Fell for the self improvement meme...

Fell for the self improvement meme, haven't played video games for 3 years and absolutely nothing has improved beyond some gains. Too clumsy for sports and productive hobbies, too retarded for social ones. What a fucking waste of time.

Should I just go back to playing video games again?

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If they make you happy, user, and there hasn't been results after three years, sure.

What you really need to do is live this timedump of a site and try to socialize as much as possible. Timedumps are 10x worse than vidya, because thers's constant content right at your finger tips, provide a false sense of interaction, and are virtually free.

what did you substituted video games with?

Browsing 4chins, I bet.

reading, spending more time on here, trying to get into tabletop games and failing, trying to get into my college's rugby and football teams and failing.

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>tfw 25 year old kissless virgin, been a shut-in for pretty much my entire life, and have rarely ever played video games

You're a fuckin' loser bro.

Come on the Veeky Forums thailand trip.

Also exit the genepool, we don't need more of you.

read books and actually learn something. learn an instrument. learn how to work with wood. learn how to work with computers. become a mathlete.

Swimming bro

Clumsy people are just people who never got fully evolved to living on the land. Return to your element son.

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so, nothing productive?

it's fine though, some people were just born to amount to nothing. if you really had the grit to be somebody substantial you wouldn't even be able to stand being such a loser. the urge to succeed in something, absolutely ANYTHING, would be near-automatic compared to the absolute auto-pilot you live in.

sorry if that came across as mean. but you described yourself as a total loser so i'm just assuming you're correct. you'd know better than me, after all.

There's literally nothing wrong with playing games for like an hour or two a day if you get all your shit done. That's what most guys do anyways, it's the only way I can get away from my fat wife. I've considered killing her, it wouldn't be hard she's already on the verge of a heart attack.

>so, nothing productive
I also tried gardening and blacksmithing in that time, and fucked up both.
Some people just grow up to have nothing to offer, and the best case scenario for us is to live wallowing in escapism. At our finest hours all we amount to is easily replaceable, low-skilled labor.

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Seconding the guy who told you to get away from Veeky Forums. Easier said than done I know but browsing a shitty online community like this won’t do you any favors.

But Veeky Forums is the best community there is.

Yes, stop lifting as well. You clearly won't make it anyway and are just looking for excuses as always.

Go celebrate your newly found revelation to MacDonald's or taco Bell and don't ever come back here

Try club/intramural rugby. Even if you get benched you'll make a lot of friends, and maybe even eventually play. You'll always suck at something when you first start. No one starts out repping 300lbs, they have to practice. I believe in you user!

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>Haha I have removed this waste of time from my life
>Doesn't replace it with anything productive
>3 years
Sounds like you didn't improve shit. Maybe start with reading comprehension.

>Veeky Forums thailand trip
what? this is real?

It damn sure is not. The assholes on this board will always try their best to make you feel awful about yourself.

god damn, to be a poor american married to a fatty, literally my worst nightmare. no offense

Well, are you going to prove them wrong or are you going to be a bitch about it?

Just divorce her and find another.

>fat wife

I’m not OP but hanging around a shitty online community like this one isn’t helping him.

going to try my hardest to prove them wrong then fail thus proving them right

mirin that physique aswell

>Stop playing vidya.
>Fill time with lifting, reading, other hobbies.
>Literally no mutual interests with former friend group.
>They get agitated when talking about anything Veeky Forums related.
>All messages to group chat get seen.
>Nobody wants to hang out irl anymore.

W-worth it.

get some new friends

i know, i know, im also on that stage and dont know what to do

Delete this

Also what kind of friends were they?

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As long as you aren't making major sacrifices to play video games, knock yourself out. Most people that try to shit on them just do other mindless shit to tune out, be it TV, netflix, drugs, reading garbage (young adult and the like). Regardless of what people try to brag about online, probably 90% or more of people in their 20's spend 2-4+ a day doing some non productive shit.

In b4 you are a loser / cope. I did all that shit like going to breweries, rafting, hiking, camping and other model adult activites and just fucking hated it. I'm much happier just going to the gym and playing video games and maybe doing one or two random event things a month.

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>getting rattled by some autistic 4chinner
what assholes?

Thanks, been lifting for 5 years. I appreeshee-ate the compliment.

Get a masters in engineering. It's not hard if you're at some public uni

Same, stopped being a video game playing manchild 3 years ago and lost all of my friends within a year. I joined a climbing club though so I made some new ones

two words for you, user: wood. burning.

What do you mean by this?

Well, at least you got to hold hands. That's already more than roughly 50% of this site has ever managed.

You're weak and give up too easy. I bet you're still DYEL.

Women will never love you.

>3 years
Did you remember to go outside during that time, user? Did you remember to make friends and have a social life?

I did.