Do black chads exist?

Can chads only be white, wondering if chads can be black and get white girls too?

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They can be Chads, but never slayer-level.

retarded thread but here's CHADwick Boseman

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Black alphas are called Tyrone’s and hispanic alphas are called Luis’s

He's called Tyrone you mongoloid

Chad nigga, dyel nigga, still nigga.
So, no.

Can I go see black panther now?

Hispanic chads are named Andres

Ive never met a Chad black person only a Brad black person, the main difference is Chads have smarts, intellect, and integrity I think the closest there have ever been is maybe Jax Blade

Even Chad crosses the street when he sees a black kid walking his way. They're alpha on a whole nother level

nonono, Hispanic chads are named Hector

He doesn't want to smell them

what about asians?


Chang Thunderwang

Jamal's actually
And they are after the high tier black chicks asians and latinas.

Jackie Chad

White- Chad
Black- Tyrone
Asian- Chang
Hispanic- Diego
Indian- Surya
Missing anything?

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Luis is a soylent name

Andres is meh

Hector is that faggot who acts tough

The real hispanic Chad is Raul

mohammad for middle easterns

though I guess this covers the majority of males in some way

Nah middle eastern is Jamal

And English

Since niggers are inferior to the white male by default, even the chadest nigger will never reach the potential of a true stacy fuckin quarterback. Some girls go for niggers, because of bbc meme or daddy issues, but the majority will always pick the white chad.

>coping with being a nigger
You're doing it wrong, boy.

if youre saying this guy wouldnt get fucked regularly by most women, youre delusional.

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I think you're the one who's delusional


Hispanic chads are called ricardo

black chads are drug dealers or musicians

I know it probably gets your panties in a twist but. . .

Most women actually like getting fucked by alpha black males. That whole genre of porn isn't just made up. It exists because white women fantasize about being fucked by black men. Sure they might marry white dudes and have kids with them, but they also fantasize about being gang fucked by a pack of wild niggers. Some of them even go and do it.

And you know What? That's okay. I spent my 20s and juggling multiple hot chicks girlfriends and side bitches. I used to fuck 2 or 3 women a day. I would have threesomes with twins.

Women like the thought of lots of kinky sex with attractive members of the opposite sex just as much as we do.

My advice to you is go out and have some weird kinky sex with some sorority girls while you are still young dude. Pretty soon you will be old with a career and no time to go be crazy and wild.

That guy is ugly as shit, and has no musical talent. He only gets pussy because society has become so sick that he can get rich and famous on the "music" he makes, and anyone who is rich and famous gets pussy, no matter how ugly they are

No, Diego

Yeah Diego

The absolute state of America
Tbh there aren't even any real whites left in the US

As a Hispanic I have never meet anybody with these names that were even close to chad tier
I have seen a good looking Ricardo though

Asian - Chang
Black - Tyrone
Hispanic - Raul
Indian - Ram
White - Chad
Native American - Sitting Bull

Blacks have even more skewed 0.01% to 99.9% chad to non chad

Tyrone has hundreds of children that are raised by the state (beta whites)

On africa black chads have hundreda of wives and bastards too

What about slav chad?

hispanic chad are called Fabian

Yeah dem niggas can barely cope Anthrax-level.

It's mostly men that watch porn. Black cuck porn brings the most shame to white men. For some reason shame is a hell of a drug to a lot of people to get off.

If we ever reach the no racism utopia which we won't. Blacks will get even less sex because they aren't taboo.

he fucks alot because hes rich, faggot.


Yeah, interracial cuckolding is definitely a male fantasy predominantly.

Although I'm sure many women have thought about getting with black guys, it's only because of the stereotype.

the only right answers are Carlos or Raúl

where are his pecs


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