Biggest mistakes you ever made?

About anything, fitness, health, poor life choices...

>tfw I was a virgin and fucked a perfect 10/10 squirter hooker and she spoiled all the sex of my life because the sex was out of this world

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Not killing myself sooner.

fucked it up with her on purpose out of unjustified paranoia

one of many self sabotages

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Fell to deep in love with my girlfriend and don’t have the heart to break up with her to fuck random sloots

guys i can not stress this enough

Someone offered me drugs at a work party and I took it. It was ketamine. My friend k-holed and we got caught and thus fired.

Holy shit that would have been amazing

Too bad you're LARPing

Let my depression from dumping my fiance and dwelling on years and money wasted for so much I lost my gains and now I got to get them back.

Even if you let ditch the bitch user, keep your mind focused or you will fuck yourself.

Don't take lifting cerealy for a few months and just do cardio. Only a few months of actual work gave me gud newbie gains. Pic unrewated nya

If youre going to lift, jump into it. Don't be afraid of the weights even, at least try the machines.

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>2k credit debt I haven't made any payments on in 6 months
>will probably get sued

12k in college debt for a degree i dont think will take me anywhere. Im thinking about going back for another 10k in the hole for a welding degree.

The absolute fear of commitment or responsibility.


Quitting everything even if nothing was wrong because I was afraid of being required to show up again.

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Hahahahahahah .... bruh... man... Are you me?

My regrets:
When I was still in love with a psycho oneitis and didn't fuck a thicc asian
When my bboy hero Neguin called me out to battle him at a practice and I got too scared to answer the call
When I didn't quit that job sooner
When I didn't pursue my actual dream at 23 and waited 7 full years to do it, so much time and youth wasted

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It sucks doesn’t it? I’m too much of a pussy to do anything, so I’m just waiting for her to actually do something like cheat so I can justify breaking up with her and fall out of love

No for real, I posted a week ago some pics of the girl, wondering if she lloked good and everyone just braaap posted and poop truck memes. She was very, very nice. I spent some good money like 420$ CAD for 2 hours but my god, those 2 hours were heaven. I literally felt alive again, I choked her, spanked her, grabbed her ass everything while she squirted a bunch of times. The sex was so good that I had the best night of sleep in a decade, not kidding. I'm still torn if I should go for a round 2, I've become addicted

i had 350k in crypto currency in january, i started with 2.5k

instead of cashing out i held and now i have 30k

im 22 and could have traveled the world comfortably for a few years, now all i can do is buy a new civic

Spending on a brand new car is the worst thing you can do. Buy a used one with low mileage and keep the rest

Veeky Forums answer:
Trying to play the shortcut game on weight loss for like 3 years straight and ultimately wasting my time by cutting too hard.

real answer:
caving into my parents demands for a film school BFA instead of taking my AA and just moving to LA. I fucking hated where I ended up and socially have never recovered due to moving twice now. I have 0 contacts, 0 connections, 0 friends. It's like I'm smack-dab back in 8th grade. It fucking sucks. But at-least I have a decent job and steadily getting Veeky Forums.

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Squirt is just pee
Some girls orgasm so hard they do it uncontrollably but they can also just pee on you so you think they came
Either way if you had fun it doesn't matter but just a little fyi

post pics, also what city?

I was drinking at a bar and mom called to tell me they are putting down our dog and I should come say goodbye. I was afraid to show up to vet because my parents would see I was intoxicated and driving so I told her it was too hard to see and then I ordered another shot from qt bartender “not larping although this story is believable/sad either way”

Yeah I know but not so sure, she kept tensing up and screaming but anyway, it was fucking insane. I was technically a virgin because I never did penetration before but I did 2 years of air sex with a muslim gf so I knew what to do. I fucking want to see her again but god damnit it's expensive and am riddled with guilt like "I could have helped my parents with that money", "I could have saved for my future children just like my parents did to me" "I could have used that money with my little brother to the movies/arcade". I know escorts are not healthy for you but god damnit, after a quarter of a century of no affection, I grew tired of looking like a loser

sorry about your dog man. that's awful. the one thing keeping me from getting a dog is that one day I'll have to part ways with him.

You can do that with any girl, though? You realize how good sex is is based on the man, right? Any girl that doesn't enjoy being choked and pounded is lying.

It's better for me when there are feelings involved no homo, but if you found a qt to go out with it would cost maybe 100 bucks for a nice night out and pretty much guaranteed sex if you don't sperg

Intentionally fainted from oxygen deprivation

I get hookers sometimes but they make me do everything with a condom. If im a big guy and tell them I'm a boxer do you think they'll make a scene when I take it off and fuck them or they'll just want to get it over with? Obviously I'll use a burner

He was 15 when he died or was put down, but top notch pup. I’d recommend gettin a dog. They make your day better. I’d have one right now if my apartment complex allowed it. I wanted to say goodbye before he got put down but my parents would have looked at me like a shitbag if I showed up drunk smelling like ciggys.

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Got married at 21 and got another girl pregnant at 22

I'm not good with girls. Look it's Veeky Forums and shit but I'm not that bad looking. I am simply bad with women and I'm not shy, it just never clicks and I don't have amazing face gains. It's just that with the escort, I felt all these years wasting money in bars, clubs, chasing after girls, failed dates...well now I get a 10/10 that I will 100% sure bang. I've grown too old for all that chasing stuff and I'm very busy so little time to meet new people (3 jobs + school + training + taking care of little bro)

looks like an awesome doggo.

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Do you want aids?

Fell for the creatine meme for 3 years. Turns out it spikes your DHT levels by ~70% and now my hairline shot the fuck up in my temples. The $10k I have to save up for a transplant now makes whatever marginal gains I made with creatine seem insignificant.

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Are you me? How do I stop quitting literally everything?

THE BEST I donno why the pic flipped upside down. I remember I spent a New Years alone caus everyone else had plans and I didn’t have a car at the time. I just hung out with my dog drinking yuengling and I poured some in his bowl for him. :(

I've become completely numbed to love. Seriously, I don't care. When I had my gf, all the air sex and stuff was anger and she liked it. She fantasized about user the fireman but never cared about anything else and that's ok, I never really had feelings for her. I just did not want to end the relationship because she was doing her masters and did not wanted her to fail because of me. I just have to work harder and save more

You'll get what you want eventually
I have those thoughts sometimes cuz I'm an animal and booty is very enticing but for some reason I don't want to be with anyone else. So I'm a committed man

the fuck is air sex

this. how do I stop running from everything?

Ugghh I am quite ashamed of saying it but basically sex with clothes sex. But she did deepthroat, get herself choked and all kind of un-christian stuff (literally)

You're not alone

Me too user, I can't even make gains because I don't go to the gym more than twice a week

Are you in Australia?

Being an anxious trainwreck that avoided challenges and always escaped to the safe space of video games, fast food, and porn.

I'm finally getting my shit together at 26, but it does hurt to think of all those missed opportunities.

Was too desperate/needy with a bunch of girls during a period in my life when I was horny and lonely as fuck
Now I'm horny and lonely as fuck with no female prospects cause I burned all the bridges with the girls I used to know

Wasted my whole life up until now, turning 24 next month. I played video games all throughout childhood, had little to no friends in school, didn't care about my appearance, and haven't gotten any affection from a girl. I'm trying to make up for lost time now and am trying to get Veeky Forums FAST but I still have this aching pain inside because I wouldn't be able to share any fond high school memories if I was asked.

I have a paper that if I turn in by Thursday I get extra credit
But I probably won't, I still have an A in the class so it's not a big deal. Also have a test Wednesday that I'm not super prepared for, we'll see if I decide to study tomorrow or not

Not ending a toxic relationship sooner and torturing myself with it for nearly 4 years

I stayed natty and did SS for a long time after reaching the point the book says to change programs becasue fit told me i needed to get to 1/2/3/4 on SS

The condom is for your protection, not theirs.

Waited until I was 28 to care about nutrition and fitness. Was always just skinny fat, but wouldve saved a lot of money/would be so much further along had I started eating right and working out a decade ago.

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I can relate to this all too well, fuck.

>in high school a cheerleader was into me and I was into her and I failed to make a move
>smoking for 8 years
>stopping going to the gym for 6 years

>getting pissed on is a good thing


Getting married at 19. Ruined my life in multiple ways. I'm not sure I'll ever fully recover from the damage, to be honest.

I wish I had gotten married at 19. Wouldnt be dealing with Roasties on the dating scene and could've gotten the kids started early enough to avoid be a 50 year old dad going to parent teacher conferences.

fucked my first semester of uni because i chased a girl instead of concentrating on uni. never again

I do this and I know I do yet I continue to me bros

I thought GBL is best antidepressant in world for years

>I never did penetration before but I did 2 years of air sex with a muslim gf
Why would you bother for two whole fucking years? Asking for a friend

Taking back a cheating whore only to get cheated on again. Literally can't be more dumb than this. Never again am I being a cuck I swear on my life.

Delete this

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Thought of breaking up occurred after 2 years together. Then broke up 2 years later because the relationship started becoming shit. Even though I initiated the break it still hurt like a motherfucker.

lol'd at the pic, In Bruges is top tier.

I know many people who had affection throughout high-school whove grown up to hate themselves and feel a void deep within them.

Remind yourself you'd hate yourself anyway even if you had had female affection.

It's ok I'm £50000 in the hole And haven't graduated yet. Although it's a masters in mech engineering from a elite school so....

>doing drugs
>at work
How do you fuck up this badly?

Constantly work towards the perfection of yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Perfection is a never-ending journey not a destination, so there will always be gainz to make.

Fell in love and started to trust people. From now on I only care about myself because over time everyone will betray you except your dog.

>had multiple opportunities for meaningful relationships with attractive girls
>reject every single one
>now I'm 23 and seeing them post about their first baby and marriage proposals

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I shouldn't have let her break my spirit all those years ago. I still feel empty no matter how much i bench and wasting my early 20's

>be me
>dog is ill
>parents say it's time to put him down
>don't want too but never say anything
>sit and watch as my best friends life slips away

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Correct, the only people it's acceptable to lo e are your Mum and your siblings

iktfb, failed two classes last year because i left assessment until the day before it was due :(

My ex left me after 7 years because she doesn't love me anymore and every single "friend" has betrayed me in one point even though I was always there for them and helped them. Fuck everybody from now on I only do things for myself and I wont waste a single fucking minute helping anybody. I was trying to be good to everybody from now on i don't care.

i was one of those nerds in school that never went to parties, i got drunk for two days straight at a friends birthday party and from that day on my brain for no apparent reason has been running at like 40% speed, im in constant pain, also dumb and slow as shit now. I might have found working treatment recently that might fix me up but if it doesnt work at this rate im going to kill myself cause i can't live the rest of my life like this. Just hurts to think i just wanted to have a good time like everyone else and this happened to me

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>high school
>get to class room, cute girl who has been eyeing me sits up front, only she and some other girl there
>nice i'll sit close to her
>hang my jacket at the back of the classroom
>stomach is bit upset
>i'll decompress here so i'm safe
>shart myself
>it's dripping down my legs
>rancid smell of death
>only way out of the classroom is past her
>more people are arriving for class now
>if i had a gun i would have shot myself there and then
>grab my jacket again and walk towards the exit
>some guy goes "what the fuck did you shit yourself"
>cute girl turns around and looks at me
>there is no god
>grabs her nose and turns away as i walk past her
>stiff-legged shart walk towards the bathroom as i pass more class mates
>more comments about shit smell
>"hey where you're going user? we're starting now"
>pray for a school shooting
>finally get to bathroom
>wash off shitty pants in sink
>sit quietly bare legged on the toilet for 15 minutes staring into the wall
>realize i now have a pair of wet pants
>it's middle of winter, snow outside
>wring out as much water as i can and go home
>don't return to class for the rest of the week

Never trust your own ass.

She peed on you user

Ketamine is awesome. Whoever gave it to you either was a retard or gave you too much on purpose

Stfu , your not 'in the hole' from uk uni loans you reddit faggot

The hangover will go away in a day or 2 man...

I hate that I’m doing the same course in probably the same uni or same level of uni with complete betas.

My sides exploded at
>pray for a school shooting
For some reason, thanks user


Turning in a ins shy Soyboy.

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Why would you break up with your gf if you're in love with her?
Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find someone you love with all your heart? If you managed to come across the future mother of your kids, why on earth would you ever want to let her go?

explain the madness please

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All those

>be grade 7
>teacher say do your bestest
>put hand up and say thats not a word is it?

Want to kill myself now.

I regret lying about who I was to sound cooler than i actually was. Everyone thought i was some charming womanizer who fucked around when actually i was a virgin.

Irony bit me in the ass when i feel for a girl who only wanted sex. Didnt even sleep with her even though she was offering because she slept around alot before i had the chance and it turned me off.

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this is me too. i think it is quite common. maybe we are all just pussies, idk

I actually cant stop doing this. Help

Oh man, any smugness I had before the age of say 18ish is total cringe-worthy material. The humble-pill is something i wish id have swallowed looooooong ago

Helping less fortunate friends.

Now I know why they are so unfortunate.

why do we tread the same paths bros?

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Hey man, we've all been there. I've been with my wife for 5 years (married for 1) and she's the only women I've ever slept with. I started dating her before I even owned a smartphone or knew what tinder was. Then, my buddy who got married before me divorced his wife and started hooking up with sluts left and right. So you better believe I know what you're feeling.

What you're feeling is normal, and it can be hard to understand that staying with her is the best thing to do. Here are some things I remind myself of:

1. Sex with random sluts is not as good as sex with a women you love. Of course, I can't know this for certain, but if you listen to some older people, you'll hear this repeated over and over again. Anyone that lived the hookup life grows tired of it. Even my buddy I mentioned got tired of it after just a couple months. He's got a new girlfriend now.

2. STDs exist.

3. Staying in a long-term relationship makes a man out of you. You've got responsibilities, such as spending time with your gf, supporting her, etc. You can't have sex with other women meaning you have more time to focus on the more important parts of life like your career, your hobbies, etc.

Seriously man, being married has forced me to mature in a lot of ways. I see the importance of marriage now, and also the difficulties. I respect other people who can make a relationship work, because I know the work that goes into it.

Anyways man, just wanted to let you know you're not alone, but you're not a pussy for staying. You're making a mature decision that will pay off in the long run.

(Also, stop watching porn. That has helped a lot. Our sex is so much better. )

fix your diet, dude

you've obviously not been in a long term relationship.

the knowledge that there are multiple hot sluts ready to ride your dick is enough to drive you insane. you're tired of fucking your gf over and over and having someone rely on you ALL THE TIME is exhausting and frustrating. you could so easily cut it off and live the life of freedom and enjoyment at any time.

but you stay because thinking of life without her makes you want to cry.

>the knowledge that there are multiple hot sluts ready to ride your dick is enough to drive you insane.

The absolute state of subhuman apes enslaved by their physical urges.

>you've obviously not been in a long term relationship.
Been with my highschool love for 3years.
Sort your shit out

>3 years out of hs
>doesn't want to fuck sluts left and right
Low test detected