to legs

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Why wouldn't you just end it? Literally, what is the point of continuing on for another 20-40 years?

whats the point for you

Nice tattoo, must've cost you an arm and a leg.


because humans are naturally resilient and prosper even when it seems everything is lost

what if he breaks his only finger?

>Rate me
im dyslexic
sorry bro im already erect

you had me going there then tore me the fuck down

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Some lower middle class life with every day being a struggle and looking like a freak, just waiting to die naturally instead of ending it on your terms? Sounds SUPER.

it'll heal stronger than before

I rate him an arm and a head above the competition.

good job.

fucking crabs, damn it.

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Boston Dynamics should design this guy some siiiick mind controllable super limbs. You're all time wasting faggots for even bothering to strengthen your meat-pendeges.

What shitty game you playing with one thumb?

I just realized his left pec is smaller because he can't work out that side as well due to not having an arm there.

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Super Seducer

dumb frogposter

>face 5/10
>body 6/10
>limbs 1/4

A little unbalanced, don't you think? Should really try and work that right side a bit more.

you just know that #nofap did this

I don't think there's a lot of excercices he can do though.
Tbh he looks like he's sick in the latter.

do you ever use your arm as a dildo

Fuck, I can't help but think that at a certain point the doctors really should give up on trying to keep someone alive. If the results are going to be that bad, surely a dignified death is better for all concerned.

jelly of 1 finger push ups

As stupid as this might sound, I always dreamt about dismembering my own limbs after playing deus ex hoping to get some sick augmentations.

I hope this guy lives long enough to get some sick augmentations.

It's that guy who makes zombie pranks?

work on those legs brah.

Keep cutting

South African Farmer / 10

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He can watch movies, read, eat good food, fall in love, have children, have interesting conversations, obviously train, take big breaths of fresh cool air etc. etc. You can live a fullfilling life in his condition.

dont cut yourself on all that edge

You are projecting hard m8. He is probably making the best of his life. You are the one simply waiting to die.

This. In fact theres a motivational speaker with a similar if not identical condition

Still looks better than 90% of average guys and 75% of Veeky Forums