What can a 29 year old dude who missed out on teenage love do to attract 18-20 year old hotties?

What can a 29 year old dude who missed out on teenage love do to attract 18-20 year old hotties?

Is it even possible at this age? What exercises do I need to do?

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i never understood guys that made it a life goal to get a girl
like just jack off with maca and be satisfied
i bet you don't even think about girls after jacking off anyways

>I don't think about the age issue
Of course you don't, Pedo.

>She doesn't
Of course she doesn't, shes young and her brain isn't fully developed to understand what shes doing.

>My friends don't, says Seinfeld
Your friends are all people like yourself, Rich Pedos and leeches trying to gain from your status.

The things you can get away with when you're jewish...

>Of course she doesn't, shes young and her brain isn't fully developed to understand what shes doing.
She's not some retarded victim you fag. She went after him more then likely.

Fuck sakes, she's 20+ years old and knows exactly what she's doing. Look at how she's fucking dressed.

He's an old fucking loser who's pulling hot legal young ass, she's a gold digger who's after the cash power and control that is attached to a famous dick.

How is it pedophilia if she's 18+? Do you expect yourself to be attracted exclusively to 70 year olds when you're 70?

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who’s the milk truck?

Op the only girl who would be 18-20 and dating/fucking a 29 year old would only be doing it because she has daddy issues and/or wants to use you for money. dont degrade yourself like that

t. 25 year old kissless virgin

Plowed a 22 year old the other week.

t.31 year old

My best advice is to show them you have resources and the ability to provide and show them a good time. Never marry these broads tho unless you think it's a good idea in which case still don't.

all women have daddy issues user. ALL OF THEM.

not as much as girls who date/fuck late 20s guys while teenagers

whenever guys try to call me a roastie for saying that, i just think about it in terms of if i was a father and my 18, 19 year old daughter comes home from college to say she's dating a 28 year old and how i would react

How in God's name could you call anyone a pedophile that is fucking the girl in that picture? That girl is stupid hot

>Plowed a 22 year old the other week.
>actually thinking this is an accomplishment

The state of Veeky Forums

In Works and Days, the Roman poet Hesiod wrote that the ideal ages for marriage were 26 for the man and 19 for the woman.

Americans think anything close to 18 is pedophilia, they're essentially frustrated because of their fucked consent laws so they want everyone else to be as miserable as them.
>tfw you get to legally fuck prime 16-17 y/o pussy
Such a good feel.

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The laws were pushed by the feminists.
They wanted to shrink the dating pool and push back the marriage age of women so that they wold have more time to fuck themselves up and be good debt slaves while knowing that there would be marriageable men.

Problem is that this has backfired and men would rather die alone and live banging just legal escorts and gold diggers then settle down with those who fell for their generations long ponzi scheme.

This is also why there is a "your semen is meaningless" and "real men should have mindless sex wiht even the ugliest fugsters and knock them up" kind of thing while spending money on pushing sperm banks.

Same as with any other woman. Money.

Confidence of a man who's seen some shit and had his share of women. This is what makes them moist. If you are not going to blatantly lie then you have to go and do stuff, get experiences. Or rather you should already have done that for the last 10 years.

Back when I was still single and approaching 30 I dated lots of university chicks in their early 20s and every time it was the same thing that got me in their beds on the first date. I told the most interesting stories of my travels to poor and developing countries. I had lots because by that time I had travelled quite a lot. Chicks like adventurers.

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America is one of the most cucked countries in the world

why did you stop adventuring?

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I fell for this meme when I was 20. Dated a girl right when she turned 18 and couldn't stand her. Broke up with her after 4 months because she was still a child. I get people want to fuck girls who are young but they're intolerable.

There is a reason these laws exist and its because they are still children. Anytime anyone of my friends has dated a teenager it was the same thing you can't stand them because they have zero life experience yet and are still figuring out who they are. Guess everyone needs to try it once I spose

>I fell for this meme when I was 20. Dated a girl right when she turned 18 and couldn't stand her. Broke up with her after 4 months because she was still a child.

t.LARPING postwall roastie

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at this point you should just get rich and become a sugar daddy

>Roman poet Hesiod

I'm 31 and I fuck 20 something hotties on a regular basis

it's all about confidence, not being creepy and arouse curiosity, pretty much works the same for any age group

that being said, if you are trying to finde "teenage love" with that age difference you are in for a dissappointment, even the "mature" girls in their 20's are as vapid and superficial as they get

I would recommend aiming for girls in their 30's without too much trauma on themselves and above average bodies

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Could you please give a 22 year old tips on getting with women in their late twenties and thirties?

find them on tinder lying about their age or whatever website you want
exercises dont matter
t. just dropped a 20 year old i dated for awhile

be a good version of yourself

if they are single, offer stability, if they have a boyfriend/husband (and you are not bothered by it), offer adventure

every single girl approaching 30 is hearing the biological clock ticking, even the slightest hint that you want to "settle down" will open every door for you

and don't fall for the ones that "don't want a family" and shit, they all do, no exceptions. Use that for your advantage until you get what you want (and then leave the fuck out)

just be confident, bro

I don't want to hurt people

There isn't a single girl who doesn't have mental limitations.

then try to be yourself and see how that works out

He got a hernia to his back

Imagine being so retarded you take advice from a Greek farmer. Now imagine you're so retarded you think a man who influenced Homer was Roman.

This is the kind of alpha male, intellectual wannabe that missed out on teenage love. They spent their youth cultivating nerdy interests and now as they enter actual adulthood try to reject who they are -- the guy who never got laid, paid too much attention to World of Warcraft. This guy goes on Veeky Forums and asks for books on being a man. This guy posts about men aging better than women. He argues that anyone who pokes holes in his "success" (really just what we all went through in highschool, this guy is only just breaking out of his perpetual adolescence) is jealous. Yes, he really believes that people are jealous that he's fucking a dumb teenager. He thinks he's accomplished for poorly pounding the snatch of our most manipulatible adults. What a champion. I salute you old man. Truly I could never fuck a girl with Daddy issues. Truly only a prime alpha male -- seasoned with age, marinade with a bitter sauce -- could hope to bang a girl impressed by a man with a car and "I'm well off but not really, I only support myself and have no real savings" money.

Kill yourself faggot, Hesiod is Greek.

user, most women will sleep with a guy who doesn't even have that if he's nice and packing and or handsome.

Goddamn you're bitter.

>her brain isn't fully developed to understand what shes doing.
and it will never be. she is a woman after all

19 here in Canada. I have until I'm twenty to legally fuck a girl as young as 15. I didn't fuck any 14 year olds when I was 18 as was my right, so I got until November 11th to make it count. At least I can fuck 16 year olds forever tho pretty decent age of consent

>20+ years old

She's 17 in this photo

Of course. You just need to be yourself.

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>t. 3rd world country

>t. actual 3rd worlder

>the laws were pushed by the minorities minority
They don't even make up 10% of the population. Why did you let them have over 51% of the power? That's on you

3x5 wallet open

When I was in college, all 18 year old girls were dating some guy in their late 20s.
At 18 it sucked, now at 29 I'm ok with this