Who here NoMusic?

I'm on day 200 of NoDrugs and day 300 of NoSex
Should I start NoMusic?

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Nigga I’m on day 400 nopillow.

Get on my level, ho ass nigger

>year 20 no gf
Get on my level

>31 no gf
>2 years no fap
>only listen to anime music exclusively

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Day 219 of no deodorant and not eating grapes!


Shit, is NoGrapes even ok to do?

No. He's probably going to fuck up his gains.

>no gf
>no drugs
>almost 30 and living in a basement apartment
>the only thing I have is music riding to work or blaring music working out

What will become of me

You make me cry.
You can change things, if you want to.
There's so much out there.
Go be happy.

Not even memeing. I once went NoMusic for 2 months to try to come up with some original guitar riffs.

I came up with some good ones but then after I fell off the wagon I realized they were all Megadeth tunes from Endgame.

I do nomusic because I used to listen to degenerate, gods gift to women, suck my dick negro music

I’m on 22 years no happiness and 22 years no fun bout to start 2 minutes of drink bleach

This actually got me thinking. I listen to a lot of music. What if all this information i'm processing exhausts me?

Then you're weak as fuck user.

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It does. Although, no music is even harder than nofap since it's forced on you almost everywhere you go

Well i'm on fucking Veeky Forums of all places it's evident i'm not happy with my own strenght in any matter.

Day -1 of NoLife.
Get on my level.

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Noticed any difference?

>no fap
>no porn
>no sex
>no vidya
>no pillow
>No blanket
>No tv
>No music
>No read
>No hobby
>No talk
>No sight
>Cold showers

If you don't do all of these you will never make it

you forgot onions brah
also checked

>Music the same as sex

No wonder black coffee and metal preworkout feels so god like

Thanks Eric

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Anyone else
>No Instagram
>No Snapchat

Both significant time wasters and fucks up your mind, also makes you quite interesting when everyone else is posting generic shit on social media and you have the principles to reject them

Anyone still using normie social media is a retard

Forgot no oxygen. How's it feel to be a respirationlet?

How long until you take the shahada?

I'm on:

>mfw you faggots aren't practising sensory deprivation for gains

Get on my asceticism level plebs

How about you start noliving, easy to start and you can't quit

The key to writing original music is to listen to a fuckton but not spend so much time learning other people's music.

I never used SnapChat, but I've definitely noticed that I feel a little bit more depressed after looking at Instagram. Not even because of people flexing, more that it just paints such a sad picture of life and the cycle of objects/vacations/language people use to feel better about themselves.

That's actually hilarious

>snapchat fucks up your mind
do you even know what it is?

Just hop in an isolation tank and deplete your senses to everything

>overthinking 101

on Day 7000 NoDeath here

Realistically music can actually change your thinking, I remember when I used to listen to only positive music. I was super motivated in life.

Now I listen to emo shit and have suicidal thoughts sometimes. It's crazy.

I'll probably switch back to happy music soon lol.

Day 7730 here and it's so fucking hard.

I'm on day 300 of no tech. Is there a better way to post without using a carrier pigeon that won't affect my gains?

I like this meme
>tfw NoPants

not even Buddhists monks take it this far

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gregorianchant-pilled here

day 146 of notestosterone my chest grows like hell

>not cutting off your balls
>intentionally go through life with a weak spot

balllets, when are they gonna learn

He has, he's on Veeky Forums

Day 2000 of no reasons to live, get on my level

you mean convert to islam!?

>What will become of me
you'll face your problems

>day 300 of nosex
I think you meant
>day (your age) of nosex

NoMusic is a thing?

mfw when NoDeath and NoSex are the same number


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I find clarity of thought and getting good sleep to be quite degenerate and decadent so I let an orb weaver move into my ear canal. How am I doing guys?

I'm on the NoLife meme. 27 years and counting, will let you know if I gain any super powers.

i just did 30 mins no-Veeky Forums, hold me brehs

Day 18 NoWipe
Our ancestors didn’t have toilet paper, I stopped buying it last December. Things are going great.

Until you can master this, you'll all be autistic for the rest of your life.

Ever notice that when you open your eyes to look at something, you always see a bunch of extra shit around the thing you're looking at? I think that's degenerate vision so I wear glasses that are all black except 2 dime sized holes in the lense. Feeling amazing TBQH.

>no music
Hello mr. Imam how are you today

Unironically on day 160 or so of no music
42 of no Fap but I'm married and still bang

Have you considered moving to Iran or Saudi Arabia?

>Unironically on day 160 or so of no music
literally the dumbest shit jesus fucking christ

Better paint all your walls black to get those #nocolor benefits.

seems like a bullshit study

I'll bet if they dug a little further they'd find that stimulating conversation is also up there.

Some of these have merit. No music sounds awful though. Why would you do that to yourself?

Fuck off, junkie.

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I'm on day 7,695 of no sex, get on my level

lmao I'm on year 24 of no sex

no jews

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Yes I do, alot of my home friends use it, luckily some of my college friends don't so its quite good. People out drinking followed by some dumb caption about how much fun they're having, also when someone is doing or saying something funny the need to snapchat ruins the fun shoving a camera in someones face. Also ruins your attention span, constant popups from it, along with other social media.

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>not thinking at all 101


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hold on bro we're here for you

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There is at least one man on this board right now who is spending his youth drinking onion juice, sleeping without a pillow, foregoing all pleasure in music, food and himself. He does this because he hopes it will make his physique more appealing to women who themselves do none of these things and have sex with and love men who do none of these things.

>noHandsonSteeringWheel (let Jesus take thy wheel)

Buddy wait til you hear about nopoop

Letting my feet get calloused like this every summer and then doing a Baby's Foot peel is the most satisfying thing in the world. Just days of non-stop peeling, scraping, and picking until my soles are soft and I have a whole jar of dead skin to snack on.

That's me. Fuck.

I'm getting old and don't enjoy music as much as I used to. Sometimes I even kinda force myself to listen to something I used to like just to make sure I'm still alive. Music is making me tired fast. Same with drugs.

You fuckers should do the would a favor and start NoLife

Just do NoDopamine brah

It's really quite genuinely sad when I see this stuff on Veeky Forums. This board is so unhealthily obsessed with women. I get that "the goal of life is mating" but holy shit literally everything this board does is for women

yep, my jar is almost empty :(
resorting to eating my fingernails and scabs for now

that is some bullshit because I do all 3 regularly and they are not at all the same

Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm depressed or just getting old. Y'know? Nothing seems exciting or interesting anymore but maybe that's just how it is.

The thing is you're joking but most people have deeply unhealthy music consumption habits.

There isn't one other period in history where people heard as much music as we do now. Most people in primitive societies heard probably about a recent swans records worth of music over the course of their entire lives. And us moderns will listen to several albums worth on a daily basis (I listen to about three or four albums worth of music a day, not actively but always in the background).

And how did the primitive man experience music versus how we experience music? The answer is that he experienced it as meaningful, loaded with religious significance. Over the course of my music listening career I have only had one experience which I would describe as "religious" which was accompanied and caused by music (It was to Lift Your Skinny Fists by Godspeed You Black Emperor if you're interested).

Obviously NoMusic is as stupid as NoSex, but both are heightened in obvious ways if they aren't over consumed. I think it really isn't a bad idea to try to listen to more meaningful (i.e. more complex and emotive) music on a les regular basis, and to always (*always*) engage with it actively, not as background music.

But this is something I aspire to. I'm literally listening to music as I type this so it's just an idea.

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is experiencing symptoms of what I talked about in ()

Overconsumption of music is killer my dudes

>tfw week 2 of NoParents

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I only listen to podcasts now. Music is only for lifting and even then i opt to listening to some "motivational" yelling to remind myself I'm no better than the last rep i perform

Underage b&

Don't get salty on me just because you're on week 1,400 of NoGf

Fuck, I feel the same way. Can't get any joy out of music anymore.

What do your parents think of you?

>day 14 of nofresh-underpants

im on 9125 day

>I've never had sex.

Get on my level you cucks.

I’m actually week 5 on noGF, but it hurts just as bad. Thanks for the feels, underage user.

it's called dopamine insensitivity
i go on an annual sufferfest where i deprive myself of dopamine so that i become sensitive to it again

never watched that dude honestly but i go full retard like elliot hulse did in meme video back in the day. im homegym fag and it works but unironically. ill never do it in front of others tho kek

I just remembered a night I was riding my bike home listening to this and I just stopped for a while and looked at the stars