> get mogged by a robot

why even bother anymore?

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It won't work for women because they need "excitement, emotions and feelings"

Who told you that?

Good, now maybe those loser cunts and feminists will stop spending untold millions on blocking, stopping and setting back female sex robots and AI.

I should know I'm a woman

Let's make some arguments for which bot is superior, stacybot or chadbot.

>infinite thrust capability able to do all positions
>heated penis with adjustable length, firmness, and elasticity
>heated imitation cum that can ejaculate into vagina or butthole during intercourse, amount can be adjusted
>can listen to all your problems and validate your own opinions
>can abuse it extensively or let it abuse you

>infinite thrust capability able to do all positions
>heated vagina and butthole with adjustable tightness, deepness, etc
>imitation ejaculation fluid that can squirt as much as you want it to, can be adjusted
>can listen to your problems and validate your own opinions
>can abuse it extensively or let it abuse you

I mean all in all, it feels like sexbots would be superior to both men and women.

>enlightened centrist

>sexbot for women
>provides sex, something most of them don't even want, and use as a commodity to get things from men
>sexbot can not give them money, they have to PAY to get it

i dunno i think sales wouldn't be proportional to stacybots.

Male sex dolls will never catch on because they cant work and pay the bills.


Girls have multiple orgasms. They win by default, you can't beat them.
Just like they say, while you talk to stacy begging for her jewel, she'll be already getting plowed by chadbot every night.

I'm sorry.
I really don't care about chad bot.
I want my eternally young and hot thick 4'8" asian sex doll with real daddy issues damnit.

Women can get theirs
Men can get ours
Those are the rules
How popular the chad bot is or isn't with a female and faggot demo means absolutely nothing to men

>cracks jokes
i judge this only on the quality of these jokes

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>having to PAY for it
>not going to help social standing
>not going to raise mutt children
I don't think women will buy sexbots

Must suck to get mogged by a manlet-bot

Women are attracted to competence and resources. You’d have to build a robot capable of running a company AND serving her sexual needs.

>bot plowing stacey
>meanwhile bot searches internet for funny memes and sticks sharpy cos joke

Really makes you think.

>Be man
>Build sexbot for women

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>one day sexbots get so good AI that Chadbot and Stacybot will choose eachother over humans
>manufacturers getting double cucked by their own creations
Just imagine



the best you'll get is soyboy humor from the nerds programming the thing


HAha hiw do I reddit gold this post? There's.no upvote buton

>get cucked by robot

>acting like there's anything to substance human contact
specially for women, bots are worthless

just bought 100k

>let it abuse you
That would probably get some people killed

the amish were right

technology leads to extreme satanic shit

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We men are nothing more than a giant funny vibtator

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Ted Kaczynski was right all along wasn't he.

Do you ever genuinely listen to how fucking neurotic you are lads?

This. It won't work for women because women need to feel like Chad loves her. It's not enough for them to have a robot that's forced to love her because of it's programming, it will work for her short-term but she can't get long-term fulfillment out of it.
The only women who would go for this are young ones, but they can't afford it. And the ones that can will be hurting themselves anyway, because they'll hit the wall and realize they want something more than a robot but by then it will be too late.