Rate me

Rate me.

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Nice body bro. 8/10


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Looks good though

Women don’t like this kind of body/10

I am now convinced that Veeky Forums doesn't have regular posters and the majority of people posting are here for the first time

Just hopped back on after a year break from this place. What'd I miss

I always wonder what happened to the other 2/3s of the tank top

>asking for internet validation on an anonymous image board which clearly broadcasts your insecurity

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Can you stop attention whoring?
You want to head over to >>soc

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are people pretending that they believe that it is the person in the pic is OP?

>Swole Nick frost/10

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quite juicy :)

The kind of build that is almost always on guys who are 5ft 3" tall.



Every day people fall for this b8. Are you obsessed with this guy OP? Did he gymbully you?

You look short and incredibly easy to irritate.

I'm 5'11

I'm natural

what the fuck are you smoking?

It's so obvious you're roiding you manlet fuck