/fitoholics/ is Michelob Ultra the Veeky Forums beer?

/fitoholics/ is Michelob Ultra the Veeky Forums beer?

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No beer is fit beer. But drink what you want i assume you're an adult

If I care that much about calories I’ll drink vodka & soda with some lime. Fuck that shitty light piss beer

>drinking beer
Beer is for plebs. Vodka clean is meta

Drink liquor if you want to avoid beer gut, no amount of light beer can save you from it. Vodka for partying, whiskey for chilling

From my alcoholic binges in uni I found that drinking soda is a lot less healthy than drinking juice with vodka. Try and aim for those one gallon Arizona iced teas to chase. Much less carbs and sugar

Is liquor really that effective in avoiding gut? My diet is alright and I go to the gym 5 out of 7 days of the week

Miller Lite has less calories and carbs. Its also 100 times cheaper.

I can get 48 ounces of Miller Lite for 4 bucks where 36 ounces of Michelob Ultra is 10 bucks.

Really? Where do you live

>Arizona iced teas to chase. Much less carbs and sugar
Are you kidding me

If you're going to drink beer, which should be rare, you might as well drink something real or good and not worry about the nutrition on it.

Mid Michigan. I get my beer from the party store down the street. They sell 16 ounce cans for 1.25 a piece out the door. Same store sold me three12 ounce MU for 10 bucks. Most shitty party store have prices like that. Avoid the nicer liquor stores and places like Walmart.

Also just limit your alcohol intake. I lost 60lbs in 6 months and still drink beer a few times a week.

No have you compared the nutrition facts?


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Soda is pretty bad. 12 ounce of Fanta is 44 sugars and 44 carbs. 160 calories.

It's the tryhard beer

yikes half a slice of pizza in a can

If you limit yourself to 2-3 beers, your fine. Once you start drinking more and more, that shit adds up to a nice big belly. Liquor is more effective for getting alcohol while avoiding excess calories

And soda isnt filling at all. Its probably the single biggest contributor to widespread obesity because soda makes it retard tier easy to over-consume calories and sugar on a daily basis. There would be fewer fat people, and the fat people would be less fat if all soda was replaced with just water in their diets. I dont think any other single fix would make such a big difference.

Why not drink your oats? Great for recovery, great for the digestive system, great for the immune system and even better for the smells you'll emit from your underarms whilst lifting the next day!

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Fuck it bruh, if you're not too much of a 'Toon have a Choco Pancake Brown Ale ya bastard

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