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Lost most of my motivational pictures a couple days ago, I'll post what I have but I'm always looking for more.

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>That pic
I love the blind stupidity of manifest destiny.
Espescially when it's believed in so earnestly.

I mean, it's a warhammer quote. Which I'm pretty sure is a commentary on blind religious zealotry anyway. I found it motivating anyway.

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I feel so sorry for you.

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It’s an Avatar quote and I’m pretty sure it’s more of a refutation of the noble savage trope.

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this one really hits me hard desu

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It's warhammer fanfic dude. They just put Avatar pic and changed a few words

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Mark my words If I ever go to a lecture of his I'm bringing a live lobster a giving it too him

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I don't usually go for Aurelius stoicism "know your role and obey the ruling class without question" bullshit, but I really like this quote.

Think of how much better the world would be if the fucking idiots on Twitter and Tumblr and the like, that probably can't even understand basic traffic patterns, would stop bitching about just how the world should be to fit their eye, and started going about actually accomplishing something themselves.

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Ah the self assured slaveclass warrior refutes the noblesavage

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That would be pretty fantastic user, make sure the lobster is at the top of its dominance hierarchy. Do not let your dreams be dreams.

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you must be over 18 to post here.

Meant for

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Wow, never realised that he had a hair transplant. LOL


t.assblasted nigger

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Your pic is embarassing fucking stupidity.
Grow the fuck up you sad faggot.

t. shitskin who is assmad his ancestors only had stone weapons.

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Soyboy detected

I fucking love this shit. I hate the new ideas of decolonization and racial equity being thrown around. It's all horse shit. To drive fearlessly into territory occupied by those less skilled and less capable than you, and to conquer it, seems much more suited to my biological urges than compassion-driven guilt-tripping.

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how. how is any of it stupid. at the very least it's factually correct.

Well, take a good look at your life ask yourself "What am I compensating for?"

the insecurities placed on me by beautiful women, for the purpose of beautiful women is to reject insufficiently great men. so we become great, because it is why we are here. to become great.

but it's more than that, it's knowing that your forefathers went through tough shit to get us to where we are, and a lot of that was pushing hard into the unknown, and hurting the weak along the way.

Tell me, what do you stand for?

Are you out of your tiny isane little fucking mind.
NOTHING in that is correct or applies to any fucking civiliation that has ever existed in human history.
If you believe any of that self serving idiotic nonsense has any merit then you are in fact by all rights fucking stupid.
You are stupid.

ok, settle down there bud. It's more-or-less correct if you replace the references to Pandora aliens with Native Americans or whoever has been conquered by a technologically advanced civ.

he wont wake up bros

No, you simple child
It does not.
It applies to fucking no civilization on the earth ever at any point.
It's deeply retarded self serving nonsense.
Modern godless(replaced by a false science or whatever memetic tool of control is popular at the moment) military industrial complex chest beating.
It's fucking nonsense.


>"What am I compensating for?"
>tiny isane little fucking mind
>NOTHING in that is correct
>self serving idiotic nonsense
>you are in fact by all rights fucking stupid
>You are stupid
>you simple child
>It applies to fucking no civilization
>It's deeply retarded
>military industrial complex chest beating
>It's fucking nonsense

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Well said user.

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I want to look like Steve. That motivates me. That would be Nice.

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>wanting to conquer the weak
>not wanting to conquer the strong

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Cringebait on many levels.

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t. weeb with a katana bought on ebay

great movie, you should watch it one of these days.

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what movie? if its about some fag drumming i'll pass

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>Do you remember user?
>The fat hairy dude who married a pillow?
>Man, be respectful! He DLed 4plates for reps...

It's about a drummer, but it's not about drumming. It's J.K Simmons at his fucking best. Movie is about personal drive and the pain/loss one can subject himself to in order to be better at his craft.

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Oh god I can smell the fedora on that fucking image

Shouldn't there be a vegan crossfit containment thread for bleeding vaginas like this one?

>this is what anti-bullying campaigns produce later in life

idiots like you should learn to check before you blindly turn things down.
That's the kind of attitude fatties have when you show them something other than a burger.

So you all want motivation, huh. Well, here's one for ya - there was a man who thought eating a lot of chicken and lifting heavy weights will give him love.

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reading about Alexander right now and there's a nice little prelude about how fucking manly the early antique civs were

... That's not the original you autistic fuck.The only reason I semi-like your post is the Darkest Dungeon pic.

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> it doesnt apply stupid
> gives example
> it doesn't apply stupid

Activates the almonds

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Back to tumblr brainlet

Wow....this's one is good.

Did he design his jaw too?

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Do it for him.

> Before God, I swear this creed. My rifle and I are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life. So be it, until victory is America's and there is no enemy, but peace!

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What’s the story with that Jaw?

Nigeria on test?

well, i don't have a picture, but i have a video.

I use to watch this whenever i feel without energy or i feel i've lost track of my goals.

Like modern day middle easterners are doing in Europe and spics are doing in the USA?

Xenophobia? Anthrocentrism? Manifest Destiny?
I'm in
Manifest destiny is both retarded and amazing at the same time. Yes, it's just a fiction, but it's a very powerful fiction and almost a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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what book and what did it say?

You must have Y chromosomes to post on this board

Anyone got any of those "motivation is a false god" pictures with the statues on. Also what is the statue where the guy is strangling a snake called?

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Exactly. Nothing against those ppl, I'm more mad at our own beta driven modern culture that allows this shit to happen.

from a post a few weeks ago

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They didn't die though. Two of them are still alive I think.

I want to die a death like this

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This desu soyboys in denial love that shit

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This is great!

It's stupid to you because most likely you're one of the descendants of the people who fell victim to manifest destiny. The history of life on earth is that of reproductive war, win or lose, conquer or be conquered.
>inb4 fedora posting

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>by flexing
Fuck yeah

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I mean, if you're a savage animal with no morals, sure

don't know why, but this helps a lot