What's the vegan equivalent of eggs?

What's the vegan equivalent of eggs?

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partially hydrogenated soybean oil

>thinking this is healthier than eggs

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Soy :)

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What kinda seeds? Can't tell if bait


Cool thanks anyone have any other suggestions?

We're all fucking with you just eat your eggs

Fuck you im going vegan REEEEEEEEEE lentils looks legit I'm looking for an alternative source of protein with whatever else eggs have that make them awesome aminos and stuff

Why are you a vegan?
>muh killing animals is wrong

hemp seeds are one of the rare sources of plant based protein to contain all essential amino acids

Literally eggs, they are a free ride. Chickens lay unfertalized eggs everyday. They just go to waste if no one eats them.

Eggs feel gross now. I'm on this spiritual thing and plan to keep my body clean as possible to benefit

Noice thanks user

Pasteurized eggs are supposedly the lowest for risks.

I don't know something feels wrong about it. When I'm in screw it mode who cares but when I care the concept of eating eggs feels messed up to me. Literally chickens ovaries unless I'm mistaken

It's not really about health more about spiritual state of mind. Good info though for the future

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copious amounts of horse semen

chia seeds

unironically soy

good luck with your transition

Avocado or nutritional yeast

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egg plant

lmao, imagine expending this much effort instead of just boiling an egg

I was gonna say that.. holy fuck you gotta be soy'd to do this, probably tastes like piss as well

soy blocks blended with soy milk you've gotta be fucking kidding me
>butACKSHUALLY dietary soy doesn't affect estro-
shut the fuck up, yes it does. this mtf I was fucking would almost exclusively eat soy foods because of how it feminizes the body. she taught me everything I needed to avoid to keep soy out of my diet which is too extensive to even list out.


but user, the chickens that lay the eggs live in unhumane conditions and eating eggs they shit out every day is literally worse than slauthering them yourself

>unhumane conditions
Billions of people live in unhumane conditions, why won't you invite them to your count- oh wait

that mtf you were fucking is a retard

honestly i'm happy croatia is enough of a shithole that even the sand people stay away and i don't care about vegan crap. i have a friedn who's vegan and he literally brings a carton of soymilk to have with his coffee. the argument i gave came from him and feels like the strongest argument you can give for not eating eggs based on morals

You're a faggot and stupid on top.