Is this shit really that bad for you?

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It is quite literally the single worst product available today for your body.

Pizza is no. 2

No it's not... But it's pretty bad OP. Once in a while it won't hurt but don't consume it habitually.

You'd rather not want to start.
Also, to the commenter above, it's like saying a cig twice a month won't hurt you much either

Grape soda makes me feel like im straight up drinking chemicals. Like you can taste the can.

>it's like saying a cig twice a month won't hurt you much either

And that would be true. A cig twice a month would have little to no effect on your health. But anycase, soda is not as bad as cigs, not even close.

if you live on a crowded city, you breath more dust and smoke on a 20 minutes walk than two cigs, but the problem is, everyone that smokes one or two cigs ends up smoking lot more

>not driking zero calories drinks
>wanting to not make it


Exactly it's turns into an addiction and then you can't easily snap out of it. Sugar has been shown to have very strong addicting properties.

>yes got, it's zero calories, what's there to be afraid of?

How is pizza #2?
Aren't sour candy, prepackaged cakes, and ice cream worse?

>soda is not as bad as cigs, not even close.

Bullshit. Soda fucks your body up way the fuck faster than cigs will, and it's more addictive. Compare smoking 20 cigarettes a day (1PAD) to drinking 20 cans of coke a day and see which one fucks your world up faster.

Don't listen to any of these faggot's bro, it's grape flavoured, that's legit 1 of your 5 a day and I heard it's genuinely kind to teeth too. Also if you drink minimum 6 a day for a week you will have purple shits. Worth it

Yes those are a lot worse than pizza. Mozzarella cheese has protein in it.

>ignoring pizzas god tier macros so he can sound enlightened

>drinking 6.66 litres of soda every day
Of course that's going to fuck your shit up

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What makes sour candy worse then regular candy?

>equating 20 cans of soda to 20 cigarettes

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>what's there to be afraid of?
Literally nothing

>pizza is bad for you

carb-heavy sure, but having a few slices will be fine.

Soda on the other hand is almost entirely sugar.

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So are carbs, meats, dairy, fish and fruits
Pick ur poison boy

artificial citric acid will fuck ya teeth and bloodsugar up my dude

i drink 200ml bottles once or twice a week at most. and only when im outside or with buddies bumming around town etc... i never drank it home

yes. the refined sugar is horrible for you

You're clearly young. It'll catch up to you.

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Whats up with people saying its addicting? are americans really that bad at self control? Holy shit

Drink Diet Coke instead for your fizzy fix brainlet

Power ranking of shittiest things to consume (excluding drugs and hazardous substances)
1- alcohol
2- soda
3- ice cream
4- chips/doritos etc...
5- donuts/pastries/cookies/chocolate bars

so everything that's worth eating?

What do you mean by "worth eating" ?

Besides your mom, yes

false equivalency

cigarettes, vaping, weed
processed juices
county fair food: funnel cakes, fried oreos, fried ice cream, fried anything
some burgers
some breaded/fried fast food

Yes, I know when I was skinny/fat/ I was hooked on it and I'd get moody when I couldn't have it. The first thing I did when I wanted to get Veeky Forums was cut that shit out and replaced it with sparkling water and/or seltzer water. I shit you not I lost 10% of my BF (combined with moderate exercise mind you) over the course the course of a few weeks with virtually no other changes to my diet. If don't like the taste of sparkling water, or if you're missing soda badly, just mix it with some cranberry juice, it tastes bretty good.

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>If don't like the taste of sparkling water
fug I'm retarded

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