Rate my dinner

Rate my dinner

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shit. enjoy your cancer in 30 years OP

das it mane

>the Chad pizza

Aspartame isn't that bad, fuck you nigger.

Processed, fast carbs and even more saturated and processed fats topped with 2-3 grams of protein. No water in sight.


looks fugging delicious, could easily eat 4 or 5 times that then backflip on the skate for a few hours and stay ripped with a salmon din din
My dick is huge

>drinking water with a meal
>fucking up your digestion


isnt water required for using carbs?

How huge

bait/10, wouldn't read again

wait what is how you stay lean lifelong from activity and not starving yourself?

If I rest my balls on a girls chin my dick goes to her hair

no its from being an alpha you faggot

Weird system of measurement

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Rate mine

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but im alpha when im cut and i still dont stay lean


hella gay grandma burned the sammie

>b-but I'm alpha
>when I'm cut
being an alpha is about having a huge dong and swinging it around everywhere you go. if you don't already know this feeling, you're never gonna make it.


this study says glycogen is bound to water

any arguement?

sir ive never felt that... is there a workaround?

if i sit down for peeing my dick hangs inter water


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Worst pizza I ever see porcoddio
Italia disapproves this shit 1/10

yes, move to cambodia and work in the sweatshop. feel the pain your comfortable modern life inflicts on the less fortunate. take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are worth it. then do something about it.

Italia only has fancy pants pizzas that are all tasteless crust and overpowering sauce with some bland cheese. you act like its all fancy but there is no flavor, unlike delicious new york pizza with fucking awesome tons of cheese and greast, with perfect soft crust OH MAN its so good, when will snobs learn?

Who the hell pours a drinkable can into a glass anyway?

YOU count CALORIES while CHAD eats PIZZA and gets CANCER

>delicious new york pizza

You misspelled Chicago, bitch

Chicago pizza is pretty fucking delicious, but New York is far superior. New York pizza doesn't hide behind thick dough for its flavor. It's mostly cheese and meat, meaning you get more bang for your buck. There's a reason for the stereotype of fat guys from Chicago.



I haven't eaten in two days