Saw 3 DYEL white cuck betas at the gym with STICC gooks

Saw 3 DYEL white cuck betas at the gym with STICC gooks

One guy was actually decent probably 6.5/10. His gf was the most laughable gook I've ever seen in my life, and that's saying something. 0.00 tits. Her ass was concave as if a 5 year old auschitz boy. He was trying to teach her how to squat and I fucking keked out loud as fuck looking at them in the mirror

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some people like asian girls so what ?

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That guy is getting asian pussy and you are insecurely posting about him on a twink grooming forum. He didn't even take 5 seconds of his life thinking about you

>you played yourself

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Gook fever is the epitome of beta and this is empirical fact. I'm sure you're fine with faggots fucking eachother in the ass in public too

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Found the soyboy

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Better sticc than fat.

>asian pussy
>larp crusader pic
Found the gook fever soy

And here you are posting about someone posting about a beta gook as if other posting on this site is productive

Gook fever is an epidemic and a public safety issue that needs to be addressed.

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Woah are ypu trying to have an opinion around soyposters? Think again user

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beware, on Veeky Forums if you like asian girls you are a beta soyboy cuck numale of the maximum tier

>this much insecurity about wmaf

Did she leave you for a white guy? You okay bud? Or do you need someone to talk to?

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honestly sounds like you want asian girlfriend but your friends (if you even have any) would clown on you

What exactly about his picture is live action?

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I hate gook soys for the same reason I hate NEETs and faggots and pedos: they are cancer to white people and western civilization

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it's ok op, you can have them after we're done with them ;)

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Post a pic of your face with a timestamp if you're such a proud white man

Veeky Forums doubles as /r9k/ and he wants to justify his loneliness by shitting on people with girlfriends that he believes are below him.

Can someone make a soyboy checklist? I want to see how many I've hit


Step 1: Look in the mirror

IF a white man is to race-mix for RECREATION only, latinas and arabs are the only respectable choice

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Silent majority

leftist politics (especially combined with social media)
star wars
keeps childhood interests into adulthood, proud of it
rick and morty
skinnyfat or fat
overly agreeable

>Saw 3 DYEL white cuck betas at the gym with STICC gooks

Sad white realist or thirsty 4/10 chick who hates asian girls.

El monstro de los terroristas y tirador de la escuela...

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>leftist politics (especially combined with social media)



I've seen some

>star wars

I like star wars but not much of the newer things


I like some Nintendo games like metroid but don't play that often

>keeps childhood interests into adulthood, proud of it

If you count video games but I'm not proud of it

>rick and morty

I've seen it, it's okay sometimes

Sometimes I browse smaller subs


Working on it

>skinnyfat or fat

I don't think I'm quite to skinny fat but I'm not fit yet

>overly agreeable

Not really

How soy am I?

Eh, this is not true in every case. One of the chaddiest guys I know IRL (high paid engineer, six pack, extremely likeable and kind, hot girlfriend, etc.) has an asian mom and white dad

>in comes asianmasculinity to start the ultimate beta war vs gook fever soys

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and his girlfriend is white, before any of you get more triggered

this is pretty cherry picked, regardless of which parent is which hapas are pretty top tier. You just have to make sure your parenting doesn't allow autism and instills in them a sense of self worth as well as personal drive.

Pretty much just get them into lifting and they will be good to go.

Only mixed race I think is doomed from birth is half blacks. Don't know why but every halfrican I've ever met has been the worst of every world. being 1/4 black or 1/4 non black works ok though so the few half breeds that manage to make it end up with decent kids

Asian men are not fit to sire children, they don't even produce any DHT.

I totally agree. When ever I see an older white male with a male-order Asian female, my instant thoughts are he's pathetic with a small cock. Anyone who goes over to the Philippines or Thailand for sexual gratification is a degenerate failure.

jap mom white dad here
my bro is chad w/ a hot white gf
im not, but at least tall and big dong

I take it you wont be going to the Veeky Forums thailand meet up?

Are these type of glasses automatic death sentence or can one pull it off without faking into the soy pit?
t. this type of eyewear wearer


you literally get banned from most fit discords for having an asian gf now

Asian girls are cute but hapa children are ugly as fuck. It's also why you shouldn't date womanlets, because that's just cucking your own children by making them short.


Meh you gay

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>Mfw all the successful conservative guys I know have either gone for east asian or eastern european women.
If you're a conservative with traditionalist views finding a white woman who shares your position is almost impossible. For every decent conservative woman there are like 1k guys vying for her hand and chances are shes going to end up married to her high school sweetheart anyway.

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I'm a soyboy for liking thin women?
I like skinny/fit White women too, but they're much more difficult to find. I agree that bearded numales who settle for 3/10 fat filipinas look disgusting together, but what would be wrong with fucking pic related?

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Ironically Jupiterian Emperor Macron may save us all.

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what do Asian guys think of Asian girls dating non-Asians? No larpers please

Just wear a condom... and FLUSH IT!!!

Less-than-white THOTs will fish out your condom from the trash for that Golden Ticket.

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what would be wrong with breeding a german shepherd with a chihuahua?
in the grand scheme of things it doesnt matter

Don't foul white girls and we don't give a shit.

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Big gay

I don't care, but I'm married to a half Irish-half Mexican girl

Jesus christ
>those abs
>that face
>that hair
>those legs
>tasteful underboob
What the fuck /a/ told me tomboys didn't exist IRL

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damn she fine

I dont care.

Yes I am fine with that
I'm also fine with people owning rocket launchers and abolishing medicare


You okay there Mr. Bateman?

Your precious Nazis started a war that killed millions of white people retard

Did Hitler invent boomerposting?

I would kill all you fucking faggots just to marry her.

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sauce please

is this /fit meet thailand?


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>reddit spacing
100% soy

>East Asians have higher average IQ's than westerners
>Also don't live in failing civilizations like the citizens of Europe and the US do.
Like I get what you're saying but if you want to shit on another race we need to make sure our own house is in order first. And it's fucking not.

Western civilization is a cancer upon itself, my man

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east asians are not smarter than white people lol
just look at where all the new technology comes from

Exactly this. Tried the traditional girl but even the ones from church who appear traditional are roastie come weekend. Ended up finding a traditional qt Asian

>Devout Christian
>Super traditional
>Encourages me to pray
>Encourages me to work hard at my job
>Encourages me to lift
>Cooks fit meals to help my lifting
>Family above all
>Wants a lot of kids
Redpilled as fuck
>Thinks you should burn in hell for abortion
>Gays shouldn't marry
>Thinks blacks should stop playing the victim, shut the fuck up and start pulling their weight rather than living off whitey
>Hates that muzzies always get a free pass but everyone shits on her religion.

It's pretty fucking comfy if I'm honest so I don't give a fuck what some virgin on an Islamic IED instruction forum has to say.

>kelly balthazar
lmfao everytime

glad you are having a nice life while your children will be gook lol

My penis has become THE BIG PENIS

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""Western"" society
>filthy mixed pool of all nationalities and ethnicities, lets anybody in
>highly sensitive and inherently progressive
>media dominated by degeneracy and filth
>middling IQ
>large class and wealths
>controlled by Jews

Asian society
>ethnically pure, xenophobic
>stoic and conservative
>media is entertainment without debasing itself, now superseding Hollywood in quality (Korean films)
>highest IQ in the world
>feared by Jews

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Depends what you mean by Asian. Japan and SK are advanced, sure, but factor in over 2 billion Chinese/Indians who have 4-digit GDP/capita and look at all of the shitholes like NK/Cambodia/SEA. Russia alone almost accounts for the population of Japan+SK.

South East Asians are as much "asians" as latinos are whites.

>hapa children are ugly as fuck
This little nippa gets more pussy than a pet store.

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>t. 56%-er

It's weird how you're defining Asian, then, since there are probably more Indians+SEA than there are north Asians.
And when the vast vast majority of north Asians are poor Chinese people whose only social skill is conning people, that doesn't look too good on the group as a whole.

/pol/ pls stay on your containment board.

>hates western society
>asia copies literally everything about western society
>Asians worship white aesthetic/culture/history
>posts pic of some irrelevant Samuarj from a movie

Top zozzle m8

Jap gooks (top Asian gooks) even adopted the western culture with the suit and tie and military organization way back in the late 19th and early 20th centuries that led to their empire.

how do i get this as a Chinese american
not korean and i don't even get the white guy "exotic" freebie points

going to korea for work in sept. should i just hit up local gyms?

See this >45322120

Pol is 50% gook fever weebs pal

1. Be attractive
2. Don't be unattractive
3. Be korean

The average Chinese woman has a higher iq than the average white man. What exactly are you getting at?

I didn't contest their average IQ. That's just you strawmanning I said that their average GDP/capita is $8,000.

>redpilled as fuck
You are clearly not. Suggesting that no white girls are traditional is obviously you rationalizing your choice.

I'm gonna go ahead and guess you're not capable of attracting a decent white woman

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Only ones I have are DYEL and skinnyfat, looks like it's time to finally get my ass Veeky Forums and ascend to 100% non-soy

A lot of it comes from SK and Japan, and at least east asians are smart enough not to import millions of plebs who will never be anything other than a burden.


2/11, am I soy?

>just look at where all the new technology comes from
...east asia?

OP jealous virgin confirmed

I thought /r9k/ was the epitome of pathetic until I saw reddit/hapa

There are traditional white girls but there are thousands of traditional guys for each girl. Which means you have to be capable of competing with those thousand guys and at the end of the day 999 of that thousand will end up out of luck. It's a depressing thought but there just aren't enough decent marriage material white women in the west to go around.

>it's too hard!
One to a thousand is extremely exaggerated, but if you're in burgerland it might be accurate.

Nice cherry picking. I understand your logic though.

I’m sure your rationale is that only white soyboys date asian women which I would agree. The weak white father figure has grotesque looking children. The asian man dating a white woman must be a strong male to get with a high value woman.

Am I correct?