Weighted Pushups >>> Bench Press

Weighted Pushups >>> Bench Press

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Ass >>> Tits

Why is he doing that to his spine? To impress his friends?

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Sick fucks only need apply

20 kg plate for 35 clean and perfects

Well, I'd like to see your reasoning.

so every time i go to the gym i have to ask somebody to balance plates on my back? what do i do after a set, roll over and send the plates rolling out of control? what if they smash one of my fingers? what if they run over a cardio bunny's toes and she slaps me?

you really didn't think this through, did you?

Ow my fucking wrists

you need friends to do weighted pushups though

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Safer, better engagement of the pectoral muscles, and more comfortable

Can I see any sources on your first two claims?
The third is definitely individual and as such I don't need to see it evaluated.

You sucking my dick > you being an incel

put the plates in a backpack brainlets

do you actually do this? In a public gym?

nah I do it in my home. what the fuck is your problem?

fucking retard

have fun not being able to move your shoulder blades, or having the weight directly on your lower back dipshit

My problem is faggots coming up with every excuse not bench because they're weak as fuck

Do I count the backpack?

You cant even bench 4plates, pussy. Stop taking equipment and post up in tye locker room for bukkake

if they dont have one of those belts in my gym, is it autistic if i put a dumbbell between my calves so i can do weighted pullups?

No, literally what I do

No, that's fine. Unless you're dropping the dumbbell all the time.

Have fun in snap city putting all that weight on a few vertebrae and vigorously shifting it.

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No, you were already wearing it.

How do you manage to put the dumbbell on your calves if you're already hanging from the bar?

you put it on the floor and pick it up with your legs you retard

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402 at 181 which is 8 lbs off elite, you backpack wearing attention whore.

but I'm also wearing the pl8s in the backpack, do I count the pl8s?

Which still isnt at least 4plates. As i said before post up in the locker room and you can have the pleasure of my hot man cream glazing your soyboy face like a donut.

Enjoy your exploding shoulders....

>be me
>exercise at home
>have a backpack with 20kgs of weight
>put backpack on my back
>do 20 push ups easily
>go to uni's gym
>hardly bench lmao1,5pl8

this is retarded. just do it at home with cheap bags of sand.

Weighted dips > both

Actually thats bullshit, liftlet. Benching has a wider rom and therefore more potential for sweet gains. If weighted push ups would be superior, everybody would do them. Like weighted dips, which are, in fact, one of the best exercises. Weighted push ups are a meme exercise and you're a faggot.

Putting lmao6plates in a rucksack. Lmao what a faggot.

Cannonball delts

>yeah bro just stack 200 pounds directly over your lumbar every time you wanna do chest so much safer and better for your back

>so every time i go to the gym i have to ask somebody to balance plates on my back
No, you ask him to sit on your back. Start with vegans, work up to Americans.

Unless you bench in a rack with safeties it's inherently safer. I doubt it activates pecs more though, it's essentially the same movement

>If weighted push ups would be superior, everybody would do them
Circular logic much? Lemme guess, you're American.

The actual product is overpriced but it's easily replicated with the likes of a sled harness with a front loop to put a chain through, just need an elevated surface to press off and you can load the conventional push up ad infinitum.

Is that the most masculine haircut you can get?

>gym burglar is stealing plates again
fucks sake lads

My gym is actually resorting to keeping all of the Clips in a drawer up front, and you have to go and ask for them if you want to use them. Because for the longest time there was only one pair and then those got stolen too

imagine living with niggers