Is is true milk and milk products reduces your life span or is it just some lies that vegans are pushing

Is is true milk and milk products reduces your life span or is it just some lies that vegans are pushing

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Whole milk will give you high cholesterol over time for sure. Other stuff may or may not be true

Not significantly if you're a /northerneuropeanmale/; not enough to be worth giving up.

More importantly they reduce your testosterone :

>After the intake of cow milk, serum estrone (E1) and progesterone concentrations significantly increased, and serum luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone and testosterone significantly decreased in men.

>sample size of seven Amerimutts

>Is is true milk and milk products reduces your life span or is it just some lies that vegans are pushing
You thinking about this shit is what reduces your lifespan the most.
Also eats the fuck out of your gains.

Cortisol will fuck you up, user. Stop giving a fuck.

Vegans making shit up and cherry picking crappy studies? woah, who would of thought.

it's probably true, milk and eggs probably are a slow death

but if you can't eat veggies all the time what else are you gonna do?
It's tough right?

>would of

Who the fuck made a higher quality version of this pepe? I like the old shitty one, please no one save this new pepe, I don't want it in circulation

vegan propaganda

trust in the milk

Everything in moderation


>lowers testosterone
>serum testosterone significantly increased

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Why even drink milk when you can just eat 1.8m^3 of watercress?

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stop drinking milk

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>Is is true milk and milk products reduces your life span or is it just some lies that vegans are pushing
Rule fo thumb: if it makes you feel like shit, it's unhealthy for you. If it makes you feel like a million bucks, it's healthy for you.

Digestion is so fucking individual that we cannot make any hard and fast rules. Sure, Whites generally can drink milk and eat cheese with no bad effects, but that's not a 100% correct rule - thank your parents for this. Vice versa, Asians and Africans are often lactose intolerant, but there are lots of tribes and peoples who can drink milk and eat cheese with no problems at all.

tl;dr: It's individual.

>increases serum test
>increases progesterone
>decreases FSH and SHBG
Sounds great to me

>turns you into a faggot
>sounds good to me

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its true I did GOMAD and now i have a 1 year life expectancy

there is zero evidence to suggest that increasing progesterone post nattally causes homosexuality

>funded by dairy industry

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well I think this review is still a better source than "a single study found that"... and they admit it raises your chance for prostate cancer, which I think is vegan's prime argument

Are you the same retard that can't read?

they gave 7 japanese men (average: 171cm 68.1kg / 5'7 150lbs) an average of 1.073L of milk (about 36fl oz or 4.5cups) to drink in a span of only 10 minutes. there was no control group.
their serum estrone (e1) increase peaked at 126% of basal level (102.3 to 128.9pg/mL) 30-60 minutes after the milk consumption.
their serum estradiol (e2) which is ~12 times as potent as estrone didn't increase.
their serum testosterone decreased to 81.8% of basal level (6.04 to 4.94ng/mL) 2 hours after the milk intake.

LH, FSH and testosterone all have pulsatile excretion and testosterone has a diurnal variation of ~45% from morning to evening.
as there was no control group we cannot know if the decrease in testosterone after 2h was from the milk intake or the normal daily variation.
you decide if a relatively small and transient change after consuming 1L of milk in a span of 10 minutes scares you away from putting milk in your coffee.

All food reduces your life span

>dairy industry
Those are government agencies that regulate production and sale of dairy.

>wanting to live till 90
What is even the point? Im happy with leaving in my 70s once everything starts to break down.

"regulate". Their main function is to increase the sale of their respective products.

>soy milk significantly reduces testosterone

insulin shuts down androgen production. milk, due to its high carb and bcaa content produces a large spike in insulin. any meal with carbs and protein will significantly reduce androgens. I don't know if the people who conducted that study are dishonest or ignorant but either way it's completely amateurish.

Where did you read this?

>Is is true milk and milk products reduces your life span
Yes, lactose intolerant shitskins die of lactose poisoning when drinking milk
But it's only good for white people

I have seen this stated numerous times and it sounds logical that there would be a general postprandial hormone response but where did you get it from? We must have some kind of average to see if perticular foods have greater/lesser effect beyond their carb/protein content.

I'm vegan so take that as you like but I did read quite a lot before dropping dairy. It seems like dairy increases risk of prostate cancer and full fat dairy products have a negative effect on CVD risk, cheese especially. However fermented dairy products have little, no or even positive health effects. I've seen conflicting conclusions on low-fat dairy, I think mainly in regard to breast cancer. For me as a vegan it's mainly ethical, If I had no problems with the industry ethically I would consume dairy products in moderation without any larger concerns. I would limit whole fat milk and cheese though. It's worth noting that dairy also reduces risk of some cancers but since prostate cancer is the most common male cancer and the cancers it reduces(I think stomach, colon) doesn't outweight the risk in total.

TL:DR: Some dairy is bad, some might be good. I would advice anyone consuming it to look into the industry to see if they are okay with what goes on though, be an informed consumer.

>insulin shuts down androgen production.
I thought insulin (besides increasing glucose and amino acid uptake) increases the uptake of testosterone in the muscle cells which decreases serum testosterone.

Most of the negative affects of milk are due to the use of bGH (bovine growth hormones) which remains in milk after pastuerisation and increases IGF-1. Luckily, Europe has banned the use of bGH and for that reason it is not ascoiated with cancer (see Denmark, Netherlands)

europe wins yet again

There is an Icelandic study following dairy consumption in childhood and teens showing a very strong correlation with increased prostate cancers, a 3.2-fold risk increase with hihg intake. Iceland is not in the EU so I don't know if they have different production there though. Could you link me any danish/netherland studies that support your point?

not the user you responded to. this is what I found:

Man, fuck this thread for making me paranoid about my milk consumption...

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If you want to avoid most of the concerns replace daily dairy use with plant alternatives and then eat whatever dairy(cheeses etc) you want on rarer occasions like when going out or on the weekends. It seems like the daily consumption is the worst, as would be expected really. Also fermented dairy products like yoghurts don't seem to be of concern.

Ditto, my appetite is shit so it's the easiest way for me to cram down calories.

Add olive oil to your food, one tablespoon is like 100kcal, and also experiment with your appetite. Some benefit from eating less but more often and vice versa. I eat a big breakfast(~1000kcal) a smaller lunch, some postworkout snack and then a large dinner quite late(~1200kcal).

Sounds good, thanks.

These two things then thou must bear in mind; the one, that all things from eternity are of like forms and come round in a circle, and that it makes no difference whether a man shall see the same things during a hundred years or two hundred, or an infinite time; and the second, that the longest liver and he who will die soonest lose just the same. For the present is the only thing of which a man can be deprived, if it is true that this is the only thing which he has, and that a man cannot lose a thing if he has it not.
Drink milk faggot

yeye Aurelius. Fact is the future will become your present and being unhealthy will make that present worse. Sacrificing the now for the future is what makes all things great.

>We showed increased risk of prostate cancer with high intakes of total dairy products, milk, cheese, low-fat milk and skim milk combined, total calcium, dietary calcium, and dairy calcium but a significant inverse association with whole milk.

>The observational evidence does not support the hypothesis that dairy fat or high-fat dairy foods contribute to obesity or cardiometabolic risk, and suggests that high-fat dairy consumption within typical dietary patterns is inversely associated with obesity risk.


Not if it's breast milk

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Chicken milk is the best milk.


If the present becomes unbearable just
k i l l y o u r s e l f
It's what stoics do

if you kept a dog in a cage 24 hours a day with painful machinery strapped to it, don't you think that it would cause it misery and pain?

a cow is no different. the only acceptable animal milk to be consumed is the milk which you have gathered with your hands. factory farming is a holocaust.

>painful machinery strapped to it
actually modern breeds of dairy cows produce so much milk that when they're not milked regularly their udders swell up which causes them a lot of pain.
milking machinery is very gentle and those kinky pervs kinda enjoy the milking process.
but please just keep believing whatever makes you feel morally superior.

only on Veeky Forums kek
> This may kill you
> More importantly it decreases test levels

>dude milk is bad for you and is wrong
>chugs down sugary (((starbux))) latte
i dont even drink more than gallon a week but damn this is funny

Living life reduces your life span

>they gave seven japanese men ten minutes to drink a litre of milk each and monitored them for two hours afterwards

was this an experiment or a japanese gameshow?

Well, of the 8 children two (or three, would have to check the full text again when I'm home) couldn't even drink the assigned amount.
But to be fair those guys were disciplined.
I love milk but 1L in ten minutes would probably make me throw up.

Too bad there's no charity for lactose intolerant people

Most people who are struggling with weight, bad bloodwork and hypertension can get rid of their long therm medication rather fast simply dropping all dairy products. This alone improves life quality trendemously for are those masses on diabetes, cholesterol and bp medications. Also dairy consumption has the largest correlation for cardiovascular event, much higher than red meat etc.

Dairy is liquid meat + allergenic component, 80% of people are somewhat allergic to milk proteins. So being a vegetarien definitely does not make any sense, it would be much healthier to eat limited amount of meat but to cut all dairy if not completely plant based.

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Milk products, regardless of their fat content, do not appear to increase cardiovascular risk. In fact, a growing body of evidence indicates that milk products are associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.


wtf i love amphetamines now?