Is there any point to lifting if im this ugly?


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Absolutely. Working out will help chisel your face/jawline and can make you a lot more attractive.

You're not even ugly, you're just an average looking guy

Lose some weight, get a decent haircut. You're not ugly.

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Dumbass expression with a fucking stupid haircut. You don't have overly disgusting features so you can still do well. Lose some fuckin weight and mew for starts, grow some stubble and you're already a good point higher

You’re not not ugly m8

You look sad bro, are you fighting an inward battle nobody knows about?

Every person in the world has a point to become strong through exercise and work.It's not about if you're hot or not.

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better, lose the stupid bewildered/depressed facial expression, get a better haircut and stop taking photos with your stupid headphones on


You're not ugly you're just fuck awful at taking photos and grooming yourself

i dont know how to groom

if you had less fat, had some sort of attempt at combing your hair, and had a different facial expression you would look fine

How do you practice facial expressions? When I look in the mirror, I think I'm handsome when I look myself in the mirror, but on the photos I look sleepy and exhausted. I think it's in the eyes, but I don't know how to become more conscious of it without seeing a reflection of myself.

Then learn man? You like 90% of people would look great if you got into shape. You're really not ugly enough to warrant posting on this board looking for people to insult you or something Mate, just hit the gym and whatever else you need to do to develop some self confidence and happiness

>it's another fat fuck thinks he's ugly episode
Fuck you you piece of shit. Lose some fat and you'll have a great jaw and face under all that shit. Try being skeleton and ugly.

Not ugly. Would make decent husbando. Get swole faggot.

your are not ugly just loose the weight m8

You don't look ugly at all, besides exercise is good for you regardless of how ugly you perceive yourself to be.
In any case, wash your face every day and night, drink 2 glasses of water every day and stop sitting in front of a screen all day long, go walk outside in sunlight

hop on test now
its your only hope
also see a psychiatrist and get out to build social tank

>drink 2 glasses of water every day
I'd make that 6 or more

only 2? thats not much at all i drink 2 liters of water per day

You don't have to drink that much daily, but just drinking water is better than not

The heaviest weights are the ones we lift in our hearts

Practice bro. If you think you look shitty in photos, practice taking photos. Also get some sleep for fucks sake. No one wants to be around a sloth all day

I'm a blackpilled PSLer and you're not ugly, sure your individual features are slightly lacking but you have a harmonious face and would look very good if you lost the fucking blubber. Men above 10-12% bodyfat have no right cribbing about looks.

You look like shit because you're fat. Face gains are a real thing


you're perfectly average you fuck. Just lose weight for face gains.