Lets settle it once and for all Veeky Forums

lets settle it once and for all Veeky Forums

>is water a meme?

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>need it to live

Is living a meme?

u can get all your h20 from pop tho u don't need water necessarily


Staying alive is the ultimate meme.

Since you made the thread, let's ask all the important questions
>is air a a meme?

If its from the tap or a plastic bottle, yes.

Reverse osmosis masterrace

Mind blown

Yes OP. Please stop drinking it.

Gatorade's better

enjoy dehydration retard

Enjoy not having electrolytes that your muscles crave, idiot.

gatorade needs water to be effective

and water need minerals and electrolytes to be effective. hence GATORADE IS BETTER

Just drink water whenever you get thirsty. All this dumb shit about 40 gallons a day is a meme.

>Literally hate the taste of water
The absolute state of amerifats


yet you can survive not drinking gatorade for years?

actually correct that to "your entire life", skip drinking water for 3 days and see how you feel

>He still breathes oxygen
>He doesn't wear a gas mask that constantly pumps poppers into his lungs for max gains

NEVER gonna make it

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Just a little bit, it helps people that don't drink water to remind them to drink water, but you don't have to drink 8 glasses or 2 liters. Day, more like 2 glasses

Being the faggot carrying around a half gallon jug of water at the gym is definitely a meme.