Give it to me straight

How bad is it? I've been on an intense bodyweight workout for two months, went from 220 to 212. How long before I am sexy? I'm 6'1, when should I start lifting?

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intense bodyweight exercises? uh ok. 8 pounds in 2 months is not a lot imo, you just need to eat less and train more. also lift weights dude, muscles burn calories passively

yeah, I agree. 8 pounds in 2 months is nothing. what do you mean when you say muscles burn calories passively?

Males: IBW = 50 kg + 2.3 kg for each inch over 5 feet.
IBW stands for ideal body weight
50 kg + 2.3(13) kg = 79.9 kg
79.9 kg = 176 lbs
212 lbs - 176 lbs = 36 lbs
You can lose 2 lbs of mostly fat per week if you count calories, do keto, do intermittent fasting, and are strict. So that's 18 weeks (4.5 months).

Looks like shit and you should start lifting right away.

>when should I start lifting?
As soon as possible, lifting is fun once you get past the newbie pain and fear

I have a hard time believing you're 6'1 212lbs with that bigass belly

> lifting is fun

Your delusions should not infect other people. The majority of the time lifting is absolutely not fun, it's a strenuous activity however you get used to it and then you want to do it again sometimes to get more improvements

what kind of calorie deficit are we looking at here?
where should I start with lifting? I have no friends to spot me.

you're right, i'm actually 5'8 245 ;_;
I just wanted to be cool on the internet

Eating food is a meme, just stop.

lifting is only fun if u do it for strength
if u are trying to look good well its impossible without the use of steroids

can you life while doing keto and intermittent fasting?

Really? :/ no nees to lie bro

>How bad is it?
not that bad
>I've been on an intense bodyweight workout for two months
stop it
>How long before I am sexy?
between 1 and 2 years, don't expect anything faster
>when should I start lifting?
right now, also start running and start counting calories

good luck

>not gonna make it
to me it is fun.

You should start lifting two months ago. Get to it, dude. The gut ain't gonna lose itself.

why would I stop doing bodyweight workouts? Are pushups, squats, situps and pullups not good for you or something?

i can lift, but i can't life

They are actually better than lifting weights for joint health, but there are other problems that matter a lot when you are a begginner.

Progressive weight overload is quite difficult with calisthenics, and you won't see noticeable changes in your physique for a long time, and in return you'll get frustrated. Contrary to popular belief, bodyweight exercises are not the best way to go for begginners, it is useful for mantaining when you are more advanced, but that's about it.

Huh, all of that shit is stupid and wrong.


ok bro, I'm sure you believe it too. Everybody defines 'fun' differently. I 'like' going to the gym, but I wouldnt call it fun. It's semantics, however most people define 'fun' like I do, as a non-strenuous activity.

interesting. I assumed it was important because of how difficult pushups were for me at the start. however, If I work my way up to sets of 50 doing pushups and squats, when the weight comes off from eating at a deficit, I should be fairly cut, right? Especially since, being overweight, my calisthenics are a bit more effective now anyway, right? I will take your advice and start lifting, however, I think I'll keep up with my bodyweight exercises as well.

That's some weak shit, if you not having fun with it you making it hard on yourself

I started just like that, and I didn't make any real progress until I went for the weights full time
The weight will come off as long as your diet is on check, cardio helps a bit with it, but weightlifting is about shaping your body, not losing weight.

so, whats a good regimen for starting out. I don't want to ignore any muscle groups. I want to be well balanced.

starting strenght
or Scooby's

but actually just find something that matches your schedule and stick with it, don't obsess with the program

The bigger you are, the more calories your body needs to maintain it. More muscles, more excess fat consumption, assuming you are maintaining a decent diet and some cardio.

>He doesn't have fun improving himself
>he doesn't enjoy pushing his limits and finding new realms of strength he never thought possible for himself
Never, ever, gonna make it.

For me literally every part of going to the gym is fun, except the few seconds at the end of a set that burn really bad. The satisfaction once that momentary pain is gone is worth it.