How tall are these models?
Also, how do you get this body type in the gym?

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>Taller than you
>Lift heavy weights with good form

Also skip leg day

>untucked button-downs

Like 5'7 ?

Find out the size of a typical crosswalk, do some black magic voodoo with mathematics and that orange jersey guy, then you'll get your answer

Guy on the left is a midget can't really tell with the other one

>beginner hitting gym with no gains
>blames diet
Is this a meme?

It makes me think about how hard people at the gym actually work.
Just thinking about it has made me pay attention to other people in my gym. They don't seem to work all that hard.

its the same person

that autism guy is long gone m8

How to be better looking besides lifting?
I’m a BAD 6/10
I hate being an ugly cunt and seeing my friends get mired by girls twice as much as me.
Is there any way to become a good 7/10? I don’t need to be a model I just want to be pleasant looking

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>dont walk like a soyboy

Mate 6/10 is above average. You are probably a 3

Right arm is a whole 10lbs or so weaker than my left. Should I do sets with the weight my left can handle until the right fails? Would this balance them out?

should I do SS even if I'm a fat fuck

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What milk has the highest protein but least fat/sugar? Light? Open to almond and shit like that/

Body language is way more important that looks imo. Do some research into that.

>how do you get this body type
In the womb

yes SS has a bad name on fat people because of what rippetoe said about GOMAD and always eating in surplus.
The truth is that Strength training in the 5 rep range is best for learning new exercises and also for noobgains it doesnt matter much if you differentiate strenght or hypertrophy training. So going for technique and bigger numbers is best.
After couple months just add more sets or exercises for more volume

Trying to plan a cheaper diet. How does this sound?

Oats + milk or juice
Baked beans
Sandwich with meat, mayo or peanut butter and veg
Baked beans
Stir fry shit with plenty of meat and veg
Protein powder after exercise
Fruit, nuts, bagels, milk

I feel like doing this might lead to too many carbs but I don't know what else to fill it with without it being too expensive. I'm mostly active from midday and do all my exercise later at night. What should I do for lunches away from home? Muesli/nut bars are too fucking expensive, and I won't have a fridge or anything.

learn how to dress, do something on your hair so at least your hair looks good, then grow a subtle beard, it helps ugly people, also take care of your skin and never go over 12 or 13%bf, that would be normal if you looked better, if you're ugly you need to always be in shape

too many carbs are just fine if you don't go over your calories that much, they actually help your workouts, specially if you workout at night.
get some regular glass or plastic meal prep containers and take them to work, if you don't have a microwave to heat it, leave it inside your car on the sun, it will do the job

Problem with meals away from home is I usually have no microwave or fridge, and might not need to eat it for 5+ hours. Need something that won't spoil.

Any tips either way though?
Should I just forever bulk since I’m ugly anyway

Get an ugly girlfriend

I have a gf that’s out of my league, I want to look better for her mainly desu

ideal male model height is 5'11" - 6'2", not sure about these guys though

Does anyone else regret getting fit? I've been lifting for years now and I can't stand the attention I'm getting, I just want to be left alone and move weights because it's fun. It's gotten to the point where I get anxious about leaving the house. I thought being fit would help me with my autism and depression but this is turning into a nightmare.

Yes but not until the right falls, but until the left advances to the same strength as the right

Gonna try it when i get home in about an hour

ask your mother to fuck a taller man next time

Or you could just reverse image search and find out that his names Rowan Row and he's 6ft

Is it normal to stop getting DOMs? Only been 4 weeks

Also instead of getting shaky or weak, my muscles just stop working after many reps.

Just had a blood test, arm hurts like fuck. Should I even lift today or just do a leg day?

My gym doesn't have an area to deadlift. Is there anything I can do or am I fucked?

Enjoy it while it lasts.
Manlet too?

What is the relationship between ftlbs and calories burned?

Is there a workout to increase penis size? I had stunted growth because of a cyst in my brain. I'm 20 so I know that there is still time to grow but I want to fix this as soon as possible.

Needs more baked beans.

Nigga are you from Veeky Forums
Gimme some real advice

How many sets and reps should I bench press?
Only recently got the confidence to use bench press this last month and can only do 80kg max (not sure if that is good for just 1 month of use or not).

Are bicep curls the ultimate bicep workout?

>Rowan Row
>Not Pendlay Row
>Making it

Go on a porn site and click the adverts. I saw one this morning that said rubbing a certain cream would give me an additional 6 inches


As long as your lifts are progressing and you're gaining lbs you have nothing to worry about.

This is the body of 16+ years of calisthenics.

Deadlift anywhere else with protective mats? Deadlifts arent forbidden in your gym are they?

Nope. Post body.

>roman row
>tfw you will never be named after an exercise

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I have nothing to prove to some faggot who completely disregards my post and only cares about pics

>just started exercising
>using free weights
>hands shaking involuntarily, impossible to do proper full motion
Does this mean I should stop? I was, and I say this with all sincerity so please don't call me a faggot,just starting to feel the burn. What do?

I know I'm new to lifting but is starting strength or similar programs really necessary? Seems like they're babying me with like 40 reps a week

at what point can I at least lift every other day?

>40 reps a week
but there's 35 reps per workout

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Any recommended guides for exercising from home? Poorfag here who only has free weights (my dad's), nothing really related in the sticky.

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Well I suck at math but it still feels like I'm not doing enough. I'm eating perfectly too

effay af desu

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How important is following a routine versus just focusing on targeting areas as you go?

Yo my hands are getting callused as fuck from anything involving a pull-up bar. I've been incorporating raises and chins into my workout and the area between my palms and fingers are fucking dying.

Do I just need to get used to this or is there a way to stop it?


Are you sure your grip is right? I do heavy weighted pull ups and chin ups and never got calluses from them

It might not be. We don't have any dedicated pull up bars at the gym aside from some really shitty assisted ones, and the ones attached to the pulley weights are like 2 ft above me, so I have to jump to grab it (5'11" king of manlets). They also have those shitty rubber paddings around them so it's tough to let go of the fucking thing without rubbing against it.

I'm trying to grip just with my fingers but it's hard to adjust your grip when you have to literally jump to grab on.

Eh, gloves probably won't help pinched skin.

whats the best creatine for a college athlete? I know a lot of creatine supplements are banned by the NCAA, and this is what our gym coach recommended

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monohydrate all the way

100 pushups, 100 situps and 10 miles of running everyday

you only need to do like 20 pullups and pushups a day

Literally just bench 3x8 and OHP 3x8 every time you go to the gym, plus curls and tricep pulldowns

I was just referring to the picture he posted

I hate the way those cardigan sweaters look on men. I’ll wear some pretty gay/metro shit but those don’t even look good on anybody.

Any of you guys front squat as a main movement? Nuckols says it’s viable, just wondering what you think.

I don’t want to compete and trying to fix my backsquat form is making me waste so much time not getting stronger but my front squats are natural and flawless.

where the hell can I get a 140 cm pull up bar?
my door is wide as fuck

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Big legs are the opposite of Veeky Forums

Mewing made me go from 6.5 to an 8 easily

Legit 5-6/10s check me out now

Not even memeing. Mewing is just my natural state now. My jawline is significantly more chiselled. And my chin is slightly more symmetrical

I'm helping my girlfriend get into exercise, but she's very weak. I've had her do some negative pullups, but she doesn't have the strength to slow her descent (even though she doesn't weigh very much). I'm going to try negative chinups instead tonight. What other exercises can I have her do to work up to a real pullup? Currently we're doing planks, squats, and pushups.

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is fasting and 5x5 possible at the same time?
i got stuck at 90kg for a month, 17 to go.
will i die if i try? i dont want to be that guy that passes out during a squat.

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I'm kinda fat and a manlet. Is it better to dirty bulk and then cut hard, or should I cut first then lean bulk?

Read Starting Strength. Mark Rippetoe, the author, recommends eating at a surplus to begin, regardless of starting weight

I am currently a newb on starting strength, I did 5x5 for a few weeks previously hit a plateau on most lifts and then after having time off over Christmas I have started again but with lighter weight and 10x5 instead of 5x5 which I have been doing for about 3 weeks.

Once I have been doing this for 8 weeks I’m going to go back to 5x5 and start loading weight weekly.

Currently along with my 10x5 routine I am also getting cardio in when I don’t feel too sore either running, swimming or cycling, on my SS rest days, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Since January I have lost 9 lbs which works out as 3 lbs a month

My question is this, is my current routine enough to build muscle or maintain and loose fat, either one will do, I just want to see results over the next 3-4 months

my main goal is to loose a bit of weight and then once I have gotten down to 11 and a half stone or 11 stone (I am currently just over 12 stone) I am going to start taking creatine, protein, baac’s amino acids, caffeine etc and hit the weights heavy with no cardio,

My current diet is low on calories but once I hit my goal weight I plan on getting back onto tracking my intake and macros, getting back onto to eggs, tuna, cottage cheese, chicken breast, meme’s

Am I going about this the right way or am I doing this wrong??

pls respond

>Also, how do you get this body type in the gym?
eat clen, tren hard, anavar give up

it's called a "sandwich"

male models aren't as abnormally tall for their sex as female models are

who knows cares or gives a fuck?
just watch your kcals in, watch your weight changes, and adjust your diet based on that and your goals

do 3 sets of 5 reps at a weight that is tough, and on the last set get more if you can
every workout you get at least 3x5 then add 5lbs next time
if you get stopped short of getting at least 15 total reps, then do a fourth set at 80% of the weight for as many as possible on that workout until you get unstuck
if you're stuck for more than 3-4 workouts in a row, then come back and ask for an intermediate style of programming
curls are for faggots
stick to compound lifts like chins and pullups

buckle and do the fucking program
it will only be 3-5 months to finish and you'll be surprised how much stronger you get, and you'll learn good form on the lifts and be ready for an intermediate routine then

routines are very important because you are a goddam idiot who doesn't know what he's doing, who has body dysmorphia, and who would wind up being a curlbrah benchmonkey with no strength even in those movements if you just did what you wanted to do
would you wire and plumb your house by yourself without a plan from an experienced builder? no?
then why would you trust yourself, a complete fool, to get fit without a plan?

check your proper grip
razor them off when they get obnoxious

make sure their color matches your purse

i front on mondays and lowbar on fridays

>Fat guys (not used here disparagingly) see a different result entirely, as their bodyweight doesn’t change much for the first few months. What they notice is looser pants in the waist; legs and hips staying about the same; shirts that are much tighter in the chest, arms, and neck; and faster strength increases compared to their skinny buddies. Their body composition changes while their bodyweight stays close to the same, the result of a loss in bodyfat due to their increasing muscle mass.
>In this demographic, you’re too fat if you’re over 20% bodyfat and underweight if you’re less than 10%. Bodyfat under about 10% is not usually the level that a performance athlete carries, and growing a significant amount of muscle mass will entail an increase in bodyfat. A bodyfat level over about 20% means that you’re headed in the direction of carrying around more than is required for an anabolic environment and more than is efficient for moving either the bar or an opponent.
>It is potentially slipshod to assign an underweight or overweight designation on the basis of bodyfat, but it usually works pretty well, and in the absence of currently non-existent height/weight/bodyfat tables that take all three variables into account, it’s about the best we can do.
>if you’re a little fluffy around the belly, you have obviously already created the conditions necessary for growth. You’ll usually start out stronger than the skinny guy, and because your body hasn’t got the problems with growing that skinny guys do, strength gains can come more easily for you if you eat correctly. You’ll still eat a lot, but don’t drink the milk, and cut your carb intake if you don’t see bodyfat levels drop during these first couple of weeks. You’ll first notice that your pants fit looser in the waist.

you're not doing Starting Strength lel
i'd get the book and do that program for your weight days
your diet seems to be working well and doing some cardio is good but working out EVERY day is excessive, limit the cardio to 2-3 days that you don't lift, so that you have 1-2 days off each week
3lbs a month is OK rate but you could probably limit the diet more to aim for 1-2lbs a week
the supplements are silly. whey protein has bcaas like 25% of whey by weight is bcaa, creatine doesn't work for everybody, there are non-responders, and if you're not interested in building strength for competition it's unnecessary anyways
overall though you're on the right track in general

nigger-rig something i guess

Anyone know a good shoulder workout for shoulders. All I got is dumbbells on me.
I've been doing lateral raises and shoulder presses, but I feel like it's not adding much progress.
I did only start working out about a month ago, so is it just I need to wait longer for my shoulders to develop?

please help me identify these symptoms. I suspect either I finally got the beetus or alcohol withdrawal but I never had those in my life before. I exercise a lot but my eating and alcohol consumption are terrible. the symptoms are

>heavy sweating especially at night
>agitation, anxiety
>heart racing, feeling my pulse all through my body

5'10 200 lbs

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the best shoulder exercise is over head press. since you only have dumbbells, then overhead press with dumbbells.

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Why does nobody talk about doing palms-up frontal raises? I feel like they really work upper chest, but I don't want to be doing them if they're gonna take me to snap city

Also Arnold Press, I actually prefer it over the normal overhead press.

can i switch to PHUL now looking for size since GSLP didnt offer any to me

STATS 5'9 161lb (cut down from 170lb)

BENCH - 160lb
OHP - 100lb
SQUAT - 185lb

keep in mind i deloaded a few of these lifts because i didnt feel my muscles being worked but i feel like doing PHUL would really benefit for gains

proper shoulder rotation for all lat raises would involve turning the palm forward, and leaning farther forward the farther back along the deltoids you want to work (ie lean as far forward as possible for rear delts)

yeah, but lets say I want to work chest instead, since I don't have access to a bench. Is what I described safe to do as a chest exercise, not a deltoid exercise?

>Oats + milk or juice
>oats + juice

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I usually have a smoothie with veggies, oats, whey and some seeds like flax

I need a DB alternative for overhead triceps extension (I do them lying down) - I only have dumbells, a bench and some bands. Triceps kickbacks don't do it for me, and the single-DB-behind-the-neck stuff doesn't mesh with my shoulder mobility. Any suggestions?

this applies to all pulling movements

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Is it possible to cut while still gaining muscle? im eating 500 calories less than i should be and doing 5x5 but im afraid i wont gain any muscle. My thought was just that ill be losing fat while building muscle, just slower than if i had been eating more.


how sore am I supposed to get after a good workout?

I have bipolar disorder and it's hard to keep lifting for periods of time, I can do a month max and next month I enter depressive phase, and it completely kills my motivation, strength and stamina. I just lay in bed. It's been 4 months since I last touched a weight, can you guys give me some motivation to get back @ gym tomorrow?

Very limited amounts. Caloric surplus is necessity

read it already, but its really not that helpful

Fit has such a sad obsession with height.

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