Good beginner routine which is not 5x5 or SS


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I need it for an ideals thread


Candito's linear Linear Program.pdf

there is no other GOOD beginner routine
if you dont like it, maybe weightlifting isnt for you

Starting Stronglifts 4*5.

Just bored thats all.
idk just randomly from somewhere

You're building a house, make the foundation solid.
Quit bitching, do the 5x5 for a year and then PPL to the end of time.

>is a beginner
literally never gonna make it
im dead serious user, if you are already bored, while still a fucking beginner, you should seriously consider stopping right now, because you will probably not last

Do a 6 day bro split with 3x8 and make ZERO GAINS

Been doing the typical 3x5 for 7 months now

12/10/8 for 2 month with mostly machines
maybe start even 15/15/15 the first 2 weeks to prevent muscle aching.

After that you can either keep going 12/10/8 or change your routine for what you are aiming for . Anyway change your lifts a little bit

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unless you squat 5pl8 and are still making progress, you've been doing it wrong and fucking around, and basically kill yourself

5x5->3x5->all-pro's beginer->scooby's intermediate->5/3/1
then you are advanced

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>good beginner routine besides two good beginner routines
Wtf is the point of this thread? Are you allergic to proven programs? Did a barbell kill your dad?

5/3/1 for beginners if you can stand the slow ass progress. It will get you very strong eventually

But why though? There's a reason they're the most frequently mentioned beginner routines - they work. Why reinvent the wheel when you have two simple, efficient programmes that will give you a solid foundation on which to progress?

Sheiko’s 8 week beginner program. Two periodized 4 week blocks.



There is one more program... la programma de la muerte... but I durst not post it. No one has ever undertaken it and lived.


trips confirm


Greyskull has been working well for me. 2 months in and the noob gains are starting to show. Still at absolute baby tier weight on most of my lifts, but they're going up. 170lb diddly feels good.

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Ivysaur 4/4/8

Anyone have thoughts or experiences with this routine?

I did it, it really increased my lifts enormously.
However, it is really heavy so you need to have the time/enough sleep and mentality for it.