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Should I use rogaine on my beard?

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I'd be happy already with what you have, I'm 23 and have been using minox for like 5 months now, fairly impressed with the results especially on the eyebrows thickness

Does the fogginess go away and the itchiness? Post beard

yeah but should I use rogaine on my beard?
also, have you notice any side effects?

Is a beard an effective way to hide being a fat dyel?

The only meaningful beard advice: grow only if you have good coverage. If you don't, grow only the areas where you have. If the type of beard this forces you to have doesn't fit you, shave it all

OP here. not sure if I have good coverage or not. what I have heard is that rogain can sorta work around your advice and give you better coverage.

Haven't had fogginess, and itchiness definitely goes way, my skins used to it now, just recently shaved, but take my word, I went from having like 6 cheek hairs and no neck hairs, and now my neck gets pretty covered and so does the cheeks. Seriously worth it for the eyebrows though dark and thick when combined with castor oil desu, chicks love em

rogaine dried my face out really badly, even when using high end moisturiser. Found myself getting nasty headaches when using it for over a few weeks too

oof, sounds miserable. anyone else notice these symptoms?

Ive had chest tightness from it. Idk how serious that shit is

so does rogaine work for beards or not?

rogaine works on beards, yes

but dry face will be a problem


are you implying I'm not white? I'll have you know I'm an American.

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Beard is for soyboys
t. can't grow beard

try the minoxidil
it apparently works forever

I don't care about the beard I just shave what I have

yeah but imagine looking like THIS

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A beard is not gonna make that better famalam

Minox user here
Been using it for a year now cause I only use it pretty much once a day. Symptoms aren't there with foam minoxidil, however dripping it onto your face with the liquid shit will give you some fucked up symptoms for 2 or so weeks.
Also ignore the facelets here without beards who say its numale, the OPTION of having a full thick beard is great.

sorry, meant this
so, how much beard gains have you seen?

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How come there are 15 year olds with tick beards while me at age of 20 will never make it.

I'm spotless. The left side of my face has nothing.

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embrace the twink life

I am a skeleton.
I tell people they at I'm 20, they get shocked. They always think I'm 17-18. Friends tell me to grow a beard but I just can't. Have no body hair.

damn, that's like a fuckin mask

My bad

wtf genes? my dad and grandad has beards, im 29 and i dont have. Its not genes

>I tell people they at I'm 20, they get shocked. They always think I'm 17-18.

What the fuck is the difference in appearance at those ages lol

I unironically started using minox just to try and fill in a tiny bare patch.
Anyway after about 3 weeks I put it on last night and it made my face furiously burn for about 3 hours?
What gives, I’m about to pour the shit down the sink.

It’s test then
I’m the same
Low test = shit beard
All my relatives have legit insane completely full thick beards

Beards usually don't come in thicker and 'properly' (all the way up the cheeks etc.) till you're past 25.

Just wait it out, you fucking idiots.

It is 100% genes and testosterone. Just because you have two family members with good beards doesn't mean you have the same genes they do. Jesus christ do they not teach basic heredity in highschool anymore

This so much.

You can get away with what you have if kept short, shaped and brushed like you have in pic. Minox that stuff if you want that to thicken in, you are a good candidate from the looks of it. On what I hope to be my last 6 months, it's almost where I want it. I'll probably keep using on my head though to prevent any possible hair recession.

Mind it makes hair in other places too, watch out for earlobes, unibrow nostrils etc keep that old man hair plucked/trimmed.

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I always wondered why I was the only person in my family who can grow a beard, then I realized that all my grandparents can grow full beards but shaved their entire life

Beards are a dead fad. Only soyboys still have them to hide their hilarious jawlines.

more like to hide a shit jawline and/or receding chin

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Nothing wrong with having a beard
I have a glorious chin/jawline and keepba beard just for shits



>5% mcdonalds grease

>he doesn't want thick, even stubble for the grills

Will pic related work in addition to a dermaroller to make my beard thicker?
>and my hair grow back

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is that snake oil?

Maybe, but people say it helps hair grow, kill skin fungus, and its cheap