Can someone explain why he can squat four plates at depth but has shitty legs

Can someone explain why he can squat four plates at depth but has shitty legs

Should I ditch squats and just do leg and hamstring extensions instead?

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size != strength

Surely doing heavy weighted squats would make your legs look nice

Because he's a lanklet that took like 10 years to squat 4 plate.

1. You can't even see his quads
2. He's lanky and tall at
3. Genetics
4. Genetics
5. Genetics

Have you ever seen sprinters calves

squats are great for quads, do nothing for calves

only way to get joocy calves is genetics or spend years at 300 lbs+

His quads and hamstrings actually look decent, but you don't think he has good "legs" since you only see his calves.

low bar back squat with good hip drive is key to life.

I have literally added 20 lbs of workout weight in two weeks to my squat. High bar was limiting me severely because I always felt like I was right on the cusp of hurting something and had a few close calls. Low bar, for me, feels rock solid, no weird pains and lets me use some great hip drive.

So I plateaued at 235 lb (4x5). Tried low bar last week and on the last set, put 245 on the bar and cranked out 5 reps like it wasn't there. Tonight, I worked out with 245 and on the last set, added another 10lb. I then completed 5 reps with no real feeling of extra effort.

I really really need to work on my diddly.

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Because he’s doing lowbar

head on down to /plg/, plenty of 405+ squatters with mediocre lower body development

squat is not the end all be all of leg training, and depending on your build it may be objectively inferior to other exercises

Read SS

Lowbar squats if you want wheels and a giant ass

Lifting e-stats are irrelevant. Candito is a good example of this

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Don't do low bar unless you compete in power lifting or squat over 500lbs.
If you can't highbar then work on you mobility.


This man is right

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Low bar squats are a meme

High volume hack squat machine, leg press and extensions are 10x better for quad gains

Caloric input
To a lesser extent, volume

I'm with this guy but with the addition that what you wrote makes no sense at all.

Bad genes. His legs would look even worse if he only could squat 2 plates

>4 plates
>bar is completely straight
press x to doubt

>Low bar

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>unironically squatting lolbar

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Oh, I get it now. I got trolled.

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1. thats because he has none
2. lol no mehdi is like 5'8
3. he does have shit genetics but more importantly he does lolbar """squats""" which do fuckall for quad development

>at depth
His hamstrings aren't even near his calves, this isn't 'depth'. That's slightly below parallel, also known as two white lights.

>Plateauing at 235 4x5

Try harder

do hypertrophy work you fuckin faggots

Low bar is a much more mechanically advantageous position. At the same strength level it lets you lift 10-15% more than high bar. You should've just jumped straight to 260.

What hyperteophy exercises for legz do you do if you have a home gym with barbell and 2x20kgs dumbbells?

I think i'm going to ride this to 275. I'll add 10 per week until then.