My breakfast sucks. I usually have porridge with skimmed milk heated up in the microwave...

My breakfast sucks. I usually have porridge with skimmed milk heated up in the microwave. What do other fitizens have for breakfast?

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I usually skip breakfast or just have a small protein bar. I don't have time to eat a proper meal before work unless I wake up at least 2 hours before I have to go and even if I do manage to wolf down a decent meal, I feel sick and bloated.

Feels bad but it's just the way my body is.

>cooled cooked oats (I cook a large batch once a week and put it in the fridge)
>protein powder
>frozen berries

When I wake up I find it more comfy to simply drink my breakfast

Heavy protein shake.
Oats, 2 scoops protein, peanut butter, banana, 3 eggs, almond milk, vegemite

d-do you just eat the vegemite straight up???
or do u put it with your shake

The go to is:

Either Bacon or Sausage hash with veggies
Side of slow cooked Steel Cut Oats

50g porridge made with water
50g peanut butter stirred in

Every day, never get tired of it.

Sometimes on toast

But yeah toss a couple teaspoons in the shake, you'll be fine

4 weet-bix and cornflakes, and a no-sugar coffee.

enjoy your bowel cancer

Never gonna make it

If I’m on a hurry, protein shake+pb&j sandwich. If I have time, I also eat an egg sandwich (2 eggs). Oh and before I eat all that I take a Vitamin D, a Vitamin C and a Zinc supplement

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2 cups of steel cut oats and 6 boiled eggs

Oat so simple porridge pot with one scoop and boiled water

best breakfast, literally mins to prepare and eat and it costs nothing

been eating that for years probs like 40-50kg dry weight in total, my body probably half oatz at this point

I can't stand eating oats in the morning so i just put a packet of them in the blender with milk and drink it to get it over and done with

What do you take the Zink for? I take Vit D + Omega-3 right now

>current year

Stop derailing any interesting thread with retarded memes. I hate cancer like you that is spreading through fit. Kys

1 cup oats with peanut butter, white S I P S
Literally the GOAT

Because it’s good for your health and you don’t get enough from food

>200gr oatmeal
>400ml water
>50gr sunflower seeds
>50gr coconut shavings
>10gr cocoa powder
>2 boiled eggs on the side
macros: 59.5p, 140c, 85f, around 1570cal

I agree. I thought all of fit was on board the fasting train now?

Cause if we are not doing it please let me know. I just switched from IF to OMAD yesterday

>150g plain skyr, 30-40g of protein musli

Scrambled/fried egg on toast

oats left to soak in skimmed milk and whey over night in the fridge with blueberries and a banana and a handful of almonds

>he calls it porridge
never gonna make it famalam

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You're all fucked up!!!!!

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