My boss texted me this

My boss texted me this

Is this disrespectful? Should I quit?

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what happened last week user

depends on how bad you fucked up last week, op

Tell us about last week

What did ya do last week, op?
Suck dick while on the shift?


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It sounds more demeaning than disrespectful, since he's your boss

If you’re asking us if you should quit, then odds are you are seeking validation for a decision you have already came up with. So if you really wanna quit and you got a plan B go ahead. Also yeah msg was slightly disrespectful, but depending on what you did could be deserved.

>Work overnight
>tells me to train a new guy
>train him
>behind schedule a bit
>hurr no slacking

the new guy was slow as fuck and I was still finished 2 hours early

I'm a janitor

>get called out for doing a bad job
No, he is trying to ensure you don't get fired.
Just because someone doesn't cater to your safe space lingo you've been fed your entire bitch life doesn't mean it's disrespectful.
Do your job, don't get fired.
If you fuck up, you make him look bad also.
You're being disrespectful to him.

Any boss who texts their employees is a fucking shithead millennial

Sounds like ya fucked up last week. Hardly a reason to quit. But what do I know, I'm just some letters on the internet

dont be a dumbass and dont quit unless you have a job lined up for u if you do quit

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I never got a complaint once, I have been working for this guy for a year now. I started out working for 40 dollars a night

Lmao the way my boss talks to me would make you break out in tears. She's a 60something woman with a dead husband and she's all alone. She takes all of her frustration out on her employees and says the most horrible things you can imagine. Last week she went on a 10-minute tirade calling this girl we work with disgusting because she's a boyish lesbian that used to whore for drugs.

This. Which is why I haven't quit yet for those who are going to ask.

If you finished 2 hours early than you weren't behind schedule.
Something's not adding up - it sounds like you needed to whip the new guy harder and you were behind.
Your boss isn't being disrespectful, he's telling you to get your shit done on time no matter what because it's his job to ensure you do. Don't quit, work harder.

Say "yessa massa I mop da flo an clean da winda fo ya massa"

I told him that but he says finish early anyway. You think I have no work ethic? I was scrubbing toilets overnight for 50$


I would start looking for another job if that were me, can take a lot of shit but not disrespect

>t. never worked anywhere that requires instant communication

doctors text each other all the time, nowadays

This, working in a bad atmosphere is exhausting.

Mate think about this. You're a fucking janitor, you take shit from this lady (and probably other worthless people), and you're on Veeky Forums.

Do something with yourself.

I would never let someone talk to me that way. Especially a shithead boss. Tell him to fuck off

>I would start looking for another job if that were me, can take a lot of shit but not disrespect

Then you should do a better fucking job at work.

He's a janitor.

My exact point is that it's his JOB to tell you to finish early - HE is employed to literally ensure the efficiency of shithead janitors to save whatever company employs you both money, and YOU are employed to perform your duties to whatever standard is set AS EFFICIENTLY AS POSSIBLE. You're whinging because you dropped your game and your boss told you to make sure it doesn't happen again. Harden the fuck up.

So does that mean he can curse at me?

I'm in college trying to major in engineering

>calling this girl we work with disgusting because she's a boyish lesbian that used to whore for drugs
user, that's pretty disgusting.

Why would you get emotional and quit?

Just text back “what do you mean? What happened last week?” if you’re not sure.

What he texted isn’t even degrading. Just because someone acts up doesn’t mean you have to respond.

better get used to that janitor job lmao oh wait the new guy will replace you kek

I didn't drop my game fuck you man

Why, you think I can't be an engineer?


Lmao, he respond the same like back to his boss then, because it seems his boss fucked up his job too.

But yeah, when someone finishes two hours earlier than he is legally supposed to then no one has any business telling them they fucked up.

LOL you've never worked with real human beings in your life. It shows man.

I dont think you have the guts to realize your dream, faggot. Crying over a text. Grow up you pussy.

lol why the fuck are you raging, is this your first time on Veeky Forums? expect shitposts and flaming

He isn't being a manager, he's being a dick. Just because your job title has "manager" in it doesn't mean you can say whatever you want to underlings, there IS a way to properly manage, and this isn't one of them. Not only that, but we don't know the entire situation, if I had to train a new kid and didn't get compensated for it AND got shit/disrespected for the managers shitty management, damn straight id look for a new job. 2018 in the west nobody should be tolerating working for mongoloids with power trips

Sounds like someone is projecting. What do you do for a living?

i forgot i was on Veeky Forums for a second


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Im a car salesman. I like my job and you need a tough skin to do it you weak armed soylet

I didn't get paid extra, I got paid less because I was "slacking"

Still finished early which is why I am surprised he is talking to me like this

Yeah I know, but who sits there and berates someone like that for 10 minutes straight?

Just imagine someone saying all the horrible things people say to each other on Veeky Forums to a person's face, only to a girl, and knowing they won't do or say anything back because you're the boss and you'll just fire them. Pic related, girl's face as she stood there taking it. The reason she got this treatment was because she made a silly comment saying "I hope I find love some day" or something like that.

Also the boss is like 400 pounds and walks like a penguin because she's a fat fuck. When customers call her fat (because she does the same shit to them) she cries like a baby until everyone comforts her.

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>everyone comforts her.
Why would anyone do this?

>calling this girl we work with disgusting because she's a boyish lesbian that used to whore for drugs.

Based old lady.

>Veeky Forums is your friends

The only people that work there are losers and kiss-asses. The assistant manager literally does nothing but kiss her ass.

Just text back and ask what he's talking about. If he says you were slow just say that you finished early and ask if there's a misunderstanding about your expectations.

You're a woman.

Ass Men are either managers between jobs or professional ass kissers; that makes sense.
But why would any of the employees who regularly get degraded give her positive reinforcement of any kind?

this desu. Also if the cursing bothers you just ask your boss not to. For a lot of people, it's just casual language.

>losers and kiss-asses
>The same guy that post anime images and feels bad for a kike

Checks out

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Indeed, working a job that requires no actual skill but the biggest desire to exploit people actually does take a thick skull.
It's like being fat, it also requires a good amount of delusion not to feel bad about yourself.


I told him I always finish early and he doesn't care

Text back, “Will do better, no excuses.” You mong.

That was an interesting way to express your point user

If you use the right tone that's assertive but not at all agressive in anyway youd be surprised what kind of compliance you can get out of people, even when they're your superiors at work. They usually respect you a lot more. Assertive people also earn more and have better careers.

Sounds like your boss has a superiority complex. That text seems really condescending imo

You should text him back

>Fuck you faggot

This. Think it's weird? It won't sound weird if you deliver.

. You need to have a discussion and maybe quit. Not because he was "disrespectful" or "crass" but because the job doesn't have clear expectations and it honestly sounds like they're illegally having you work overtime. That's the real crime here, I can't believe all this time you've been complacent about THAT but the text is what makes you want to quit.

Where did he mention the girl is Jewish?

No skill? Try to make someone part with 60,000 grand and tell me it doesnt take any skill. We are white collar thugs tho, Ill hand you that, Janitor.

When I first started working for him he didn't pay me well, other employees said the same thing. It's a taboo subject with them

Y-yes d-daddy I will slave away even harder for these 10 bucks!

Real alpha response

I guess they hope that being nice to her will stop her from treating them like shit in the future? I dunno, it's like watching an alpha dog beat up the little dogs and then they follow him around anyways.

Back to /pol/ friendo.

Are you an undocumented beaner or something? It sounds like below minim wage. Your a college kid and this sounds like your first job where your being exploited which is to be expected. Exploiting young people works by creating an environment where they think the exploitation is normal and just something you don't talk about. Fucking bring it up assertively and if not you can sue him into the fucking Stone age unless you live in some African shit hole with no labor laws.

Yeah I bet it are you insane skills that make the guy buy the car.
Im sure it's not actually the quality of the car that convinces him, it's the uneducated fuck who keeps spouting superficial arguments that his boss told him.
Sales is the biggest joke and here you are trying to call someone else a soyboy. Do something that requires actual skill and is respectable if you want to act tough.
(I am not the janitor, but if you followed the thread, you can see that he also is in the process of learning something that actually requires skill)

Not undocumented

I am definitely working below the minimum wage though

Why are you working a job where you are being paid illegally?

Then you're retarded. Work at a big company like mc dicks or Starbucks that can't afford to break labor laws or else they get sued. I'm pretty sure Starbucks baristas get health insurance for fucks sake.

Go to adv

It's overnight and I get paid the same day

Probably this, but remember OP that it does not matter. It's not good for you to get fired up over it. Keep grinding away, train the new guy well, and be as straightforward as possible with your boss.

She secretly wants your fit diddely, just send her a dick pic and see if that brings her on top of her shit

Veeky Forums was made for anime fans not autistic nazi larpers reddit.

>treating your boss with respect is beta
Have fun beimg poor/ in debt alpha male

Treating unreasonable people that don't respect you with respect is beta, yeah.
You will see that once you enter an academic job (you probably won't), bosses become very reasonable people that do not have any business acting up. They can and do, if really needed, but for the most part everyone works autonomously in a field that the boss doesn't even have any clue of. The boss, being a reasonable person, wouldn't dare telling such people how to do their work because he doesn't know how to.

A-am i on the wrong board? T-this is still fitness right?

If the boss thinks you fucked up you get on top of your shit and make sure it doesn't happen again. He isn't in an academic job he's a janitor so giving advice that applies to someone in a position like a doctor for example isn't very relevant. In a labor job keeping your head down, respecting your boss, and doing what you're told gets you a raise. Which you will realize once you get employed (which you probably won't).

Is kike a buzzword for people you don't like?

What do you use your fuckinn rotary phone?

Bro I have never gotten a complaint

Harden the fuck up. Don’t quit, just say ok and get back to your dipshit janitor job. If you really deserve better, then do something better - in the meantime, stfu

I'll bite what's your job, and how disrespectful are you?

>all these cucks defending the boss

Start looking for a new job. I would not tolerate that disrespect.

Why the fuck is this thread alive
Sage and kys

I'm not him im the janitor

Sorry OP I hope your boss treats you better or dies and gets replaced.

Respond :

>Nigga I was training a new mob G-I-T out mah NUTZ !!! GODYAMN

Life is actually GTA San Andreas, take my advices.

Do you think people come to a car dealer without the intent to actually buy a car you self-inflated moron.

Lel thanks user

stfu and give me 50 BRAPS

This is the right answer.

If you quit you may never get another job in the industry. Your childhood dreams of being a janitor would be crushed.

The best revenge would be to take his/her job. So, aim to become the manager. Then dig up dirt on this one so they get fired. Then apply for the position citing your experience.

Some people don't deserve power.

He's the buisness owner

Most offices have whatsapp or similar groups m8. My gf's sister does and she works at a bank, I work at a school and we have a group for teachers and a group for admin. It's pretty standard practice for ant reasonable size business.

nigga who gives a fuck, nobody should give a single flying fuck about a job where their boss texts them "you good for tonight"

Why does this garbage thread have so many replies