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What's best for the glutes (or a beautiful bubble butt) lunges, squats, or that stupid hip raise thing?

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squats, hip thrusts, romanian deadlifts

Rdl/sdl, heavy kickbacks, abductor machine


Genetics and good diet. Some bodyweight stuff is ok but girls shouldn't lift heavy.

fat is the main factor and everything else is for optimization .

any form of thrusting

>that stupid hip raise thing
Are you actually such a fucking retarded newfag that you're calling literally the best glute exercise ''that stupid hip raise thing''?

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if starting strength + GOMAD gives you a giant ass and turns you into a t-rex at 20%bf, why isnt it THE go-to routine for thots??????

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Hip thrusts and RDLs. Genetics do matter but you can exert a pretty good effect.

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Bridges/hip thrust.

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Real answer ass to grass squats.

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I sometimes activate glutes on highbar squat. Weight is going into quads most of the time. What I am doing wrong??

I'm a guy trying to increase glute strength, how do you set up hip thrusts? Feel uncomfortable as fuck. Honestly may just go to the gym at 7 am one day just to practice and perfect form while it's empty

It's just squeezing your glutes together, right? I can do that much better since I added RDLs

Hi, OP here, yeah I'm a girl. Thought that was obvious. This is a blue board, so tits are probably not appereciated. But the tits are nice.

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Like most people I have a tendency to call things I don't like or can't do stupid. I was also not sure as to it's official name and I feel like if you did you would've used it. And you didn't so oh well.
I can't balance well enough to do it using a bench and barbell so I do bridges, sometimes with a plate but the 45 is too big to fit comfortably and it's just awkward with a barbell.

My ass looks just kinda flat y'know. It looks fine in a thong or whatever but I want to add mass. This pic is from the end of January

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I second this. Does anyone know?

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Do squats, load complex carbs and protein in equal measure.


The machines never did much for my butt.

This video and added leg weights helped a lot more.


Lowbar squats are best for the whole posterior chain. One-legged squats force you to slightly adduct your hips and activate the gluteus medius and minimus as well as the maximus.

Yep, definitely need glutes.

Sit back more, keep shins more vertical to activate glutes

Genetics are the best and only workout for female asses.

> black and still no ass
Anyway if putting on weight doesn't do it then nothing will. Not only can girls not put on any real mass muscle wise but also female asses are 90% skeletal shape and genetic fat placement.

Squats and Hinges. Both are good. Unilateral seem to be the best out of the Squats and hinges in general very good. Hip thrusts are most likely the uncontested champion in this area.

lad that went from total hank hill to "got complemented by latina chick just today on my ass"

Healthy mix of RDLs, sumo deadlifts, squats and glute ham raises.
I havent done hip thrusts, but they apparently isolate glutes pretty well, just dont load too much weight because you wont be able to get full range of motion

> big asses are attractive on men
Anyway a man building an ass is totally different to a woman doing so. For one men build muscular mass in the order of magnitudes more than women. Even then you won't see a man, even on gear with what would constitute a great female ass.

If a woman does not have an ass naturally there is little non-surgically that can be done. She can change the shape but not notably the size.

Why are you trying to sell the ''women can't grow glutes'' meme so goddamn hard? The glutes are a muscle, and like any other muscle they can grow larger.

that is correct BUT
my ass isnt BIG
i have very small waist, but i had pancake ass, now it sticks out and filles out my jeans nicely, whereas before all jeans were baggy on my butt before.

athletic ass looks good on both male and female, altough some unfortunate female hip builds / fat storages are very hard to change in visible manner i agree
For example, thin skinny girls, with zero muscle mass and barely any fat can benefit HUGELY from lifting and gaining both fat and mass on dat dere posterior chain.

While girls with infamous fridge body, look meh no matter if they are low bodyfat or not

>he main factor and everything else is for optimization .

I only do squats and started getting compliments from friends/co workers

i for one dont get anything glute wise from squats, only quads get sore and adductors
i squat 3plates for reps

deadlifts are much better for me desu

>tfw no-glute nigger
Life must be suffering

Get your squat to 180kg, lose some weight, and you won't need to worry about what the best 'ass exercise is.

Link me a heavy squatter who isn't a fatass that has an unaesthetic ass.

Feel free to follow any girl in a gym for a few years and observe yourself. I owned a gym for 4 years and saw the lack thereof first hand. Female asses are not predominantly glutes when they are good, it's heavily dependent on fat. As said look at men's asses which are proportionately more muscle to fat and men put on much more muscle than women - they wouldn't blow your mind on a girl, even the men on gear.

Everyone is wasting their time pushing the "squatz for ass" meme. Girls would be better off eating a lot to see if their body happens to put fat there, get fat injections or work on creating the illusion of an hourglass shape by working quads (which squats will do and i suspect the reason behind the memes).

If you look at any female instagram model they'll just recruit photoshop, lighting, different poses and different underwear to suggest growth. Later they'll resort to injections the same as all female lifters resort to implants to restore their depleted breasts.

If you don't believe this all feel free to search up olympic female lifters doing deadlifts, the best ass building exercise. Tell me if you find any kim kardashian amongst them.

Trainers take SS, rejigger the macros slightly, and add some instagram accessory lifts and make a lot more money selling that shit to women than if they bought the book. But most women won't buy a book called "starting strength" because they don't think it applies to them. And to be fair it's not marketed that way.

Do front squats help your ass look proportionally bigger because they work your glutes more and your hamstrings less?

Yes i would say in women the ass is 80-90% genetic and weight. It cannot hurt to lift in aims are realistic and especially if you have literally nothing then you may as well strive for small differences.

However i got sick and saddened of seeing skeletal girls squatting infinitely in my gym for years with absolutely zero change - spurred on by fraudulent instagram models and unhappy boyfriends with no anatomy knowledge.

Well I guess Bret Contreras entire life and business is made of papermaché and clever lighting trrcks then because apparently an anonymous homosexual on a burkinabé vulcanization image forum says women can't grow glutes

> "Some literal who fitness instructor has made a career out of promising women bigger asses so therefore it must be true!"

genetics x f honestly, you can make a flat ass into an acceptable ass, but it'll never be a plump ass like that
i'd probably do hip thrusts, rdls/good mornings, and ghr
squats give you man quads and are really unaesthetic on girls

to add on what i mean by the quads comment, theyll make your quads proportionately too big compared to your desired glutes, while large hamstrings don't detract in the same way

you gonna trust the guy trying to make you give him money or the guy being honest about his practical experience? why do you hold your delusions so dear?

You should of told us you are Ebony because you need to compete with some big ass girls. Big ass for female and male are highly prized in black community. Ass to grass squats.

>some literal fitness instructor that uploads countless images of clients that have successfully grown their glutes
>some literal fitness instructor with an actual phd
>some literal fitness instructor that is friends, and often collaborates with some of the smartest people in the industry
But yeah no, you totally know better because you've watched a lot of asses while owning a gym for a couple of years

I'm going to trust the guy that is smart, strong and shows results in his clients. ''the guy being honest about his practical experience'' is hardly also proof, that's just some faggot that occasionaly looked at asses while working at a gym. What kind of a fucking kindergartner are you to trust that kind of guy instead of a person that writes books, engages in science and works with actual clients about how to grow glutes.

that stupid hip raise thing

> with an actual phd
Well how about the fact that im a literal MD? I can show you salespeople who have countless testimonies about how their "electrostimulation magnetic therapy" cured cancer. You really are falling for a conman preying on desperation. I've laid out all the reasoning in my posts, i've even said go research female olympic lifters who by your measure should all have enormous asses, finding that they do would be my negative hypothesis.

PhD graduate

My parents shit on me for black and no ass at least three times a week. Thankfully I have a pretty nice rack. My boyfriend likes it but I'm not satisfied. I want it to look better while wearing clothes vesus no clothes in which it looks fine.

Trainer in my gym said he had a black gf with no ass and over the course of six month give or take that she had one. But the eating more was the most important part. I'm gonna lose the rest of the weight first. ~30/35 pounds and then see if I can't gain some weight mostly in my butt.

get memed bitch if you wanna throw your money at a guy whose livelihood is tricking ignorant people like you into thinking they need his snake oil then be my guest

As said im a doctor and i know dozens of phd graduates, it doesn't mean much beyond a desire to postpone life.

Just put on some weight then pay for fat transfer to move it to your ass and chest. Ass for obvious reasons but also chest because trust me your boyfriend wants more.

>there's only one way to be black

all those girls have no idea they also need to eat and apply progressive overload

Fit asses are big enough

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Doesn't remotely fix the stated issues.

>A quad-dominant exercise is the best for glute development

Fucking rough

>implying squats are quad-dominated
they're hamstring-dominated


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you're leaning forward too much, they hit the hamstrings

I think one thing to consider is that a lot of people who do squats do not go AtG or even full parallel.

Because I've seen a lot of gym girls with nice big toned asses, and some flat as a pancake and that was the first difference I noticed.

It's amazing how someone can make it to 3 plates still doing half squats


>Literally over a dozen published studies on strength and conditioning
>A literal who
Anons, you have to take the /fitlit/ pill

She gained weight, dude. Notice how the hint of a bubble shape is there even when she was a skelly. Some girls just have shit-tier genetics and will never have a butt that pops.

I would say that is outside the norm, considering on how muscle development works

The hamstrings cross both the knee and the hip. As the knee extends, the hamstrings are lengthened. As the hip extends, the hamstrings are contracted.
By sitting more upright, knee angle is maintained, and hip angle is increased thereby decreasing hamstrings involvement
How low do you squat?
Maximum glute contraction in the squat occurs at lockout. Read your Contreras

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Well, it takes a lot more effort to carry the same amount of weight from a much lower point.

Honestly m8, you're an idiot. Working your glutes as a grill is the difference between a flabby ass and a nice perky ass.

Yes, there are some girls who have great asses without working out. It happens. Genetics at work. But literally every girl is better off squatting. And that's the most important thing - because at the end of the day, you can't change how you were born, but you can make the best out of it. Same with men - just because you'll never look exactly like X doesn't mean you shouldn't lift, because you'll look a helluva lot better than how you look if you wouldn't lift. So shutup and stop telling women to be skinnyfat. Veeky Forums girls are GOAT. Pic fucking related

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Cant tell if bait or genuine retardation

Genuine retardation. It's too stupid to be bait.

>How low do you squat?
Always try to go below parallel.

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hip thrusts.

I think probably the best route to a bigger ass would be high calorie diet and heavy lifting right?
But generally girls only cut, lift and do cardio

I glute bridge 495x8 and have a good ass. Highly recommended.

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God bless you for being confident enough to load up the bar with that much weight just to do glute bridges.

Literally the glute bridge barbell thing. Activates the glutes 4x more than squats/diddies. Can't be assed to find the info that shows this but google it

New pose, new lighting, new underwear. You are a absolute car crash.

That girl is rough as sin but also you frankly don't know what you are talking about. Funny how the only responses now are "no u". Also squats are quad dominant, might want to know some basic weight lifting information.

Post this supposedly good ass, side on, no pose and with a before photo. I wont wait up.

Simply stunning

If there is a cushion or bar pad, use it; generally though you want to rest the bar above your pubic bone and below your illial crest. It may put pressure on your bladder so make sure to pee before you do.

You will want to do it against a stable platform like a bench, and make sure to bring your feet closer towards yourself so that when you extend your hips, your knees would form a 90 degree angle.