GF's of Veeky Forums

Keep it wholesome.

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Man, she is cute but kinda weird looking.

Is she a redhead?

Blonde just the filter

Bright blue eyes too. Pics don't do them justice.

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me on the left

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Hey man if your serious, nice. No hate for the da gays.

you mean, oneitis of fit, because i wont ever have a girlfriend

Naw man lift heavy, get confident and you'll make it brother.

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>Implying i have one


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[spoiler]She is disgusting[/spoiler]

A pic of us love her so much. I hope everyone finds someone you love so we can all "make it'.

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Hey man that's your opinion. I don't agree but respect it.

>Veeky Forums

I smoke though... and my maxes are pretty fucking awesome. What you tryin to say, user?

U tryinga get doxxed kiddo!?

Stop smoking.

Naw man just monika

>i'll find a girl as cute as her someda...

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>smoker and /fit here
I know a guy who smokes a pack daily and benches 450 pounds,deadlifts 675 pounds and squats 625 pounds. Your comment is irelevant.

Don't really care. I didn't post anything bad.

definition of Veeky Forums here is somebody that doesnt squat bench or deadlift because muh joints and eats clean and has no vices

She looks like benchbros amber with short hair

I know you will bro

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its a dude

I'm going to find you and wear your gfs skin

Veeky Forums definition of being fit is the final pill

I'm going to find you and wear your skin

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Lol I know right. If you are already hitting the gym, you have given up your health so why not smoke if it's going to damage your lungs and not muscles anyway? Smoking makes you manly. Lifting heavy makes you manly. I mean unless people are into /fit to be healthy. That would be kinda pathetic soyfag crossfit shit.

did you really think this thread would go the the way you intended?

Honestly not really. But it was worth a shot and I'm trying to be positive.


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>Looks like Elliot Rodger
>Dates an absolute qt

How did you do it?

Almost 5plate deadlift and didnt reach handholding 1rm yet

Can't post my gf because she is the daughter of an embassador

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Confidence and being funny.


Holy moly the absolute extent of this smoker cope


Can he walk up a flight of stairs?

>those twig arms
browses Veeky Forums, but doesnt even lift himself lel

Know you won't believe but I do just a bad pic of arm.

>not smoking for marginal test boost
>not knowing smoking is better than sodomy health-wise

take a different pic then, faggot

dios mio! duende de roija de atricidad

How do you get a gf? Where do they hang out


Because you use straps.

I met her on Facebook.

Nothing special but not complete skelly

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Lemme see bruv

kinda skelly tho
also chest/shoulder-let

Definitely still chest-let shoulders are getting better.


Also drinking any type of alcohol kills gains and you're only forcing yourself to be someone your not

Wtf is wrong with her teeth

How do you go about doing that if I dont really have anybody from around here added on my facebook

im going to find you and wear your foreskin

I'm snipped boi

I'm warning you man, I was born with ability to see this shit before it happens. And I see a cuckening in your future. On a scale of how bad I'd say it's an 8/10

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Check your recommended.

From our spring break trip :)

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fuckign KEKKEEK

if dubs OP will 100% get cucked by negro

Can't go into detail why, but trust me I know that won't happen.


My DL is only 3pl8 1rm and I did handholding earlier today for reps. Gave me like a fifth of a boner somehow.

candid at the farmers market!

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I'm telling you man, I was born with ability to see this shit before it happens. And I see a marriage in your future. On a scale of how good it'd be I'd say 6/10 or maybe 7/10

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Ok dude I just added a bunch of people, how long untill one of them is my gf

shooting way above your league m8, don't fuck it up

Ik right wtf

I give it a week or 2

my gf

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How do I make it recommend me people from where I live and also what should my picture be that girls will want to click on it

very cute

I forgot how much she looks like a male emma watson

A pic of you and make sure you just talk to then be polite just don't be a "Niceguy"

Nice user, shes got sweet jugs

People say this but I don't see really it.

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>I can see the future
>Fails to get a 5 anywhere in the last half of his post.

Poor show, Pharaoh.

Ok i put my relationship status single
Will the gf hit me up if I add her or do I have to keep sending messages until somebody replies

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it's the eyes imo

I honestly think you're better looking

No homo

oh yeah I forgot emma watson has brown eyes too. Blonde + brown eyes is a patrician combo imo.

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The latter

my gf

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Cosplay is Ms. Fortune from Skullgirls. We had tried making vinyl skin-stickers for the scars, but the proportions didn't turn out right and they didn't stay on, so we scrapped them.

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slut and unpure

fuck u

>Started dating girl but she's with good chance moving cities and doesn't want to be tied down
>Filling the void with meaningless sex and tinder flirts

It works

Nice user, she’s hot

those are actually both my least favourite hair and eye colours but hey, to each their own

>to each their own

this is an unusually considerate thing to hear on Veeky Forums

>not realizing the absolute beauty of dark/dirty blonde + ice blue eyes

I'm a dyel skeleton if that clears up the confusion, I can't afford to be this judgemental