The only a fit male should be allowed to have is a dog

The only a fit male should be allowed to have is a dog.

Cats are for soyboys and women.

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>posting this on Veeky Forums
Everyone will agree with you. Try it on /an/ for (you)s

hecking yes i love doggos xD Litteraly doggos are good bois

Ernest hemingway had cats. also, only a beta male prefers one of god's creatures over another.

I'd love to have a dog but I live in an apartment on the 6th floor. I couldn't do that to a dog.

Fuck you I want a crow. I wish it wasn't illegal, so fuck bird law too!

dogs are for betas who need someone to blindly worship them

Cats are literally alpha predators

OP you're retarded

>telling me this so you had cats was supposed to shock me and upset the statement made in OP

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>subscribing to the cats versus dogs argument

You're allowed to like both lmao calm down big guy

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>only a beta male prefers one of god's creatures over another
>doesn't capitalize God
hey faggot I've got a komodo dragon for you, enjoy

no elevator?
cats are for betas who don't want to get accustomed to a creature that actually dotes on them because lord knows women don't

My cat is a pretty cool guy. He sploots and doesn't afraid of anything

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Cats are literally the chaddest pets. No other pet will murder and bring you the carcass of a rat or bird

Nice cats bros. I miss having a kitty.

I have one beta fish... And he's beautiful

My cat does the same exact thing. He's the best.

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good cats

Pets themselves are for soyboys and women. Especially ones that require more resources and work to take care of, like a dog.

The kikes have conditioned you goyim to think that a "fur baby" is a substitute for a real child. Thus, white couples tend to adopt pets rather than have children, and waste their money and effort on a slobbering beast of a difference species rather than a glorious human of their own kin.

Pet ownership is the ultimate form of cuckoldry. You're caring for the children of literally a different species. Shoot your piece of shit dog and impregnate a woman of your tribe asap.



I have a cat and am probably more fit than you. Hell, my cat is probably more fit that you. And he's obese.

quads of truth

I will make you my pet bitch

I have had 3 big dogs and 2 cats at once back when I was living with my parents (many more cats earlier tho)
From experience, cats are just a walking decoration that will once in a while decide to annoy you or sit on your lap
Meanwhile, a dog can truly be a man's best friend

>falling for the pet meme.
don't want to pick up an animals shit and send it to the kennel every time i leave the country.

Cats are for independent succesful people with rich lives.

Dogs are for people who need someone to look up to them because other people won't do it.

good. god isn't real

Alphas are allowed to have any animal they want. Betas are insecure and need to raise their masculinity in their eyes

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But /an/ hates cats.

Tbh I think my tiger would eat whatever dog you own with ease

Check OP's mirror post there.

I've had both at the same time and maybe it's because they lived together that their habits rubbed off on each other but my cats were as attentive and sweet as my dogs were.

Are you serious? Having a human child is the ultimate cuckoldry and your own children are the ultimate Jew.

>forcing a human being into this terrible world so you can project your insecurities onto it and dispell feelings of loneliness by forcing it to depend on you, much like a pet but more expensive and more susceptible to psychological damage
>letting it gobble your money and time for 18 years because muh lineage

Get over yourself, you really think you're great enough to where we need another human who's half-you and half-some broad you pumped your load into and put a ring on? I guarantee you are not.

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>muh dick

I have 3 cats and probably look better than you.

>being such a beta that you need a literal handlicker to feel good about yourself

Cats are the most alpha pets out there. They don't give a shit, you don't give a shit. They look cool as well.

>Cats are for soyboys
Yet here we see a cat putting a so(n)yboy in it's place, meanwhile the dog celebrates his soyness and the fall of the western man.

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The dog was signaling to the cat to kill him

>The dog was signaling to the cat to kill him
doglet COPE detected

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No preference but I've had more cats than dogs throughout my life. This is my dude Lynx, most chilled fucker around.

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The manliest pet is clearly a bird of prey.

The birb is a pet of patrician taste

Any bird of prey, any parrot, or a mockingbird is acceptable

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> scientists have tested the temperament of cats and larger felines and have found that cats would kill their owner if they were bigger.

This autistic soy boy seemed so weak the cat thought he could kill him.

Cats and dogs have completely different ways of expressing themselves because they are, yknow, different species. Just because you didn't take the time to learn the cats way of socializing compared to your dog doesn't mean cats aren't wonderful companions.

I've had both my whole life (though exclusively big dogs, I'm not a fan of yappy little dogs). Both are good, it's just that dogs are much higher maintenance. In the end I tend to prefer cats, currently have 2 cats and 1 dog (German shepherd), but every animal has its own personality. My late black lab was one of the best dogs ever, he just passed at 14 or 15 (depending on his actual age when we adopted him, was the 6 month - 9 month range).

Those digits

That's debatable. I cat often alone in a single dude's appartment won't be as bored and miserable as a dog

>having a pet that wants to kill you when you least expect it
High test as fuck.

Lol cat cope.

Dogs obedience is a big reflection of the owner.
- If the dog is shitty and timid like a cat, the owner is shit
- if the dog jumps all over guests they're shitty owner
- if the dog can't run off a leash they're shitty owner

Dogs are bros that you can go hiking with and they're easy chick magnets at the park.

Dogs attitudes and demeanor will show if it views the owner as an alpha or not. Cat just being fat or skinny shows how much you care about it.

This is so unfortunately true. My dad gave his damn dog anxiety. How do you even do that?

>needing a dog to pick up women
They see you as a beta provider, that's why they're "chick magnets".
It shows 2 things:
1. You look friendly and submissive, a.K.a beta
2. You obviously have money if you're able to have a dog a.K.a betabuckz
This means dogs will never get you laid, but may get you a """wife""" (a.K.a divorce money for jews) that will later cheat you with a catfag/nopetfag.
Dogfags get married and become a provider while catfags slay.

haha yes go- I mean fellow white, why should we reproduce?

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Cats attack soyboys.

Hard no for both. Dogs are too needy and noisy. Cats are too destructive and they cause your entire place to smell of urine and ammonia.

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I have three rescued cats

They've done studies and dogs are for extroverted people aka chads. While cats are for introverts aka virgins.

Love how insecure dog fags are. Why even make a pathetic thread like this?


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Hey buddy FUCK you.

Black cats are awesome, also what a great name.

i had an incredibly neurotic black cat, she was fucking ridiculous. very affectionate though

>soyposters are the 2017 equivalent of furfag spammers

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>current year
>not liking both and not understanding each species has it's own way of communicating and each animal has their own personality

Never gonna make it.

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This t b h

Hemingway was a commie soyboy who hid in an ambulance during the Spanish civil war

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It's a /pol/ meme, what would you expect?

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we don't deserve cats

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>looking at a picture of herself
I hate women

how to immediately disregard a post 101

Black cats are really affectionate. I always thought they were wild and unfriendly and while they are kind of wild mine always wants to sit in my lap and is really nice overall.

> muh /pol/ boogeyman

Jesus fucking neck yourself.

This wasn't even a /pol/ thread