Brap posters will defend this

Brap posters will defend this

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lol what the fuck. only in america baby

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he probably deserved it

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He was probably a brap poster

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jesus my boner

no one likes "brapping" and no one here will ever like braphog and other bullshit

stop shitspamming Veeky Forums and ever place on the net with your stupid gay bullshit

>tfw fart fetish

How do you not murder the person who does this to your kid?

Wtf, Tammy is teaching now?

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Whats a kindergarden teacher doing farting on an eleven year old lmao

it's from a "satire" news site.

God I wish that was me.

not fitness. fuck off and kys you faggot ass retard. no bump.

reminder: sage, report and ignore shit posters.

Woops ignore me im retarded
I that read wrong
But you read that wrong
It can happen to you too

More like FATire :^)

>ugly fat ass
hes not wrong, she should lose some weight and her job

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Is it easy to become a teacher lads?

>eating so much you gain weight on your forehead

brap posting is the natural enemy of horny 12 year olds who post asses and the hordes of 3rd worlders asking for sauce

Never gonna make it

bloatmaxxing is only for men newfag

women need to anorrexiamaxx

Yes. Frumpy liberal women do it all the time.

Is it easy to become a GOOD teacher? No.

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>“My son’s first sexual experience was with his 6th-grade teacher farting inside his mouth,” she said, visibly angered.

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I only like braaps when the woman in question is a beautiful specimen. You know the type of girl that you would just let your tongue rent space in her asshole? that one. I wouldn't do it to chicks i'm only 70% attracted to thats for sure.

That's how fetishists are created.
First he will be disgusting. But with puberty reaching its peak, he will develop a strange need for thick girls ass. Thick girls ass not just to pound, like everyone would do. He will develop the need to sniff that ass first. Diving in deep and, you know, command the girl to BRRRRRAAAPPP for him.

why do goblins like these even find employment? They should be ostracized until they lose the blubber, at the very least. Fuck the Western societies that enable fat cunts to stay fat unliked based Asian countries where everyone calls them fat fucks to their faces.

Who the fuck else are you going to find willing to settle down and work in Iowa?