How do I stop going full silent autism mode with a girl I would like to date?

How do I stop going full silent autism mode with a girl I would like to date?

Also what is your favorite lift?

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>How do I stop going full silent autism mode with a girl I would like to date?
if you're retarded you're doomed to a life of solitude. Sorry bra
>Also what is your favorite lift?
barbell shrugs

you have to not want to date her, then she'll want to date you. you can't fake this either, you have to genuinely not care at all about dating girls

Alcohol. Or phenibut. Might suppress your autism enough for you to fool her into thinking you're normal.
Favorite lift is The Press™


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Just be yourself

If you don't want to be silent, you should say something. Ask her about something or tell her about your life
My fav lift isn't even a lift, it's a pulldown

The few times I've managed to hold a relationship were all with girls where I didn't even have to try to hold conversations, it just felt like I discovered some hidden social skills.

One of the best things about a relationship is feeling at ease. If you have to constantly watch yourself with a girl, then it's not worth it.

>people actually believe this

I have this exact issue and for me this works:

1. Go through the painfull first conversation, try to find out some things about her, ask questions and LISTEN. Don't just think about what you will say, LISTEN and follow up with genuine questions.

2. When you don't see her, think about what she said and think of how that fits with you(do you share any interests, or maybe your interests are related somehow). Think of possible question so you just have them in the back of your head.

3. Practice looking at her and in her eyes when she is talking, don't stare obv but be an active listener(this is easier when you can see her face).

4. What you say should preferably be positive, don't talk about negative shit, no one wants to hear that. Talk about things that make you genuinely happy, she will pick up on it and view you as a more positive/open person.

5. Always be bluntly honest, I have found girls respond well to this. Don't be mean or over-share but be very honest.

6. If you fail to have a conversation with her and you really care you will feel like shit over the waster oppotunity, you might have missed your chance. Next time remember how shit that feels and try your hardest to not feel like that again.


Also the girl I'm talking to a lot now I met for the first times stoned as hell, which makes me even more autistic so talking to her sober is like a walk in the park in comparison.

it's entirely true. i stopped caring about dating for reasons that aren't worth going into, and i immediately had a rotation of girls out of my league

it's like a zen paradox, because you have to genuinely not care, you cant just pretend for the sake of getting a girl

I’m sure it worked for you, and I do believe you, but you are making a sample bias error by telling OP what worked for you, when in reality, I’d say this is pretty subpar advice

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That has always worked for me but I'm 100% sure it's only because when I don't even think about fucking/dating I treat women like humans. I talk and listen like I would anyone and I can make stupid jokes because I don't care much about how they take it/view me. As soon dating/sex is consciously on the table almost everyone becomes too self-aware.

It's about being geniune, and you can be that without not caring, it just means you have to talk to more girls untill you can relax.


What's that buck smiling at?

MDMA turns you into Chad, OP. I'd recommend it. So long as you're handsome and fit, that is.

>just be an autist bro

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Grug have advice:

Grug say smoke dmt at the peak of acid trip and then salvia 30 minutes later. Grug say you will not be grugtistic anymore. Grug will not be awkward anymore. Grug be happy. Grug get gf. Grug finally make it. Grug is fitgrug.

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his life is about to end and he's happy to be free of this mortal realm

Have you tried that?

You have my fullest attention Grug. Will you please start a new thread over this topic.

fuckin druggo

I fuck with Grug.

i can attest to this, but it doesnt work as intended

and by this i mean
>want to get with chick
>forget about her
>she gets interested