Is it possible to be a vegan Chad Veeky Forums?

Is it possible to be a vegan Chad Veeky Forums?

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Chad is a douche.
Vegans are often douches.

Sounds like a perfect match to me.

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Given you are vegan for ethical reasons it makes you more chad because you:

1. Think for yourself.
2. Practice self-control.
3. Don't buckle under peer preasure.
4. Know how to say no and stand up for yourself and those weaker(the animals).
5. Are not insecure about being compassionate.
6. Take personal responability for your dietary choices and act accordingly.

No real chad is intellectually dishonest and pays others to abuse and kill animals far away from his delicate senses. Out of sight, out of mind is the trait of a beta. A Chad is observant and mindfull.


Well yes.

But would he be an activist? I think not, because he knows the true way to hearts and minds isn't through screaming or arguing in a self-aggrandising fashion.

Would he get more women? Well as a Chad he gets unlimited supply of any and all women anyway. Vegan girls I've met generally don't care and even seem to only date meat-eaters, having a fetish for being able to turn a guy vegan.

Chad would naturally end up unintentionally capitalising on being a vegan in every way possible.


vegan Chad doesn't even need to lift

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aw im glad his top surgery went so well

That's only one kind of activism.

Pretty much. Genuine vegans deserve respect

Chad is cool. Brad is a douche

What if I eat meat because I've killed animals myself and dont care?

>Chad is a douche.

then you miss out on 5

That looks disgusting and primitive

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Thats implying im insecure about it

Underrated post.

Are you geniunely indifferent to the lives of other beings? would you be fine with someone torturing an animal?

I said I've killed animals, not tortured them. There's a difference.

Not what I asked.

Then no, just animals dying doesn't bother me

Theoreticaly? Yea. Practically? Nah.

So why is it not okay to reduce their well-being through torture but okay to eliminate any chance at well-being through killing them when you don't need to?

eliminating a possible future and creating actual suffering are not the same thing

Not him, but hunting and consuming factory farmed meat are on different orders of magnitude of cruelty. That said, most people will buy the cheapest option with no regard for ethics, so I'd consider hunting to be pretty noble, especially for wild population control and provided you eat it.

Not the same thing, sure, but they don't have to be. They are both things that are unessesary and cause harm. Or do you not think killing is harming?

Clarence Kennedy. I mean, he’s on steroids too though.

>caring about half brain dead animals created for the sole purpose of consumption.

Nope. Vegans are all soyboys.

Completely necessary and the cheapest option. All the meat in the store is processed, if it isn’t then it’s expensive. Hunting really only takes time, effort and the cost of a cartridge.

>Completely necessary

You mean you couldn't live on plant foods?

Maybe but I would be suffering.

I know you're trolling, but it's obvious that you've never been around animals and you're far too much of a pussy to do much beyond buy your meat packaged off a refrigerated shelf.

Try again soyboy.

I have raised my own me for 20 years.

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>being memed by pjw

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>being more retarded than plants.

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Me too, you should respect your animals faggot

>a chad is observant and mindful
beta male fantasy.

Oh please. You're one of those faggots that thank the deer after you put a bullet through its lungs.

At least have the balls to realize, that when you are chopping their nuts off, there is nothing respectful about it.

killing is an odd way to show respect

I think how animals are killed by humans is pretty fucking humane compared to nature

nature isn't humane, neither is killing

So leaving animals to nature is just as humane as killing them. I guess this is where the argument ends because we both agree.

>neither is killing

Wait , that's actually pretty cool, you have your own cattle? Can i ask a question, i would like to do that too, does it get expensive raising them?

Yes, among other livestock only about 30 head of cattle, so I am not really a major rancher or anything. Horses, few lambs for the kids, and those goddamned pygmy jackasses my wife just had to have.

During the summer no, almost free, assuming you have pasture.

During the winter, it costs money, because you have to give them hay. If you can handle rounds or big squares you are going to save a lot vs small squares. But you'll need a decent sized tractor.

Feeding them out, costs me around $400 would cost more if you want a heavier cow. Processing depends on what you want, my last process cost around $600.

If I had to guess, I would say from birth to table is in the neighborhood of 1500-2000 for about 400lbs of meat for me.

Maybe i'm not seeing things right, but it doesn't appear to THAT expensive, considering the improvement in quality. I'd have to look better into it.
Could you tell me how you get the meat? Do you send them to the slaughterhouse or take the meat yourself? Actually i'd like to learn how to prepare the meat myself.

>killing is humane

brb going on a humane school shooting

both of you stop ruining my environment

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There are custom processors. Usually places that will process your deer will also process livestock.

I just load them into a trailer, hall them to the processor, drop them off, tag them, and in a couple of weeks drive over and pick up the meat.

I'll process turkeys or chickens myself, but fuck that picking up and gutting a 1000lb cow. I don't have the equipment or the desire.

Keep in mind my price doesn't include buying a calf. A quality calf can be pretty expensive.

Personally I would never try to process my own cow, way too big to do at home imo.

>Dog was run over
>horribly injured
>not going to survive
>I shoot him in the head so he doesn't continue to suffer.
>not humane.

You are wrong, deal with it.

I suggest you read:


pic related

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Vegchads join the discord


webm related, vegan stacy

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t. not a injun

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Yeah, i understand, my grandfather used to prepare pig meat in a barn, the pig was huge man, he would also hang the pig upside down and let the blood drain into a bowl. It can be a bit messy and take quite some space.
I'm gonna go and screenshot your posts and look into this better.
I would also like to look into aquaponics, seems fun.

That is my next project.

I'd like to raise white bass. I currently eat flounder about 5x a week, and white bass has similar omega 3 content and is freshwater. I usually get a gallon or so a year fishing, but that isn't near enough.

Completely necessary if I want to enjoy the foods I’m eating. I’m not trying to eat a cubic meter of watercrest to meet my macros. Is it completely necessary to eat only plant matter? No, it isn’t. You do it because it either makes you feel morally superior or you think it’s healthier. When humans adapt to metabolizing chlorophyll, then I might make a change, until then I’m entirely fine with hunting and eating meat.

mod the Chad to look like this one

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I don't know if this has any availability near you but pomfret on the grill? One of the best fish you'll ever have.

God, her facial expressions are annoying as fuck.