Wake up feeling upper pec doms

>wake up feeling upper pec doms

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>wake up to gf feeling upper pec

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>wake up
>alone as always

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The Holy Trinity

I have literally never had DOMS

>wake up

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>wake up feeling like p diddly

>wake up and realize it's your day off

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if you ever start exercising you will

>days off
call me back if you ever want to make it user

I bet I sling more weight than you pussyclart

your own lard doesn’t count

or the cartons of ice cream you sling into your arteries

I've gotten upper pec doms but never lower pec. Hit me with your best exercises for making my titties hurt.


>grab your brush and put on a little makeup



>upper pec doms


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>wake up feeling quad doms

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Newfag here, what are doms

Clones of Dom Mazetti

Cable work done properly. Be warned: when you first start them you will need babby weight but your titties will hurt.


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big titty milfs

>working legs

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>wake up feeling glute doms

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>posting ANYTHING with vshred

fucking pleb, I already hate you

Deltoid doms

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>implying the lad isn't correct about using cables to make your titties hurt

Quads have spoken

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My favorite doms are triceps, probably because they're the hardest for me to get

My nigguh

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>wake up
another day in my expedition of endless suffering and misery

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1-Fuck you use google lazy bum
2-delayed onset muscle soreness

>do bb rows
>wake up with glute doms

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>Harmstring DOMS

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I still get pec doms...

Serratus doms

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>wake up to trap doms
>mfw the traps remained in bed after I clearly told them to get the fuck out of my house

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>brain doms

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this mothafukka gets it

>wake up
>heart doms

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>abs and back doms at same time

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>2 more hoursss

Underrated post

Literally me tomorrow.
Can't wait for that first bowel movement of the day.

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>>>>>>>""""""""upper pec"""""""""

>tfw anus dom
Feels great, bros.

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>woke up

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is this new? did you make it?
>Nice pepe, I'm taking it.

no one "makes" pepes, they just come into existence
you'd know this if you weren't so new

Had this after snorkeling. Also on the sides too. Full core doms.

No it fucking isn't. Fit has had a weekly >trap doms thread for the past 3 years. His post is unoriginal, and he ruined the once sacred joke with a paragraph of garbage explaining that he was actually referring to ladyboys being dominant, an explanation that's really only necessary if you're a moron. Do you not understand that the more one explains a joke, the worse it gets? Both of you are ruining this boards culture.

you should talk to and learn to love your butthurt

>wake up
>its your day off
>every day


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