I was finally able to do unassisted pullups today, cranked out 3 sets of 2...

I was finally able to do unassisted pullups today, cranked out 3 sets of 2. I'm a 6' 150 lb skelly but I was never able to do pullups in my life before I started lifting 2 months ago.

I'm honestly kinda proud of myself. I'm gonna continue with a couple of assisted sets so I can work up to 3 sets of 10

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Jesus your body must be some kind of disgusting skinny fat if you can barely do a pull up at that weight

good job bud keep it up

I was basically just a skeleton, I used to run 10 miles a week and do no other exercise. I've actually gained 5 lbs since starting lifting, and my body fat percentage is probably around 15%

Thanks bro

Keep on going OP! I remember not being able to even do one, and making that my first ever gym goal and now I can reps with 75 pounds on me. that feeling of being able to do your first couple is amazing. Keep on going and once you get to sets of 8-10 think about adding weight to a weight belt.

Are you fucking kidding? I can bench over 200lb and I'm 6ft 152lb at 15% give or take. You think you're the same stats as me being able to barely do a pull-up?

I did but I guess I was wrong. Thanks for clarifying

Damn dude you got some anger issues to work on. Nobody in this thread said that. Take a breather and think next time you shit post.

The guy is obviously full of shit and he dedicated an entire thread to announce that he could do a pull-up lmfao

prob have shit form skelly, stop deluding yourself and use full ROM

good stuff man last year at this time in April I started my pull-ups / chin-ups everyday routine.now I'm begging out 5 sets of 10 everyday everyday is back day for me


So you have two options
A:constructive comments that will further help this guys progress

Be more humble dude.

I rest the weight on my chest before I even start the lift man you're fucking retarded

small penis alert

Honestly when you do that first one and realize you're no longer tied to the ground, it's an amazing feeling

Nice man, I'm 6'4" 222 lbs and I'm still working up to my first pull-up. I'm getting there though. Working on chin-up negatives now and I can finally do them properly. No more just falling down without any control.

Good work bro, when you do your first one you'll be so satisfied
Most people won't understand how amazing it feels

Damn you'll probably be able to do about 15 in no time

>Being this mad

Iā€™m shorter, heavier and leaner than you and I can rep your maxes and I lift like once a year. The rest is calisthenics. Fite me u fag

It gets easier bro. 6ā€™3ā€ 270 right now doing sets of 3-4. You can do it.

>shorter than 6ft
Whoa there little man, some day you'll be a big boy!