Mixing Whey isolate with water

>Mixing Whey isolate with water

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do you have any more blacked images

Straight gorilla palmed

ya but there are no isolates with strawberry banana flavor

>unflavored+water+flavor drops master race

imdrunk as hell why did i greentext that

You're right. Gotta mix it with WARM water so it mixes proper.

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Yeah, it does taste like cum

I put vanilla whey in chocolate milk, someone stop me

what else would you mix it with? milk is all i can think of but I'm lactose so

Love this new creamy meme

What do you mean you're a complex sugar ?

> disaccharide
> complex

>using supplements

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I'm fucking calling the police


>drinking whey
>not getting protein from a tall glass of pussy juice

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leaf pls go


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>mixing races with whites

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Stop being a faggot

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