>takes more than 1 or 2 days off per week
it's like you don't want to make it, ever.

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good thread

You do realize that when you're not natty, that's when you can lift 7 days a week without negative impact, right, cause natty lifters have worse recovery times? You're not actually that dumb?

You could have stopped there and the pic would have still been appropriate

>training 5 or 6x a week implies overtraining

Fully depends on how you trian, if you train low volume enough you can train twice a day 6-7 times/week as a natty and that is probably the most effective way to train actually. But it depends on your genetics and it you eat/sleep properly.

>rest days
>losing 1/7 gains for no reason

low volume, high intensity, high frequency is how i grew best as a natty
I would squat every day. Do arms everyday, deadlift every other day, bench 2 or 3x a week, insane gains

>muh recovery

man up

natties wont make it no matter what they do so who cares

>natties wont make it no matter what they do so who cares

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Found your mistake

Middle one has best body i forgot her name

Wish i had gf with body like that holy shit

not natty

I'm starting to believe you. But do cardio days count as "off" days?

>implying roid gains are even yours and anyone cares about them
you can't lie to yourself

Literally everyone this board worships roids faggot

>Eddie hall

Name one single natty anyone cares about

As long as you eat enough calories sure. On my off days I do light cardio (bouncing on a trampoline)

The most important thing on an off day and I can't stress this enough... FOAM ROLLING AND DEEP STRETCHING

mike patton

Great thread
I'm natty and my numbers go down if I go 2+ days between hitting a muscle group. Ripped at 260 btw

Post routine


Both of those are memes
Just some dynamic warmup before heavy lifts if your flexibility is beyond garbage and youre good to go


Mike Patton is a genetic freak

There's no way anyone is getting near to him roids or not

Bugenhagen isn't natty


Not him but my routine is:

Zercher Squat/Bulgarian Split Sqaut
Seal Rows/Chins
Barbell Bench
Conventional Deadlift/Good Mornings

3x a week, I cycle between the / excercises every
2 weeks

I said in the off days. Dynamics is what I do on lifting days. Stretching has been show to increase hypertrophy

steroids are for losers, the gains come so fast and easy, they literally aren't even yours, don't delude yourself

Real talk, you think a natty can have lifts good enough to be a medalist in the olympics without roiding? To be in the top you neeeeeeed to also have the hormonal advantage.

I agree 100%, has been my experience as well. I did a periodization program with only increased intensity for three months and gained 5kg/11lbs as an experienced lifter, I was shocked how effective it was. Did you do periodization as well? I feel like it's the most effective set up I've encountered, I would literally feel myself getting fitter every 2 weeks and at the 4th "recovery week" I felt like a god.

yes strength is something nattys can excel at, world record level.

Is Brian shaw and Eddie and the rest of strong me really use steroids?

5x5 for those lifts? throw in any accessories/hypertrophy work?

>clarence ins't roiding
This has to be a joke, right?

5x5 generally but when I deload I'll do 2x8. I'll add the occasional accessory but only if it's because I'm stalling on my weight

Yeah,that FTV girl with braces ?
Rilee Marks i think,not entirely sure though

Weird, I got my best gains through a high volume, low rest 8x8 program. Best hypertrophy gains, not strength gains though.

what's your proof?

yep nattys need to push themselves crazy, nucleus overload or w/e its called

Yes, porbably large amounts.


better be doing skateboard squats, youngins
not gonna make it natty if you don't


He heavly implies it in a number of comments on his YT, and he himself says that everyone weightlifting at his level is roiding.

Eric Bugen
Nether Beast
Are my natty goal models

>imagine being this stupid
He lifts for fun, he's not trying to stay natty for pride. The more he lifts, the more he has fun. He takes roids so he can lift more, thereby having more fun. This isn't hard to understand.

if he lifts for fun and to make gains then he wouldn't do roids, because its not him making the gains, but the roids.
Anyone whose done roids knows the feeling of "wow its not even me..." and it feels fucken gay, yes roids are that powerfful.
Clarence on roids would look like Larry Wheels, not a regular natty bodybuilder.

>Doesn't work AT LEAST twice a day

You were never meant to make it.

this but ironically

Hypertrophy of your lumbar discs hernias

Wrong on many levels

g-guys natty is an insult now , r-right?


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I'm trying 3x1 2-3 times a day, adding weight every day. only one lift a day, and alternating between 2 lifts (weighted pull-ups and weighted dips)

is this dumb or genius?

>It's ANOTHER episode of 'natties try to lecture roiders on the effects of roids'

This board is a trip

If you watch out for injuries and CNS burnout it's a decent way to get good at specific lifts

It's awful for hypertrophy

>2000lbs rackpull
>crazy as absolute shit

natty, suure lol

sandow obviously
tinytrip gets shit on but obviously had great body below chin

>implying sitting under a pine tree at full bloom during full moon, doing the Wim Hoff breathing method and rubbing yourself in self made castor oil can be considered natty

this, they drank horse semen every day

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jeff seid

jeff pls go

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Low volume away from failure is always better for strength, but not size.
High volume close or to failure is ALWAYS better for size, but it sucks for strength if you're natty without the use of drugs to help with the massive recovery deficit you have.

This is possibly the worst thing about being a natty with average genetics, you either can only train for size or train for strength.

Sometimes it's hard to tell if you're even making progress because of this, even though you are getting bigger muscles most of the time you find that you're not being able to put more weight on the bar.

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Thats why strength training is great for a novice. You get your base and decent lifts, learn to lift, proper form, etc. After that go balls deep into hyperthropy for size gains.

Chad trains twice a week, eats whatever he wants and STILL looks better than you

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I worked out 6x a week and switched to 3x a week with 2 days of cardio as well after stalling hard and got gains again

Body had a shitton of fatigue debt from no recovery

what are Veeky Forums approved hyperthropy programs?

hope you're memeing. If not, start reading Stuart McGill's books. Gift from injury, anything

thanks for the vid lad, will watch it when I'm feeling like a bitch

I train 3x a week with a program I wrote (not a beginner) and making gains consistently. First program I'm doing with pure focus on hypertrophy.

First 5 weeks back to the gym for ages too. Best program I've been on so far already notice body comp changing.

Diet is pretty tuned in too.

he showed his stack in a video (by accident)
now fuck off

I bet you can't even bench 2pl8 faggot.

you shouldn't be taking off more than 2 days a month.

I'm so sore though.
Can I really not rest?

lol anyone got this vid?


overtraining is a thing, you do need rest

>mfw I lift once/week, fully recovered, soreness-free, and jacked up on coffee

Did the big 3 last week. Doing front squats, the Press, rows, and pullups tomorrow.

I jog, swim, and wrestle too tho.

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I haven't worked out in 3 years Veeky Forums
how badly are DOMS gonna rape me after my first workout?

lifts before were 135 ohp, 250 bench. 350 squat 460 dl

It is Rilee Marks.

>implying Veeky Forums cares about any of those people other than zyzz and Piana
The only requirements for Veeky Forums worship is that you have to lift weights and you have to be a living breathing meme. Which Rich and Zyzz were

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Scoops of what? I only drink water, ma dude.

You do realize that no major strong man events (that I'm aware of, eg WSM, ESM, USASM, Arnold strongman classic) test for PEDs right? The only WSM winner to get popped for drug use was pudz and that was for cocaine.


>cutting with clen
Okay there bud.

>left has no bra
Satan takes many forms

Is 4x a week for around 2 hours really that bad? Student with job and no 24/7 gyms nearby