Post your SS men

Post your SS men

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Not even worth posting a picture, but I just hit all blue man. I was farting around doing nothing but upper body for my first month though. DL and Squat are my weakest lifts right now, but I'm fairly balanced according to SS.

Good man!

Nah, I just get accused of estating even though I've been lifting for years and admit to using gear for the past year and a half no one believes me

Fuck it here you go, go Ahead tell me I lie

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How do you look? What's your bf%?

I look like Shrek if Shrek lifted on gear, but seriously though bodyfat is 16% right now, I will be cutting to 12% again soon, I never go past that any more, I lift for strength not for asthetics, I'm ugly either way might as well be strong as fuck

>I never go past that any more, I lift for strength not for asthetics, I'm ugly either way might as well be strong as fuck
why dont you just bloatmaxx then?

I hate myself enough, I also compete as a middleweight strongman can't get to fat as I'm not strong enough to be competitive as a heavy weight

tfw I felt like a king because of my 120kgx3 squat but feel like shit that I can't bench 100kg more than 5x2.
But the "analysis" shows that my feeling should be the other way around. My pecs are not the strongest at all, it's all the triceps. My chest sucks. Fugg dis

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You should feel like shit because of that squat and decent about the bench.


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Been lifting for a few years, started seriously last december

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Been doing the 5x5 meme for last 7 months or so, feel pretty happy in general

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somehow i've lost 2" on my waist and weighed the same despite increasing eg deadlift from 90 > 125kg

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2 weeks of SS. Worked out doing calisthenics, pullups, bodyweight, and cardio only for the last year and a half until now though. Think I started with a good base.

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125bp, 185sq, 225dl,85ohp,135row. 5'8" 160lbs

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>Post your SS men

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How is this site reliable? The less exercise you put in (dl, lb squat, bench, ohp) the higher you get the scores.

Also it says that "intermediate" is "training, likely for at least a year". But if you are not intermediate within 6 months you will never gonna make it. 6 months? Probably more 4 months. 5 months if you take it EASY. I'm not even exaggerating.

>intermediate is still 50 lbs away

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How do you brehs manage to do it, so many of you have tiny chests compared to legs?

I've been going to the gym for 6 months and can bench 225 for 2 reps and squat 225 for 4. How do you guys have so much stronger legs than your chest? Genuinely asking.

Starting Strength/Stronglifts have you squatting every workout

Because everybody is doing SS.

>XII weeks
>186cm x 80kg

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>Squatting as much as you bench

what the fuck is wrong with your squat form

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i've been doing gslp for 2 weeks, my deadlift is higher than I thought it would be. i used to be a fatass so maybe that's why

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Unironically This

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Just about teal man

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tfw imbalanced af

82kg bodyweight

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>tfw teal but only a cut away from mostly green
Only about 10-15 more pounds to go.

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