Does fit have any pets? Pic related are mine

Does fit have any pets? Pic related are mine

I would like to get some sort of athletic dog someday to run and hike with as well.

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I have one pet and its already huge pain in ass, i need to take him to gym, feed, wash, wipe his ass, jerk him off, put asleep, see in mirror, list goes on.

They look cool, do they show affection to each other?

I have a dog he is stupidly happy around family but scary to strangers, my cockatiel keep him in check
Animals are great

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I don't really get them out together very often, they're housed in different cages, the male kind of gives I want to fugg vibes but that's about it

Post your cockatiel

10/10 cute

Beautiful dog. I wish I had one, but I am scared of them a little.

What are those? Cute.

Don't be. They sense fear and react in consequence


Siberian Husky named Sam. want a dog that is down for a 3 mile run at literally any time? get a husky.

I was once bitten by one and since then there is always this though, that practically nothing would hold the dog back if he decides to attack me.

Yeah I have a pet rabbit, she is cute as hell and perfect in every sense.

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satan in rabbit form

Look at his heart shaped bites :3

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try one of these.

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Yeah nothing will, but is the same thing with people, nothing will hold them back If they want to hurt you, are you afraid of people too?

>Needing a gun to protect himself from dogs
You are a faggot lol

I live on the Germoney, no guns here, only pepper spray.
Since you have a dog, maybe you can answer me this. Do dogs get influenced by the mood of their owner? For instance, if you are sad, does your dog also get sad, does he try to cheer you up, does he react in any way to this?

it eats the packaging?>

Yes, they stress me more than dogs, but I know I could defend myself against a person. A dog in that sense is rather simple, either he likes you or not, and usually he will show it. People can be really vicious.

I once caught a stray dog eating my garbage.
Decided to chase it off.
At first it wanted to attack me, but then I kicked it and yelled at it.
needless to say it ran away afterwards

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I'm not him but i got 3 dogs, 2 sheperds and a little fella. Yes they react but it's more instinct than emotions. Obv they feel emotions too but it's a sort of action reaction sort of thing.

Birds love to bite and tear things, he doesn’t eat the packaging but loves hot cheetos

He’s 6’5 145lbs of pure power, how do I get him stronger and more muscular?

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The dog should know that there is practically nothing holding you back if you decide to attack it

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You answered yourself

any dogs will do unless it's a chihuahua or carlin

If it's instinct, do they react in a similar manner or does it depend on the individual dog?

Nice gondolas.
Interesting thought, it actually never came to my mind that people or animals could think the same, that I might go bonkers on them.

raw meat.

Too bad these dogs don't live longer than 6 years

Before this pup we had another Dane that lived until he was 12, the hips of these dogs get so bad when they’re older

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Thanks I collect them, but its not a big collection.

Its better for both you and the dog to not fight each other because you both risk injury.
So a mutually beneficial relationship starts.

But in general, If something or someone is threatening you, just make sure you signal to them that you will totally and utterly destroy them of the face of the earth if they decide to have a go.
And make sure your counter threat is credible. (e.g. not a bluff).

This is why countries have nukes btw.
No one wants to use them, but god have mercy on the souls that decide to test their luck against you

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I try to think more often like that and less like a spineless coward.

le ebin pringles face

Leopard geckos, they're pretty good pets

Dogs are man's best friend for a reason. If you are hurt or sad theyll be loving and want to cuddle up next to you. If you are all wound up and pacing the dog will get antsy too. If you are threatened by something the dog will sense it.

Fun fact is that dogs are one of the few animals that understand pointing not even chimps can compare.

Dont have a pet yet. my gf wants a dog, but im more of a cat person.
what do?

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At the weekend me and a few other people were at a friends place who has two dogs. The dogs were just chilling somewhere, but as soons as someone mentioned the word 'Gassi' (going for a walk) they exploded from the floor and were looking for the leash.