Talked to a girl for 5 seconds

>talked to a girl for 5 seconds
>got hard

what does this mean

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You are not allowed to go into your sisters room again?

I know that fuckin feel dude

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Means you have an oedipus complex

What do? I can't go around getting hard as soon as a girl smiles at me, it makes me self conscious


Nod and stare whilst slowly taking a roll of sellotape out of your pockets. Next, continue nodding, and smile to ease any awkwardness as you slide your hand down the front of your pants to tape your cock to the inside of your left thigh. If you need any help, don't be afraid to ask her.

you nofap noporn?

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c h e e k y

I got hard after holding hands with a girl
>tfw virgin


Can someone post the other pic with angry Ryan screaming in the background of calm Ryan?

Cut your balls and dick off OP. Take some est pills too.

You don't want the girl to see your boner! She will report you and you'll ho to jail for sex crime! 30 years to life!

Here you go brah

this one?

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>cute cashier said 'have a nice day!' and smiled at me
>felt myself precumming before i got out of the store

>get text from girl
>become partially erect

Is this the ashwaghanda/zinc kicking in?

>girl stands 2 meters in front of me with her ass towards me
>get hard
I have autism

>Donate 25$ for camgirl to acknowledge me
>Go diamonds when she starts waving at me

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>go to a convention where I'm surrounded by goddesses in revealing costumes all day
>only realise afterwards I never got an erection during the con

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What the fuck is wrong with you people

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happened to me today
>in metro
>lock eyes with a girl
>we smile to each other at the same time
>i look the other way after a while
>see in peripherial vision that she is still looking at me since
>got rock hard from the start and stayed that way for long wtf is this shit

If you dont pop a chub when you flirt / eyecontact and smile with attractice girl then youre low test

Yeah thanks buddy! Was looking for it and couldn't find anywhere.

Those cam sites are ugly ripoffs. I this kind of stuff used to happen to me in highschool.

Funny that you posted that (I'm from Israel).
Don't see anything inherently wrong with that quote, on the contrary, it makes me proud.
There is nothing wrong with the world of ideas, and looking for the prime cause of everything. Judaism even has exactly that, it's called Kabbalah.

You smelled her phermones and she smell yours. You are both compatible to breed

>be me
>works at a bar part time on the weekends just because its easy money, I can drink on the job and it gives me something to do
>17 year old hostess asked me if I wanted to go clubbing with her on her 18th birthday
>I said n-no
>she smiled and said I'm sure you'll change your mind later

I kinda want to go, but I don't want to look like a pedo.

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it means you're a high-test male

Where do you live?

Wanting to fuck someone who has tits and pubic hair isn't pedo.

The age of consent in large portions of the US even is 16(with wonky rules from time to time).

The age of consent in my state is 17. But its the fact that shes in high school that makes me feel weird.


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Did you go onto their campus and seek out a child?


She asked you out. Your line of thinking leads down the path of social anxiety induced autistic behavior.


Agreed. Or you're severely desensitized from porn.

Going out with an 18 yo makes you a pedo? How cucked is our nation

Fucking do it

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there's this one girl who every time I text I get hard.
what do?

dude, story of my life. I used to get diamonds every time I would ask for a girl's number on tinder

it's not a bad thing to be a virile man, no matter what modern """"""""""""""man"""""""""""""" will tell you

I don't get it

Explain. Now.

I think it was his mom.

The fuck is a metro? Some nibba slang? I think the fuck not

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The only girl OP talks to is his mom. People who want to fuck their mom have an Oedipus complex.

That's funny?

Grow the fuck up there are some people without their parents underaged douchebag

It's the subway in non-burgerland faggot

high test.

yes it is funny

Are you from some ex-Soviet satellite state where humor doesn't exist?

At least I have freedom

Me-1 you-0


>See shipmate in sweats leaning over a bait bin
>Can see her entire ass through the cotton, no undies
>Ask her if she needs help, give it to her
>Realize im rapidly expanding in the dong dimension due to simply seeing the outline of ass

Moral of the story girls don't belong on boats.

>what does this mean
talking to a woman you find attractive raises your cortisol and testosterone.

>went on 2nd date with gymqt
>pretty much semi-hard during the whole date
>she gave me a hairband with her perfume
>actually got the balls to hold her hand
>guess I'm just kv now
>she gives me a huge hug while we were waiting for the bus to come back home
>full boner
>don't think she felt it
>get home
>smell the hairband
>get hard

I also get semis or full on boners when texting her

i would be glad if i only got boners when texting her. i leak massive amounts of precum. i bandage my dick with toilet paper so my underwear wont get stained with it

Da heck


>tfw she probably gets wet too when she thinks of you

the metro is also what they call the bus in burgerland

fuck off

L O W - T

I'm on NoPorn and get it occasionally. NoPorn is the real deal man.

>bandage my dick with toilet paper

Its time to fuck her user, let the precum leak into her vag

>hot girl walking in front of me
>mfw seeing dat ass
>precum starts leaking

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talk to more women incel

You have no idea how many people here are underage.

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>the fuck is a metro

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Are you still in high school OP? Didn't even get boners in high school unless the chick was sleeping on my shoulder in the school bus, and her thighs were touching mine.


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