I've been getting ridiculed for nofap, it is sin to masturbate but my associates believe it is healthy...

I've been getting ridiculed for nofap, it is sin to masturbate but my associates believe it is healthy. I usually get ganged up on, how do I stop being a pushover and defend my positions?

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Why do you share that shit with normies ya doofus

Stop caring about what they think and stop talking about not jacking off in social settings you fucking weirdo

>hey user u dont jack off hahaha
>u jack off? what r u, gay?

>telling anyone about nofap

I am close with these people because of the organization we are in, they regularly discuss their disgusting habits, I am often at a loss for words in such conversations and keep to myself. Tonight they focused on me and I stood up for the faith although did a poor job. Normally I keep these things to myself

That was one of my responses and they shrugged it off, I need better ammo.

Just talk about how much better you feel from no fap. I'm on day 30 something and I'm never going back. I have so much motivation now it is unbelievable. If they make fun of you for it, thats alright. You know you're walking down the right path.

Thanks bro, I feel some people are simply unable to understand it.

weak bait

Not at all, this happened to me earlier tonight. I let them overwhelm me with ridiculous questions

Quit talking about jerking off with your "associates"

I would call them friends but I am not very close with them, we have very different interests. They brought it up, I let myself get sucked into the conversation.

let morons be ignorant user stay on the straight and narrow and nofap and never go back and heres a book to help you along the way.deus vult brother sites.google.com/site/hackbookeasypeasy/home/

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Thank you brother

>Christian LARP posting is back


Not to derail OP's thread but can someone please explain how nofap actually works ? I want to try it but it just doesn't seem worth it

you should marry you faggot.


If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you.

Stay strong, brother.

>tfw not there to confront degenerate bullies and defend OP bro
You did good man.

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Only worth if you fap more than 5 times a week and are into somewhat disgusting porn

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Stick to your convictions, brother, don't let them lead you from the path

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